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We are pleased to announce that one of our articles got published in the influential Israeli periodical Arutz Sheva.

We, Serbian-American editors of Srpska Mreza insist on strengthening History-long good relationship between Serbian and Jewish people. Our bond is a strong one. For centuries, the suffering of our two peoples is the same. Our enemies are the same. Intolerance, racism, Nazis and Islam fundamentalists are our common enemy. Mass graves where Jews and Serbs are buried together stretch all across ex-Yugoslavia and are the proof of our common suffering and our eternal bond.

It is our intention to warn all people of good will about the undying danger of Nazism and Islam fanaticism. It is also our intention to educate all other peoples about the trickery the Western powers implemented in order to destroy Yugoslavia, because it was these powers and their endless imperial greed that brought misery and destruction to multi-ethnic Yugoslavia. While pretending to be concerned about peace and human rights it was the Western powers who organized and supported Nazi and Islam fundamentalist forces in their act of destruction.

Please read our article "Serbian Condolences for the Life of Arafat" published by Arutz Sheva today, November 19, 2004. (Please, follow this link).

Please read our articles on common suffering of the Serbian and Jewish people. (Please, follow this link).

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ICDSM Committee action (as posted on :

war criminals?

Help ICTY prosecutor Carla Del Ponte sort out the innocent from this image of war criminals.

Tell us who the innocent one is.


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"Our country has committed acts of war against a sovereign European nation. We and our NATO allies are attacking a country that has not attacked us or any other country. We are not acting under the sanction of the United Nations or any other font of international law. We, in fact, are acting in direct contravention of the UN Charter."

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