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America instigated the war in Bosnia

The masterminds of the Bosnian slaughter reside in America

The main instigators of the civil wars in Yugoslavia are Americans and Germans.

For the third time in a century Germans were to be the cause of Europe's destruction. For the third time they thought that, being the strongest force, they should cease the occasion and rule the continent. No matter the cost.

For the third time in the same century Germans were to play with the lives of Balkan peoples. Divide and rule. That was their old game. This is how they put fullhearted support (diplomatic, financial and military) to help their old allies from Nazi times: Croats. It is Germany that played the key role in dismantlement of Yugoslavia and early recognition of Croatia and Slovenia. Kohl, Genscher and others were all involved.

But the Americans are, by far, the most responsible for the bloodshed in Bosnia. As you will see from here presented documentation the Bosnian war was completely avoidable. Even after combined USA-German onslaught and destruction of old Yugoslavia in early 1992 it was still avoidable in Bosnia. Actually, in February 1992, it looked as if the war was completely prevented by EC brockered Lisbon peace agreement.

Of course, the Americans jumped in to save the war. Their final goal was to establish an Islam fundamentalist state in, what they called "the Heart of Europe." This would than be the future trouble for Europeans for many years to come.

As in Munich in 1930's the rest of cowardly Western Europeans closed both eyes - not to see the obvious.

To be sure, America was involved in destroy-Yugoslavia game even before Germany dared do anything. (On November 5, 1990, a year before the civil wars in Yugoslavia have started, the US Congress passed the 1991 Foreign Operations Appropriation Law 101-513. This bill, without a previous warning, cut all aid, trade, credits and loans to Yugoslavia and then pushed the World Bank and International Monetary Fond to do the same. The bill derecognized the country of Yugoslavia and announced that the U.S. will deal with the constituent republics instead. The shape of a snake is visible before it is hatched. (For more detailed analysis take a look at Professor Michel Chossudovsky's article "DISMANTLING YUGOSLAVIA - COLONIZING BOSNIA")

In early 1992 American administration decided to once again take over the game. It was time for a kill. America will again be at the helm of Yugoslav destruction. As we will see the key player was to be no other than Mr. WARREN ZIMMERMANN the proud "last American Ambassador to Yugoslavia as we used to know it".

After the wars in Slovenia and Croatia the fighting in Yugoslavia died out in January 1992. Mr. Vance's plan was signed and the two warring sides in Croatia were to be separated by UN troops. (We now see that America was only buying time to arm and equip Croatian fascists for the "final solution"). But Bosnia was calm. It was calm all the time despite the raging war in adjacent Croatia. It was clear, though, that the story of Croatia can repeat in Bosnia (actually, at that time when major countries of the West recognized Croatia and Slovenia, thus derecognizing Yugoslavia - it was, with that act - guaranteed!).

Influenced by the war the three constituent nations of Bosnia were more and more divided by the day. Under European Community auspices the leaders of the three groups, Mr Izetbegovic, for Muslimas, Karadzic for Bosnian Serbs and Boban for Croats, SIGNED the maps of division of Bosnia, in Lisbon, on February 23, 1992. Bosnia was to be a confederation divided into three ethnic regions. And THERE WOULD BE NO WAR!

Steps in Uncle Sam. (Eager to sell arms, the only working industry of the morally and otherwise dilapidated Evil Empire).

Giving a brief background, in a (rare) truthful article...

New York Times ("U.S. policymakers on Bosnia admit errors in opposing partition in 1992", by David Binder, August 29, 1993): (Quote:)

On February 23, 1992, in Lisbon, the three Bosnian leaders - Mr. Izetbegovic [for the Bosnian Muslims], Radovan Karadzic for the Bosnian Serbs and Mate Boban for the Bosnian Croats - endorsed a proposal that the republic be a confederation divided into three ethnic regions. Mr. Izetbegovic's acceptance of partition, which would have denied him and his Muslim party a dominant role(!) in the republic, shocked... United States policy makers...

"The embassy was for recognition of Bosnia and Herzegovina from sometime in February on," Mr. Zimmermann said of his policy recommendation from Belgrade. "Meaning me."...

Immediately after Mr. Izetbegovic returned from Lisbon, Mr. Zimmermann called on him in Sarajevo... "He said he didn't like it," I told him, if he didn't like it, why sign it?"

(End quote)

With the American advise the Muslim reneged on his signature.

It was CLEAR what would happen. America ensured for war in Bosnia to commence.

From the same article (quote:)

Dr Karadzic ..."Bosnia and Herzegovina should not be recognized as a unitarian, independent entity." Serbs, he said, "want our own state."

On March 16, Dr. Karadzic warned of "a civil war between ethnic groups and religions with hundreds of thousands dead and hundreds of towns destroyed." He added so accurately, "After such a war we would have completely the same situation: three Bosnia-Herzegovinas, which we HAVE RIGHT NOW."

That day, the three Bosnian leaders met again in Sarajevo for another round of talks. Late the following night, they signed a new agreement to divide Bosnia into "three constituent units" based on ethnic criteria.

Dr. Karadzic was momentarily euphoric, calling it "a great day for Bosnia and Herzegovina." But within days Mr. Izetbegovic voiced strong reservations, saying the only reason he had signed was because the Europeans told him that he had to if he wanted to gain international recognition of his government.

(End quote)

Muslims could do what ever they damn pleased. They had full support from Washington - all the time.

The civil war in Bosnia started. The Western nations, lead by the U.S. went on with the recognition of (unitary) Bosnia (under minority - Muslim control, 44% of the total population), despite the opposition of the Christian majority (Serbs 34% and Croats 17%). To add insult to injury (American way to deal with people), the recognition was announced on April 6 - the anniversary of Hitler's savage bombing of Belgrade (which was Hitler's typical way of announcing a war to a country).

The crucial fact that America instigated the war in Bosnia was not much of interest for the American press. Nor is it for the new war criminal hunters. The fact was repeated once again in...

The Washington Times, a week later (September 7, 1993, page E3, "Bosnian policy at odds with history?" by Stefan Halper).


Brcko, Bosnia. The face of Washington's policy in Bosnia is not found in Warren Christopher's expressions of eternal surprise, nor is it discovered in the oily explanations of Warren Zimmermann, the failed and now former American ambassador to Belgrade.

The face is found on a haunted 9-year-old girl whose father was machine-gunned in their front yard four months ago and who only now can meet a stranger without trauma. The face is found in small villages where houses have no roofs, the windows no glass and the gardens - bursting with roses and mums - are mined...

...The (Lisbon) agreement was scuttled by hapless Mr. Zimmermann, who encouraged the Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic, then signatory to the Lisbon Agreement, to reverse himself and withdraw...

(End quote)

The issue about Mr. Zimmermann's hellish crime resurfaced two years later...Here is Mr. Jose Cutileiro's letter published in "The Economist".

(Mr. Cutileiro was the Secretary-General of the EC at the time of the Lisbon Agreement):

"Letters" part of The Economist, on 9-15 December, 1995.


Pre-war Bosnia

Sir - In your article on Bosnia (November 25th), you say that in February 1992, before the war had started, Lord Carrington and I "drafted a constitution that would have turned the country into a confederation of Swiss-style cantons. The Muslims refused to accept what they considered to be the disintegration of Bosnia." NOT QUITE.

After several rounds of talks our "principles for future constitutional arrangements for Bosnia and Hercegovina" were *AGREED* *BY* *ALL* *THREE* *PARTIES* (Muslim, Serb and Croat) in Sarajevo on March 18th 1992) as the basis for future negotiations. These continued, *MAPS* *AND* *ALL*, until the summer, when the *MUSLIMS* RENEGED ON THE AGREEMENT. Had they not done so, the Bosnian question might have been settled earlier, with less loss of (mainly Muslim) life and land. To be fair, President Izetbegovic and his aides were ENCOURAGED TO SCUPPER THAT DEAL and to fight for a unitary Bosnian state by well-meaning outsiders who thought they knew better.

Jose Cutileiro,
Western European Union,

(End quote)

There you have it! The case of the war criminal Mr. Warren Zimmermann is clear. Ship him to Hague! Only naive people can think that an ambassador of a country can decide about foreign policy, though. Nowhere in the world that is the case. As I said above let Mr. Zimmermann say who the real masterminds were. (The same model as in practice now: catch a Serbs soldier and hold him to dooms day in inhumane conditions until he points his finger right to the top of the Serbian leadership). Let Mr. Zimmermann spend couple of years in Hague on bread and water (like that Serb Tadic) until he points at the top Nazis in Washington.

Was it an (oooops!) "mistake" that Washington did? No way! What America (and Germany) wanted is clear from what they got: Germany got (for the first time in their history) "dragn nach osten" dream come true (an access to a warm sea - Adriatic). They got rid of unneeded NATO occupying troops (and America found a place, a new job for them). Germans found someone else to blame for genocide, ethnic cleansing and such (blame the Serbs for all wrong in the world!) The Serbs were punished for resisting "democratic" Germany in the two world wars. And someone else got to be divided into military zones (exactly four - just like Nazi Germany was at the end of WWII). Bosnia is divided that way. Plus (still Nazi in their soul) Germans got to be one of the occupying forces. (They got to guard Bihac Muslims for the sake of Nazi Croat allies).

America got to test new weaponry. Got to teach one of their infamous "lessons" to yet another disobedient nation. (The Serbs refused to convert to Islam so America can get oil from Saudi Arabia 10 cents cheaper). America instigated the civil wars in Yugoslavia (plus bombed to total annihilation one of the sides in the war) but paints itself as a "peace-loving, peace-keeping force". America moved ALL extra hardware it produced since the gulf war - into Bosnia and will now force international community (Japan?) to pay (to buy) the weaponry. (Good business isn't it?).

America instigated war but "brought" peace and thus has right to be the first one to send scavangers (vultures) to collect the damaged goods - half price. (The case of the secret mission of Mr. Brown and 60 thiefs). It is like a fireman who got in a local supermarket and liked something - but not the price. He sets the fire and then comes to extinguish it. Later he comes to collect the goods at the price he likes.

Let us punish the culprits. They are top American and German leadership, their obedient Western European colleagues, scores of western media bigots and bashers, then local Balkan leaders (Tudjman, Kucan, Izetbegovic, Milosevic), then local war-lords, then local Balkan criminals. All to be punished - IN THAT ORDER!!!

Petar Makara (Makarov)

PS: And when every argument is lost they say: "Yes - but might is right. Everyone is doing it."


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