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These stills were taken from "Cine Pro" video documentary done by Pancevo author Miroslav ("Mika") Stankovic.

The sole survivor, of Glina church massacre, Mr. Ljubo Jednak speaks:

Mr. Ljuban shows how a Serb was cut by Ustasha knife, right in front of his eyes.

Krajina Serb Exodus, August 1995:

Mr. Jednak survived Nazi Ustasha massacre perpetrated on the Serbian civilians during WWII. In 1995 he has to run again to save his life. The new Croat Ustashas did not forgive Mr. Jednak that he dared survived the first slaughter.

Croatian Archbishop, Stepinac - blessing Ustashas before a slaughter:

WWII video clip: Ustasha oath given to Fuehrer Pavelic:

Poglavnik (Ustasha Fuehrer) Pavelic salutes the Ustasha who just gave oath of loyalty:

Croatian priest at the job of forceful conversion of Eastern Orthodox Serbs to Catholicism. Some of these converts will be murdered right away.

WWII video clip: Ustasha burning Serbian villages in Krajina and Bosnia, destroying Serbian churches.

Pavelic visits his butchers:

Serbian peasants taken to be slaughtered:

Proud Ustasha pose with their victims that are about to be slaughtered:

An entire Serbian family slaughtered in their own home:

After WWII, victims unearthed:

Contributors to the video documentary:

Scenario consultants:
- Dr. Slobodan Brankovic
- Zorana Petrovic

Music composer: Ljubomir Ninkovic

Light: Dragan Trpcevski

Sound: Nenad Barbul

- Spasoje Jovanovic
- Sanjin Perisic

Camera: Branislav Pantic

Producer: Miroslav Stankovic

- Spasoje Jovanovic
- Miroslav Stankovic

Archive material from: RTS and TVB

PRODUCTION: "Cine Pro" Pancevo, 1997

Translation to English: Petar Makara

Current state, December 2003: AVI file (playable by Windows, video player), Serbian language only.

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