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A book by Lazar Lukajić:

"Friars and Ustashas Are Slaughtering"

Original title: "Fratri i ustaše kolju"

Published in Belgrade, 2005
by Fund for Genocide Research, Belgrade

Hard cover, 670 pages.

Translated by Petar Makara with permission from the author.

Copy edited by Wanda Schindley, PhD.

Testimonies of survivors of Ustasha (Catholic Nazi Croats) atrocities

Lukajić's book
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The subject of this book is the mass slaughter perpetrated by [Croat Catholic Nazis known as] Ustashas in the [Bosnian Serb] villages of Drakulić, Šargovac, Motike, Piskavica and Ivanjska, all near [the Bosnian Serb town of] Banja Luka in February 1942.

The book is a compilation of research material, original documents, eyewitness accounts and author's comments.

A SHORT EXCERPT ABOUT THE AUTHOR (from page 662 of the book):

Mr. Lazar Lukajić is a publisher, professor of literature and South Slav languages. His studies include economics, history and German culture. He was born in 1934 in [Bosnian Serb village] Čokori near Banja Luka. He first worked as a teacher and school principal [in Bosnia]... Later he taught at the University of Novi Sad [Vojvodina, Serbia]... He also worked in the Novi Sad publishing company "Dnevnik"...

Other excerpts from the book:

Instead of introduction: Testimony of Radomir Glamočanin

The list of 2,315 Serbs slaugtered on February 7, 1942 in the three villages

Motike slaughter survivor - Ljubica Vučić

Piskavica massacre survivor - Danka Milaković

Drakulić slaughter survivor - Dragan Stijaković

Father Satan loved slaughtering children

Jasenovac survivor - Borislav Ševa

MORE EXCERPTS from the book... to come.


Other survivors of Jasenovac speak

What was Jasenovac?

Who were Nazi Croats - the Ustashas?

More on WWII Yugoslavia

Nazi Croatia TODAY!!!

Lazar Lukajić
The excerpts from Mr. Lazar Lukajić's book are presented on Srpska-Mreza.com site with strict and explicit permission from the author.

Mr. Lukajić's worked very hard in interviewing survivors. His main wish was for the entire world to get to learn about Jasenovac and other Ustasha perpetrated atrocities in Bosnia so that this sort of horror never, ever repeat itself - anywhere in the world.

The author, Mr. Lukajić lives in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia.


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First posted: October 26, 2007