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The greatest genocide during World War II, in proportion to a nation's population, took place, not in Nazi Germany but in the Nazi-created puppet state of Croatia. There, in the years 1941-1945, some 750,000 Serbs, 60,000 Jews and 26,000 Gypsies - men, women and children - perished in a gigantic holocaust. These are the figures used by most foreign authors, especially Germans, who were in the best position to know...

The magnitude and the bestial nature of these atrocities makes it difficult to believe that such a thing could have happened in an allegedly civilized part of the world.

Professor Edmond Paris,
"Genocide in Satellite Croatia, 1941- 1945,"
Chicago, 1961, The American Institute for Balkan Affairs,
from the introduction of the book.

On June 6, 1941 [Croatian Nazi fuhrer] Pavelic was received by Hitler in Berchtesgaden... Pavelic was quoted as saying: "Croatia gives its full adherence to the principles and reasons which inspire a united front for creation of a new [Nazi] order in the European and Asiatic World. Croatia's induction into the military alliance of the Axis powers had immediate effect on its Jewish problem." Dr. Ante Pavelic announced that it would be solved "in a radical way under the German order." Also ordered by Hitler to put a "river of blood" between the Serbian and Croatian nations,....
"CURRENT BIOGRAPHY, Who's News and Why,"
Book for the Year 1942, entry "Pavelic Ante", pp 651-653
H.W. Wilson Company, New York, N.Y. 1942

The real ruler [of W.W.II Croatia] was Ante Pavelich, a zealous Croatian nationalist and fanatical hater of Serbs... Pavelich lead a terrorist group called the Ustashi in a brutal campaign against Jews and Serbs in Croatia.

"A good Ustashi," he told his men, "is he who can use his knife to cut a child from the womb of its mother." According to an Italian correspondent, Pavelich once put a wicker basket on his desk - filled with 40 pounds of eyes gourged from victims of the Ustashi.

Ronald H. Bailey,
"Partisans and Guerillas, W.W.II,"
Time-Life Books, Edition 1978, page 87.

Nonpartisan sources agree that mass genocide was authorized by the state of Croatia. They concur that the state instigated, planned, and executed massacres against the Serbian Orthodox minority... and that the Catholic clergy approved, led, or failed to denounce these massacres.
Professor Helen Fein,
"Accounting for Genocide - Victims and Survivors of the Holocaust"
The Free Press, New York, Edition 1979, page 103

The Catholic clergy of Croatia used WWII conquest of Yugoslavia to create a Hell on Earth. The entire Croatia and Bosnia was converted into a huge slaughterhouse. All Serbs, Jews and Gypsies (Roma people) were to be slaughtered to the last. There are no words to describe the appalling atrocities that Nazi Croats, known as Ustashas, lead by their Catholic clergy, committed on defenseless men, women and children. Evidence shows they literally ENJOYED perpetrating such gruesome acts.

The largest place of mass slaughter was a place known as Jasenovac. Hundreds of thousands of people were slaughtered at that place. There is NO scandal in the modern history of Europe that can surpass Jasenovac. All inquisitions of the Dark Ages, all St. Bartholomew's Nights of Catholic atrocities through the ages fade in comparison to the size and shocking nature of Jasenovac.

Despite the size of this scandal you probably never even heard of Jasenovac. The mighty Catholic Church and even mightier (self-labeled) "Democratic west" try to keep this truth from reaching you.

More than a thousand books exist on Jasenovac and other Catholic WWII places of massacre. Unfortunately, most all of these books are not translated to English. They are in Serbo-Croatian - the native language to Serbs, Croats and Bosnian Muslims. A few books are exceptions. Exclusive to this web site, we present excerpts from those books that are already in English and add a few more texts we translated ourselves.

Tremendous forces exist in the world for you NOT to know this. To protect ourselves we got explicit permissions to present the texts on this web site. Because the authors (mostly survivors of Ustasha atrocities themselves) insisted that THE TRUTH HAS TO BE KNOWN, they also gave us right to grant permission for anyone else on the web to re-post these texts. We are only asking of you two things: (1) Post the texts in their entirety, (2) put a link to this web site, to the web pages where you found them.

We would like to thank you for your interest in Jasenovac and other Catholic Croat perpetrated atrocities. We firmly believe that there is no chance for a better, decent future of this thing called Mankind, if there is no interest in Jasenovac.

Let the whole world know!


Mr. Sadik Danon
Mr. Danon was only 18 years old when he was sent to Jasenovac in December, 1941. His only "guilt" was that he was born as a Jew. Mr. Danon was lucky that he escaped from the camp on September 12, 1942. Only in 1999 did he dare publish a book containing recollections on his imprisonment in this monstrous system of death camps. Having an unusual talent to express what is close to impossible to put in words, his book was awarded the first prize by the Association of Jewish Communities of Yugoslavia. It is the author's wish that portions of his book be presented on the web. He wants the world to know what kind of Hell on Earth Jasenovac was. Mr. Danon is still alive. He is a retired architect. He lives in Belgrade, Serbia.

Mr. Ilija Ivanović
Mr. Ivanović was only thirteen years old boy when he was sent to Jasenovac in July 1942 as Ustashas, the Nazi Croats, were cleansing huge swaths of majority Serb territories in Bosnia and Krajina. He survived Jasenovac for the next thousand days. He was one of the lucky few of the last handful (around one thousand) survivors who decided to bare-handedly attack their Nazi Ustasha captors and try to escape. Only around 80 of those were able to break through - to live and tell. Mr. Ivanović felt a strong obligation toward the hundreds of thousands of those who perished in Jasenovac to tell their story. He dared publish a book with his testimony only in 1988, eight years after Communist ruller, Croat Tito died. In the summer of 2002, Dr. Wanda Scindley organized translation and published Mr. Ivanović's book. Mr. Ivanović lives today in Republika Srpska, the Serbian part of Bosnia.

Mr. Borislav Ševa
Mr. Ševa is another rare survivor of Jasenovac. We found and translated his eyewitness account in Lazar Lukajić's book "Friars and Ustashas Are Slaughtering". Mr. Lukajić interviewed Mr. Ševa in June 1999. Mr. Ševa was a barber in Jasenovac and had access to many of its parts. As such he saw Ustasha burning men, women and children - alive - in a brick oven. He saw Ustashas roasting a live Serb on a spit. He saw them cooking body parts and making a soap... and much more. Mr. Ševa's narration style is plain, but the events he witnessed and survived are so shocking that it suffices to give the reader an incredible glimpse into the horrors described.


The World Must Know About...

Glina Church Slaughter
August 1941: Ustashas capture more than 2,000 Serbian civilians and push them into Serbian church. At night they come with knives and slaughter them - right inside this Christian shrine. One Serb survives to tell the story.

Prebilovci - a whole village slaughtered
A day after the above Glina Church Slaughter, and at the other end of the "Independent Croatia," Ustashas surround the Serbian village of Prebilovci. The entire village of people, some slaughtered, some alive gets thrown down into a deep mountain pit.

Mass slaughter in Drakulić, Šargovac and Motike
Lead by Catholic priest Friar Tomislav Filipovic (alias Miroslav Majstorovic), later called Father Satan by Jasenovac inmates), Ustashas butcher men, women and children in Bosnian Serb villages near Banja Luka.

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