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Evil Empire Bulletin


"To the future or the past,
to a time when thought is free,
when men are different from one another
and do not live alone -
to a time when Truth exists
From the age of uniformity,
from the age of solitude,
from the age of Big Brother,
from the age of doublethink -

George Orwell: "1984", p.29


From the age we live in... I add.

There is nothing "NEW" in the New World Order. The unimaginative, Mr.Bush, (what else could you expect from an ex-CIA Director) stole the term from Mr. Hitler. Some say it is an unfortunate coincidence. I, on the other hand, see the merit in his accurate choice of terminology. Because, whichever way you look at it, the term fits the reality. Only the "New" is not *new* but *old*. The more precise term would be - The Brand New - New World Order. But that would be a clumsy, inelegant term. So, let's keep it just the way it is. One could easily add that this "New World Order" is anyhow - just the continuation of the old - Hitler's.


The "World" part of the term clearly tells the intention for the Order to spread over the *entire* Planet!

That is not a new phenomenon either. Totalitarian regimes have no tolerance even for a small island of freedom. The island, not by its size but by the mere fact that it exists - is a dangerous precedent. Proponents of "the Order" can not allow even a speck of "disorder". A totalitarian regime is just that - *total*. It is inflexible. There is no tolerance for an opposing model. No room for freedom.

Hitler wanted global hegemony for his philosophy - fascism - throughout the World. And for the next thousand years. The emblem of Stalin's Russia is a hammer and sickle stamped all across the globe. Ayatollah Khomeyni and his Muslim fundamentalists want the whole world to pray to their God - Allah. And there are no two ways about it. In the one-track mind of a tyrant there is no alternative.


The "Order" part of the phrase exposes the inhumane, mechanical heart of the beast. By definition *FREEDOM* means diversity. A multitude of choice. Just look at the sky. Are the stars in any particular order? God wanted it that way. He made a wonderful variety, a rich choice of flowers. And in all dimensions of it: In size, shape, color and fragrance.

The planets are not going in circles, not even ellipses. Their trajectories are rich and complex in shape. The Galaxies are not evenly dispersed. They gather in flocks that leave huge bubble shape voids between them. This is why the known portion of the Universe has an irregular, intricate - sponge like shape.

And what about animals - are they in some kind of order? Are ants going in straight lines or bees in circles?

However I have seen people marching in Order. The best, almost perfect order among human beings I could see - was in a documentary movie showing the not so distant past of this sorry century. The movie shows German Nazi soldiers, each holding a lit torch, marching in *a* *perfect* *order* *of* *a* *swastika!*


Because it is so fundamentally unnatural and inhumane - the order will not be accepted voluntarily. It would have to be imposed. No two ways about that either. Who in their right mind would give up freedom and go in straight lines under someone's order? Who would voluntarily become a robot?

And who is the great genius to put the World in the "right" order? Who will think with my brain instead of me? Bill Clinton and his ilk? No. They are puppets themselves. So who has the power and who has the thirst to control everything and everyone? Those who already have immense power. But not all. The *Politburo* of two dozen CEOs of the top few international corporations (1).

These gory, selfish powermongers use a state, as a vehicle, to quench their thirst to control and manipulate other people's destinies. The larger the state, the more militarily powerful and with more ruthless tradition - the better. For the power hungry monsters any and every life on the face of the earth is unimportant. Worthless - anyhow. Just as it was for Hitler, or Stalin, or Ayatollah Khomeyni.

And the time to abuse the planet seems ripe, reckon the blood-suckers. This is already a time of imbalance, of a single super-power, of global hegemony (2). The vehicle is ready. Its name is America. This country, with its acquired might and historical ruthlessness perfectly fits the recipe.

America, *"THE* *NEW* *WORLD"*, will *ORDER* the rest of the world.

2.1 THE EVIL EMPIRE (History)

The term "Evil Empire" was used a couple of years ago, and for many decades before, here in the U.S., to describe the Soviet Union. Before that the (original) Evil Empire was of course Great Britain. The mean entity finally got cut to its right size and is continuing to shrink. The British Empire was dismantled in the decades after World War II. The huge Empire which used to stretch, literally, over half of the planet well deserved the attribute - Evil. No "low-life" of an Aborigine or Zulu counted for anything.

So who plays the role of the Evil Empire today? But of course, its Evil Daughter, that's who.

The history of America is the history of the largest genocide the world has ever known. All of the 500 different nations that used to roam freely between the two coasts were either completely or almost completely wiped out, mutilated, annihilated. And America was one of the last worlds to be settled.

And here hypocrisy too reached the highest levels our species has ever known. The custom was that on one day, the cowboys would sign a peace agreement with the Indians (and smoke a peace pipe), but already by the dawn the slaughter would resume. The savages had to be dealt with to make room for the "higher", "cultural" race. "Only a dead Indian is a good Indian". (The same formula is used again today for Libyans, Iraqis, Serbs,...)

Among themselves the cowboys had a similar sense of "justice". The one who can pull the gun faster is right. The other one is left in the middle of the street in a pool of blood. Case closed.

And one can go on, ad infinitum, in describing the other trades of the "leader of the free world". The largest ethnic cleansing and land grabbing is now sold in a romantic wrap of the "pioneering spirit". America was also the last modern western "democracy" to practice slavery. And it did so at a cost of approximately 20 million African lives. And the list goes on, and on...

But let us not forget the many "firsts" that America gave the world: The first (and only) nation to use nuclear bombs - a weapon which, by default, can only be used against defenseless civilians. Hey, but even that we hear was done to *save* lives! ... The first nation in drug consumption, violent crime, rape, prostitution, etc., etc., etc. America is on top of most of the lists. A true leader.

2.2 The *EVIL* *EMPIRE* and its foreign policy

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, while still a third rate and backward country, America showed its greed and its assertiveness through the Monroe's Doctrine. According to this "philosophy" Central and South America were to be America's "backyard." This backyard was to become a garden of sorts where the gardener can plant anything he likes. The other (European) powers were told to stay out of the garden (3, 4).

Now the garden simply has spread to the rest of the planet. And everyone must now follow and obey the super-master gardener. If not... you could be pulled out like a weed.

Before America's "peace" intervention in Yugoslavia there was Iraq. And before Iraq there was Panama, and Libya, and Grenada, and Lebanon, and Iran, and countless Central and South American countries, and Vietnam, and Korea... Hundreds of "interventions" (for the overall "benefit" of the planet) - and *NO* war. Since World War II America has not been at war officially. Instead it carries out, ever escalating, missions of "peace" and "justice".

Hitler never liked to declare a war either. He would simply bomb you and when you noticed your wife in a pool of blood and your children chopped to pieces - it was at that point that you understood that Hitler was at war with you.

In *Vietnam*, 58,000 Americans died. America dropped more bombs on that country than all the allies ever used during World War II. America never cared to count them, but at least two million Vietnamese were murdered, most of them defenseless civilians, the rest citizens defending their homeland.

Since then those who are really in control of the monstrous force built in this country have experimented with ever newer and more lethal forms of barbarism. *Grenada* was a death sentence to the free press (if much of freedom was ever present in the U.S. media before). But the mistake of Vietnam was not to be repeated. Since Grenada the press was to be obedient or to be blacked-out. Only what the government allows will be printed.

The brainwashing, which was already so well pronounced in the Evil Empire, became even more blatant and total. The only job description for the media, since Grenada, was to lie. And to spread deceptions fabricated at the top.

The brutal attack on disobedient *Libya* was presented as a Nintendo game. Over and over we saw the same clip, for hundreds of times - "smart" bombs are "with surgical precision" hitting Libyan airplanes parked on an airfield. If anyone was killed, the American TV was sure to show only killed or wounded adult males. But the action was just a "retaliation" for the "desert dog's" (Ghadafy's) alleged role in the bombing of disco club in Germany. (Or was it something else? Who cares? The excuses are so easy to fabricate.)

Those who watched European TV at the same time saw a completely different story. European TV clearly showed American bombs murdering women and children as well. Khadafy's adopted three year old daughter was only the best known casualty. After seeing this, one would have had no doubt about whether this was a brutal, terrorist act. But, in the totalitarian New World Order, Americans did not see this. Instead, American state terrorism was presented as Americas' fight against terrorism.

An overwhelming majority of Americans approved of this atrocity. At this point American "smart" bombs surpassed, in smartness, the American people. The black magic of the TV box has sucked out whatever brain was left in the couch potatoes...

How much would Goebbels have envied the technology! He would also easily prove to the planet that it was the humane and just thing to do - to rid the planet of those "destructive", "pariahs" Jews, Slavs, etc.

The Christmas attack on *Panama* was code named "Just Cause" by the American thugs. By this time the media is already completely synchronized with the government's wishes. All of this was brilliantly presented in the Oscar winning "Panama Deception" documentary. But close to no one in the US saw this movie. "Democracy" did not approve of it. Actually, it was presented once, and once only, at 1 o'clock in the morning, in New York city. A friend of mine recorded it, so therefore I am one of those lucky few who have seen it. It is an eye opener. The movie is really worthy of the prize it got.

The bombing of Panama City was a brutal act that looked like it could have been done by the original Nazis. The American cowards leveled a part of Panama City in order to land there. They purposely burned whole sections of the city making it look like Hiroshima. The Panamanian soldiers who surrendered were tied and then, executed - point blank. They were then buried in mass graves or their bodies burned and the ashes dispersed along Ocean beaches.

In the first hours of the attack, American soldiers flooded into and took over Panamanian hospitals so that the number of murdered and wounded is not known. They also broke into and took over all Panamenian media (newspapers, TV,... all). Those documents of the "police action" that exist, were filmed by "unbiased" American soldiers.

American tanks rolled over civilian vehicles with whole families inside. New types of lethal weapons were tested on civilians. While this was happening the talking heads of American TV, spoke only of how (militarily) the action was successful, only mentioning American casualties. Panamanian casualties were never even mentioned. (Billy the Kid used to carve a dash on the handle of his revolver for every white person he killed. He did not bother to update his rudimentary data base for Hispanics and Indians. According to the America's tradition - they do not count).

"If we can only catch Noriega, the drug dealer," repeated the brainwashing, lying box relentlessly. But what really lay behind the operation was a change in US policy over the Panama Canal. (The documentary makes a superb analysis of the history of American-Panamenian relationship and reveals every trick the fascist government of America used against defenseless Panamenian people).

And while the media kept the focus on the "Noriega hunt," the main goal was achieved: The Panamanian Army was completely destroyed and mutilated. Then, a new puppet government, obedient to the American interests, was installed. The thousands murdered were (if mentioned) recorded as hundreds, the rest were relegated to the category of "collateral damage." (If America kills your relatives or your children - who cares - that is "by the way" - a damage. If anyone kills Americans - that is horror, a terrorist act. Only a thug, a low-life who deserves to be killed could do something like that).

America's true fascist face is revealed even more during the "Gulf war". *Iraq* had fought an exhaustive, fifteen years long war with fundamentalist Iran. Saddam was convinced that America was a proven friend and ally. (Even the accidental attack of an Iraqi plane on the American ship "Vincennes" which killed many American sailors, was quickly swept under the rug).

Acting cautiously, the Iraqi government asked America what to do about the border dispute with Kuwait. America (through their Ambassador) answered "Do whatever you want. We are not willing to get into internal, inter-Arab relationship dispute". Saddam bit the bait. America shipped huge amounts of equipment and gathered a large multi-national army calling it "Desert Shield". ("We are there only to protect the ally - Saudi Arabia). But, then, the "Shield" turned into a "Storm" - surprise, surprise!

The American cavalry arrived to save the international community from "a breach of international law: a legally recognized (in 1963) UN country is attacked." America, the country that spat on every international law and rule, only a year ago, by attacking another legally recognized UN country (Panama) - in order to hunt down its president, is now World's Champion of the international legality, the Defender of some sort of inter galactic Law and Order.

The relentless bombing lasted for months. Iraq's bridges and roads, but also its electric generators and water purification plants and (yes!) hospitals and food factories were deliberately destroyed... Not even Hitler did this!!!

America assembled its multi-national invasion force out of the dozen or so immoral colonial countries of Western Europe, along with the Islamic fundamentalist states who disliked Muslim, but *secular* Iraq. When the slaughter was over, some 150,000 Iraqis were dead. Many of them were Iraqi soldiers, buried alive as American tanks dumped sand over their underground hideouts. Many of them died in the column that was (after a signed agreement, and in accordance to all known international rules about a war conduct) retreating from Kuwait City. Americans would have died in large numbers if they had to go into a street-to-street battle. That is why they fooled Iraqis into accepting an orderly retreat.

As Iraqis were treacherously lured into the open, the cowboys "changed their mind" and started the slaughter from the air. Cowboy tradition never dies. A word of an American official, on paper, signed or not, is worth nothing. A dog's fart in the wind is more stable.

In Iraq's cities some 50,000 Iraqi children got chopped to pieces by the flying fascist cowards. American TV though, never showed the disfigured children's faces. It did show the face of an American flying assassin who narrowly avoided his deserved destiny by bailing out of his destroyed bomber. His face was black and blue, quite possibly as the result of the fall but the American media coached the public to be appalled by this supposed "Iraqi atrocity."

When an American Tomahawk missile is deliberately fired into a deep civilian underground shelter (the Amariyah bomb shelter in Baghdad), killing at one instant more than 1000 (thousand!) civilians, it is only a one day news item (5). Meanwhile, the military criticizes the media for showing the smoke coming out of the shelter, saying that "the enemy will abuse this for propaganda purposes." Oh, but don't be afraid! The well trained public understands that this was an "honest mistake". This same public would be coached less than a year later to be appalled when 68 or 35 civilians die on a Sarajevo street. The Muslim - staged atrocities get to be a good pretext for bombing and murdering thousands of Serbs and expelling hundreds of thousands from their homes and property.) The general public is not only brainwashed - it is BRAIN-DEAD. It is not even able to compare numbers any more.

The appalling cynicism of the resurrected American fascism reaches its peak when the American government and the American media start bragging (!!!) how Iraq, a member country of the UN, "got pushed back - to medieval times!!!"

And this long, though obviously abbreviated, recent history of the Evil Empire does not end here, nor is it over yet. The fascists are using the case of Iraq as a clear model, a warning of what will happen to any nation that dares to challenge their gory design.

That is why Iraq gets sliced, by two straight lines (an American ingenious design practiced on Korea also) into three countries. The middle part loses any semblance of sovereignty. The "international monitors" have the right to peek into and inspect any place - any time. The sanctions imposed on the Iraqi people are so barbaric that an additional 500,000 (half a million!) Iraqi children(!) have died a slow, sadistic death. They die of malnutrition and a lack of basic medicines. The "international monitors" hop over these dying children, merrily going on with their snooping business, accomplices to genocide.

Now - was Hitler worse than these bastards? No!

Another difference is that Hitler liked to show off. He liked the big parades. He liked to boast quite openly, in advance to his victims what his plan for them would be. But in that sense he was also more honest. The new fascists do not see a need for that.

I was appalled about Iraq, but did nothing. The monster grew beyond anyone's control. The UN became the United Nazi: the most valuable tool of the Nazi's world domination. The organization is now divorced not only from constant quarrel between two super-thugs, it is cleansed of any discussion. One Godfather controls the UN and it is controlled under the same rules and the same dynamics as any other gang is on the streets of Los Angeles. You join the gang - or you perish. But even if you join, they can still gang up on you.

In 1991, all big and small countries were threatened into recognizing the sanctions imposed on the Iraqi people. *Yugoslavia*, which was still one, whole country, obeyed this order despite the tremendous cost that it incurred (round 2 billion dollars). And that in the time of a serious crisis.

Yugoslavia's obedience did not save it from being destroyed, nor did the fact that it was a founding member of the UN. The New World Order marches on.

After Iraq everything was possible. We saw the worst bashing and bigotry since the time of Hitler and Goebbels. The media lynch mob organized against the Serbian people was therefore no surprise. These were the same Serbian people who had been by far the bravest anti-fascists of the World War II. Therefore it is not surprising that the fascists could never forgive or forget them.

Last August America ethnically cleansed all Serbs from Krajina. In this region the Serbs were a majority since 1578 and, during World War II endured some of the worst atrocities known to the mankind. After four centuries they are no more. Clinton bragged of how he solved the Serbian question in Croatia. Indeed, he can be proud - Hitler could not do it!

A much larger genocide is in preparation. By expelling all Serbs from Bosnia, where the Serbs were been plurality nation since the seventh century, the gruppen-fuhrers of the New World Order can achieve a new record. Also, by installing an Islamic fundamentalist state in the middle of Europe, the Evil Empire will secure cheap oil for a little while. The paradox is that the Empire is low on fuel and thus allows the interests of Saudi Arabia to dominate the interests of the Empire's European "allies" (6). Or is it just one of the many lucrative games the Politburo plays? They won't tell us.

2.3 The EVIL EMPIRE and its citizens

I use the term "Americans" in this text as a short cut. Of course, no one can talk about an entire people. And certainly not all Americans can be put in the same category. I have met a good number of wonderful Americans and was lucky to make some of them my close friends. (I also married an American). When I say "America" and "Americans" I am thinking of the American government and the ruling elites which control it.

That same government could just as easily be called anti-American, in the sense that it is working directly (and purposely so) against the interests of the overwhelming majority of the American people (and for the benefit of the very few greedy ones).

The Politburo or College of Cardinals of the New World Order, does not care if the whole world disappears - with all of the common Americans included. They simply mind their own business and their own interests. And I wonder: If the "smart" scientists already have made a "humane" bomb (a nuclear, neutrino bomb which murders civilians in a second but leaves their possession uncontaminated, i.e. ready for reuse, for loot), and if most of those from the Politburo already made deep underground hideouts to save their families for that brief, dangerous second - how long would it take them to add two and two and realize that they do not need any other human beings (Americans included) of the current 6 (six) billion strong human population that (in their mind) only pollutes the Planet?


As I have said, the Empire is only the vehicle that the Politburo is driving. The vehicle is abused and in a bad shape.

From the time of the Roman Empire to today, no Empire was ever defeated on a battlefield. All of them crumbled from within. The cracks of mismanagement in America are easy to see. The country that used to be the leader of world production in most fields of industry -lost most of its industries. The low-tech industries (e.g. textile) were moved to the countries with cheap labor. The rich industrialists did not care to pay their own countrymen when they could pay peanuts to third world workers. Why should they care? Business is business. Textile machines were moved to liliput countries to be exploited: Hong Kong, Singapure,... or large ones like Malasia, Bangladesh, China.

Not long thereafter, America lost its hi-tech industrial competitiveness to Japan and other, European nations. (The VCR, for example, was invented in America but there is not a single factory that makes them here). America was busy building up its military industry at enormous cost (in the trillions of tax-payer's dollars) and to its future economic and social development. While ripping off its own population for staggering amounts of money, America forbade Germany and Japan to "waste" money on their countries' defenses. In this sense, Germany and Japan ended up the winners of the World War II. Of course, this is not the only parameter to measure the change, but I believe it to be the main one.

"The American dream" was rudely awakened. Suddenly, dozens of brand new books appeared with titles like: "The end of affluence", "The end of work", "The myth of retirement". And these are not idle threats. While those in power still trumpet a recovering economy, common folk know better. They know how unstable their jobs are and how quickly American workers are being drowned in quick sand - in every aspect of their lives.

For everyone it is clear that: 1) this country is governed by one party with two names 2) the crooks at the top are firmly entrenched thieves, and 3) American "democracy's" electoral system is a circus.

A majority of Americans do not vote. They do not care which of the two bastards (puppets chosen by Politburo) will pretend to run the country. Most common Americans are fully aware of it, but feel helpless and scared. The ones who really fall for the sweet talk of the New World Order and are blind to reality are the so-called "American intellectuals." (In my mind the term "American Intellectual" is an oxymoron, a contradiction in term. Americans are good professionals, experts. They lack a broader education and view of the world. They lack, what we call in computer science "a metafunction").


So who will save the human race from the wide open jaws of fascism, or even worse, total annihilation? Americans themselves should fight, from within, for bare survival. After all they have the best chance. A third party outside of the grip of the Politburo should be immediately formed. This party should fight for jobs, for lost rights that exist now only on a piece of paper called "Bill of Rights." Americans deserve to be truthfully informed. This right is completely lost in a country where the media is under complete, and strict censorship. Talk show hosts can talk day in and day out, as long as they present "his/her" (government prescribed) opinion. An occasional caller will be switched off in mid-word if what is being said is not "politically correct." But what happened to the right to speech? And do we have the same rights? If talkshow hosts, if "news-creators" can be heard by millions and tens of millions of viewers and listeners - how does it compare to your minuscule right to get on a soap box in a park and say what you think? On the internet you have a somewhat broader, though still minuscule audience. And even that window is closing fast.

The same way we can go to the next, second amendment and ask ourselves what protection do we really have against this abusive government? What does the right to bear rifle give me when they come after me in tanks and flying fortresses (like in Waco)? And on and on we can go.

If Americans cannot gather the strength to defend their own rights and make their country into a truly democratic and peace loving country (rather than the current dictatorship and an international bully), then it will take much more unity in the world to defeat this fascist entity from the outside. The whole world should then forget about their petty differences and unite against this pariah, which is the greatest danger facing the human race today.


A universally known saying is that the Pen is mightier than the Sword. Of course, this was never quite true. Today it is even less so. But, as an intellectual, as a human being I could not remain silent in the eye of this disaster. It is not only for the sake of my children, to whom I am leaving this ugly world to live in, that I fight. For the generations much later to come I want to leave a clear record that it was known to some people what the twentieth century was all about. Many of us are not fooled by the sweet talk of the new fascists (I sometimes call them "demo-Nazi." They behave like real Nazis but, at the same time, talk about democracy, prosperity, peace,...). The devil is at its worse (and most dangerous) when it takes the shape of an angel.

I do not let the shine of new technology blind my sight. I see how most technology gets abused. The twisted minds in power always find a way to turn it against the good aims of its creator.

Let it be known, let it be written:

I AM FULLY AWARE THAT FOR THE GENERATIONS TO COME (i.e. if this civilization manages to avoid to annihilate itself) THIS TWENTIETH CENTURY, WILL BE KNOWN AS THE MIDDLE OF THE MIDEVAL TIMES. The inquisition did not stop. It only changed the forms of torture. Future generations will be surprised by our inactivity. They would be ashamed of us, their ancestors.

The night is so dark, but it makes the stars look ever more bright. The night is frequently darkest just before the dawn. But for this dawn to come, we will need to work hard while the dreams are still fresh in our memories. We only need to wake up and act to make them come true. For you and for me. For your children and mine. A world better for *ALL* has to come!


(1) "Since most opinion is now controlled by twenty-nine corporations - due to be at least one fewer if Time-Warner or Paramount-Time or, most chilling of all, Nation-Time comes to pass, one can then identify those twenty-nine CEOs as a sort of POLITBURO or college of Cardinals, in strict charge of what the people should and should not know.

They also select the Presidents and the Congress or, to be precise, they determine what the politicians may talk about at election time (!)..."

Quoted from: Gore Vidal "The decline and fall of the American Empire", page 43. Mr Vidal is a renowned American writer who is also a grandson of Mr. Thomas Pryor Gore, the populist Senator from Oklahoma.

The above Mr. Gore's quote is from his article "Cue the Green God, Ted" printed in "Nation" August 7/14, 1989. Repeat: 1989. Things only have gotten worse for democracy since then.

(2) "The key to ... peace and prosperity has been... the ability and will of a single state to become a hegemonic power, taking over the security problems of weaker states... This hegemony has been the fundamental aim of American foreign policy since 1945...

Thus, the U.S. must continue, as the Pentagon's 1992 draft Defense Planning Guidance argues, to dominate the international system by "discouraging the advanced industrial nations from challenging our leadership or even aspiring to a larger global or regional role."

Imposing a protectorate over two-thirds of the world economy means not only that the United States MUST DOMINATE wealthy and technologically sophisticated friendly states, but that it must also deal with such nuisances as Saddam Hussein, Kim Il Sung and Slobodan Milosevic so that potential great powers need not acquire the means to deal with those problems themselves."

Quoted from: Benjamin C. Schwarz, New York Times, Monday May 23, 1994.
Mr Schwartz is a foreign policy analyst at the Rand Corporation think tank.

(3) The historical root of America's desire for hegemony and world domination: The Monroe Doctrine

"The [Monroe] Doctrine is a policy of the United States, not a fixed principle of international law."... [Latin Americans] "have seen [the doctrine] as an expression of US *hegemony* employed to justify that country's own intervention," not as protection against Europe, and since the days of Simon Bolivar have sought "to summon Europe to their aid against the Colossus of the North."

Noam Chomsky "Turning the tide" (South End Press, 1985), page 59. Here he quotes Dexter Perkins "Monroe's Doctrine" III, p.63 and "American System", II, p.318.

(4) President William Howard Taft: "The day is not far distant [when] the whole hemisphere will be ours in fact as, by virtue of our SUPERIORITY OF RACE, it already is ours morally."

Pearse, "Under the Eagle", page 17

(5) Ramsey Clark: "The fire this time: US War Crimes in the Gulf", New York: Thunder's Mouth Press, 1994, pages 70-72.

Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark claims that two bombs were dropped on the Amariyah bomb shelter. The first did not kill everybody. While screaming women and children who were still alive tried to escape, a second American bomb directed at the same target killed nearly everybody. There were only 17 (seventeen) survivors from the bombing of the shelter... Estimates of the number of innocent women and children killed range from 1000 to 1500.

(6) (Chosen) dependence on Saudi oil (American oil reserves kept untouched):

"... U.S. dependence on foreign energy [is] already beyond tolerable levels... Continuance of declining domestic production, rising imports and exploration/development levels (fewer than 700 operating rigs vs. 4,500 at the end of 1985) would raise our oil import dependence to 80 percent (!) in 20 years, and that's if we are lucky...

We have forclosed development on much of the outher continental shelf and the Alaskan North Slope, primarily because of hysteria spread by environmental radicals. This despite the fact that it was primarily U.S. offshore drilling technology that elevated Great Britain from zero production to a net exporter of crude oil in one of the most volatile patches of oceanic water on the planet - the North Sea.

... But we are now the only existing nation that has substantial indigenous energy resources that is refusing to develop those resources, all the while smugly declaring ourselves the only superpower..."

Elsewhere in the text the author says that it seems that some senators have concluded that the Persian Gulf countries are now sufficiently peaceful and well-run (after the Gulf War). But few of the people who know that part of the world would bet on it. We should deal with the facts and our colliding national interests or, at minimum, someone in the caverns of the Pentagon should be making contingency plans for Oil War II? Don't we remember the convulsions of 1970s?

LLoyd N. Unsell, ex-President of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, "Superpower - without fuel", The Washington Post, August 17, 1995, page A28 "Letters to the Editor"

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