Kosovo: Cutting Through a Fog of Lies

The Observer: " Nov-98: Clinton tells CIA to oust Milosevic and shatter what is left of federal Yugoslavia.
Jared Israel:
"Cutting Through a Fog of Lies
Diana Johnstone:
"NATO's Humanitarian Trigger"
Marjaleena Repo:
"The Media and the Demonization of the Serbs
David Orchard:
"Canada at War"
Michael Bliss
Ashamed to be a Canadian"
Lewis MacKenzie:
Bombing raids should have had UN approval"
Hieromonk Sava:
"European Vietnam looms, Serb priest warns on Internet"
NYT-David Binder:
"Why Serbia lifted Kosovo's autonomy"
WPost-Charles Krauthammer:
"The Road To Hell, Clinton, Kosovo and good intentions"
W. Wei (China):
"NATO's Hidden Agenda"
Draga Dragasevic:
"Good Friday Memorial Speech"
Dieter Birk, PhD:
"Why is Canada at War with Serbia: our colonial status"
Lt Gen Satish Nambiar:
"The fatal flaws underlying NATO's intervention in Yugoslavia"
IAC: "The US/NATO War in Yugoslavia: 8 Myths and Facts "
M. Chossudovsky: "Impact of NATO's "HUMANITARIAN" BOMBINGS, the Balance Sheet of DESTRUCTION in YUGOSLAVIA"
Dr. R. Dolecek: "I Accuse!"
Dr. Jan Oberg (TFF): "Rambouillet - Imperialism in Disguise"


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