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Comparison of Different Statistics (incomplete)

Summary of Victim's Names and Dates

Detailed Articles of Each UCK Attack:

November attacks

December attacks

January attacks

Rugova incident

February attacks

Urosevac bombing

Please Note:

The following abbreviations have been used for various news organizations:

(AP) Associated Press

(UPI) United Press International

(PMC) Prishtina Media Center

(KIC) Kosova Information Center


"....The UCK kills only spies and traitors...." or"......The Albanians killed by the UCK are known traitors and collaborators........" is a typical refrain heard from UCK supporters.

Following is a incomplete drawn up list of Albanians who have been killed, shot or kidnaped by the UCK since the Holbrooke cease fire came into effect on October 12th.

This tally is focused on Albanians victims of the UCK, for I think it is most telling that the UCK has killed many more Albanians then it has killed Serbs. I recall the number of Yugoslav Gengarmes killed by the UCK from October 12th until February 26th is 16. The tally below shows 82 plus Albanians killed by the UCK in the same period.

Why does the UCK has to spend most of its energy killing the very people it proclaims it is liberating ? Why does the UCK kill 5 times as many Albanians as the UCK kills Serb Gendarmes ?

This collection is made up of FIVE parts: 1) a few news articles setting the context, 2) a summary of names and dates of Albanian UCK victims, 3) a brief discussion of the different statistics used by parties to the conflict (not complete as of 1. March) , 4) detailed description of each UCK attack using news articles and commentary, and finally 5) a list of relevant names which should develop into a who's who of the UCK military leadership and may form the foundation for murder charges against these figures.

The real tragedy is that many of these deaths are cynically used by the UCK for publicity purposes. The cases of Dr. Zejnulahu (19 Nov) and Mr. Maloku (10 Jan) are ones that immediately spring to mind.

The vicious revival of Blood Vendetta is evidenced by UCK attacks against the Keljmendi family ( one killed 2.Dec, three killed 25.Jan, and three wounded 15.Feb). The powerful Roman Catholic Keljmendi clan has prominently fought alongside Serbs since at least the 1690 Ottoman campaigns.

Also note; the list does not include any of the totally untrained Albanians which are sent against fortified Yugoslav Army positions as a sort of diversionary cannon fodder. The UCK appears to use this technique in arms smuggling. Send in untrained Albanians first as a decoy, and then smuggle in the real fighters while the JV is busy with the decoy. Invariably the untrained Albanians get killed. A case can be made that these Albanians are just as much victims of the UCK as any others. However, to err on the conservative side, these victims of UCK extremism are not included.

Although this is a tally of victims organized by ethnic categories, please do not use this information to further the cause of any single Yugoslav ethnic group. Please, do not fall into the trap laid by racists who wish for us to use race as the sole measure of humanity. .

The UCK publicly paints its campaign to violently seize power as a struggle between 2 groups defined solely by their race. The information contained within this report shows that the terror of the UCK is manifestly not ethnically based. The UCK practices multiethnic terror.

The true enemy of the UCK is not one race. Rather, UCK enemies are those voices of moderation and tolerance which have existed among mixed villagers for centuries. The UCK silences those voices through murder.

Beginning in late January, I began listing Serb civilian victims of the UCK, but did not add them to the tally. Just listing Albanians and ignoring other groups seemed to reinforce racist divisions.

Please correct and add to this by sending me e-mail, thank you. I welcome your comments and corrections. This is very much a work in process, which will be revised as more information comes to light.

APV 27. February 1999


29. Oct 1998, Thursday, DON'T PLAY NATION BUILDER IN KOSOVO,: By Dimitri K. Simes. president of the Nixon Center, is a special correspondent for Newsday.(New York, NY)

.........the Clinton administration has not made any effort to constrain the KLA's attacks on Serbian forces or its well-documented atrocities against innocent civilians, especially ethnic Albanians perceived as collaborators. As a result of its military defeat by the Serbian military this summer, the KLA seems to have decided that its best option is to try to manipulate NATO into military action against Serbia through attacks on Serbian forces intended to trigger a brutal response from Belgrade. The KLA appears to have begun to pursue this strategy in the wake of Holbrooke's deal.............

17. Oct. 1998 [ Tanjung ?] The "political declaration" of the terrorists' KLA, published in KOHA DITORE, Prishtina daily in Albanian today, rejects the Agreement between the American Envoy Richard Holbrooke and the FR Yugoslavia President Slobodan Miloshevich, that was approved world-wide, and the same terrorists' organization declares itself the "determination factor of the Albanian side".

Asking all the political forces of Kosovo and Metohija Albanians not to group themselves around parties "since the time has come to unite to reach this goal", the self-appointed KLA Headquarters, residing abroad, warns its compatriots that "it would not allow any individual, nor political subject to climb upon the throne without sacrifices and losses".

Adem Demaqi, the terrorists' political representative, as quoted in today's KOHA DITORE, asked OSCE to make an agreement with him personally, since he is the political representative of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army.

29th Oct Ethnic Albanians organize self-defence against terrorists: Civilians still fear of Albanian terrorists Politika (abridged) M. Laketic After defeat of the Albanian terrorist groups, ethnic Albanians in many Kosmet municipalities have organized under permission of the state authorities, guards to defend themselves from the remaining terrorist gangs.

People from the Djakovica [note the number of Albanians from Djakovica who get attacked by UCK later on] municipality have already applied to police for protection. They had turned in the arms received from the KLA terrorist groups but fearing now, they would revenge, they asked for help. Together with police, they arranged guarding day and night.

11 Feb Pristina, Serbia, (Tanjug) - Local security forces have been set up in 130 localities with mixed and ethnically pure populations in the Yugoslav republic of Serbia's troubled province of Kosovo-Metohija, according to a provincial official on Thursday. The Local Self-Rule Secretariat of the Provisional Executive Council for Kosovo-Metohija in Pristina said that such forces now exist in the municipalities of Pristina, Djakovica, Kacanik, Klina, Decane, Kosovska Mitrovica and Lipljan.

Secretary Vesko Piric told TANJUG that the purpose of the forces, which are being set up also elsewhere in the province in line with Article 9 of the Milosevic-Holbrook accord of Oct. 13, 1998, is to protect the person and property of the local populations.

"The duties of the local security forces, i.e., the local police forces, are to provide safety in their territories of operation, secure infrastructure facilities, and clear up problems in health protection and supplies. In other words, they take care that the life runs smoothly for all people living and working in their territories," Piric said. The ethnic structure of the local police forces must reflect the ethnic structure of the population in their areas, Piric stressed.

[same story but as reported by KIC on 9.Feb]

Yet Another Serb Regime Devilish Scheme


Local Serb-run security structures to be formed in Prishtina villages. Why now, when the interim settlement being negotiated in Ranbouillet provides for the establishment of a Kosovar police force?

PRISHTINA, Feb 9 (KIC) - Serbian regime-installed authorities in Prishtina, capital of Kosova, decided yesterday to form a new security infrastructure in the Prishtina villages. The Serbian press said "local security structures will be set up in the coming days in all ethnically-mixed settlements, but also in ethnically pure ones".Members of all 'national communities' will participate in them, the Serb press said The reason why such a new structure is going to be established is to protect all the citizens and their property, the Serb regime argues. This is yet another devilish Serb regime ploy to drive a wedge between the Albanian community. Serb occupation authorities launched this scheme late last year in other parts of Kosova, recruiting so-called 'decent' Albanians, namely Serb collaborators to harass Albanians and promote fratricide. A conference on Kosova is being held in Rambouillet, France, which should lead to an interim settlement, part of which is the formation of a Kosovar police force. So what is the need now for further Serb occupation security structures in Kosova?

8.Feb (US section of the KDOM) Police also report that on February 5 Arben Rahmani of Orahovac was accosted by three men (one uniformed) in a vineyard at Pashki Dol Teca. After checking his identity papers, one of the men used his radio to ask whether the man should be killed or released. Before releasing him, the three questioned Rahmani about his relations with Serbs, how many Serbs were in his village, and what arms the Serbs have. He was warned not to return to the vineyard on penalty of death.

[Posted on a KosMet Chat Room (spelling errors unchanged) ]

milisor - 11:54am Feb 15, 1999 EST (#8022 of 8041)

I must say, there are extremists here on both sides. I don't think it helps Serbian image when man has name "ikillalbanians".

All my life I live with the Serbs, and they are all very good people. I think that none of the Albanians here [in this chat room] are from Kosova, most of them are from Albania and have never been to Kosova, or hear about Kosva before the KLA start killing peoples. No one is stupid to say that Kosova does not belong to Serbia, and that there is no Serbian history in Kosova.

I am from Pec and UCK terrorists killed my first neigbor.

The UCK (KLA) kill many people. They killing Albanians that work in goverment jobs. They killing postal workers, they killing telephone repar man, they killing Albanians in the police, they killing Albanian goverment officals, they killing people who don't want to fight in KLA, they killing anyone who even talks with a Serb.

I am proud of my Albanian people, but very ashemed that such fantik and idiots come from my country. These people shoud stop the killing of innocent people, and police will not tuch them for sure. Just the terrorists killing people. War was only where terrorists are. There is no war in all of Kosova.

America, please save us from fanatics and terrorists. They will make 2 million Albanian refugees, and what they make for our people then? In my village we don't let KLA come, because they can only bring trouble. I hope that Serbs won't hate all us because of very small number of terrorist killers that kills my neigbor and the people of Kosova. Serbia please forgive

The DT, Tuesday 16 February 1999 "Hopes fade for Kosovo peace talks" ; By Julian Nundy in Paris, Philip Smucker in Rambouillet and Patrick Bishop

"We are dealing with an almost uncontrollable desire of people to join our ranks," said Dr Pleurat

Sejdiu, a KLA representative based in London. "We even have British and American mercenaries lined up to join us and we've had to politely reject their offers. This is a national struggle and, frankly, Albanians don't care how many people we lose. If the question of independence is frozen, it will only be a matter of time before the Albanians will rise up again." [ Why is it that civilians living far away from the battle zone always loudly proclaim fighting to the last drop of someone else's blood ?]


Mr Milutinovic said in Paris that he had told the six-member Contact Group of Britain, the United States, Russia, France, Germany and Italy that Serbia was opposed to a peacekeeping deployment. "We are against any kind of foreign troops and I explained why," he told a press conference. "If the agreement is so good and so acceptable to the population of Kosovo, why enforce that, why press the people to accept what they already, in a vast majority, accept ?" [ because, as everyone knows by now, the vast majority of people living in KosMet do not support the UCK succesionists]

TIME; FEB.24, 1997 VOL. 149 NO. 8; THE ETHNIC POWDER KEG OF KOSOVO LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER TUMULT IN THE MAKING;BY JAMES WALSH ........... episodes of violence have been flaring as more radical Albanians organized a movement called the Kosovo Liberation Army, known by the initials U.C.K. This underground has carried out sporadic shootings of "collaborators," and last month it took credit for the attempted car-bomb assassination of a university rector in Pristin,. "If that was a U.C.K. act, it raises the ante considerably," declares the Western diplomat in Belgrade ,--Reported by Massimo Calabresi/Vienna, Alexandra Niksic/Belgrade and Alexandra Stiglmayer/Pristina

Radio Yugo 22. Feb....."At Monday's press conference in Prizren, the head of the OSCE mission for the region, Brigadier General Michel Maysonnette energetically condemned the terrorist actions in Kosovo-Metohija, stressing that seven innocent civilians were the victims of Albanian terrorists over the past few days"

Summary of Dates and Names of Albanians attacked by UCK since Holbrooke Cease fire:

1 29 Oct - Nazmi Oluri (1973) killed

  1. 29 Oct - Zef Dreni (66) killed

29 Oct - Muja Dreni severely beaten

  1. 3 Nov - Ragib Ibrahimi killed

3 Nov - Unnamed Albanian #1 'arrested'

3 Nov - Unnamed Albanian #2 'arrested'

3 Nov - Unnamed Albanian #3 'arrested'

3 Nov - Unnamed Albanian #4 'arrested'

  1. 3 Nov - Fehmi Sopa killed (?)
  2. 4 Nov - Selmon Binici killed
  3. 4 Nov - Ramiz Hoxha killed

4.Nov - Jakup Kastrati 'arrested' later released

4 Nov - Cen Desku 'arrested' later released

  1. 14 Nov - Murat Hadjosa killed

14 Nov - Son of Hadjosa wounded

17 Nov - Olivera Simic wounded

  1. 19 Nov - Nuredin Zejnulahu (1949) killed

19 Nov - Aida Zejnulahu (1980?) wounded

  1. 20 Nov?- Astrit Balluku, (in Tirana) killed
  2. 1 Dec? - Hajif Hoti (56) presumed killed after 'arrest'
  3. 2 Dec - Veton Kelmendi (1969) killed
  4. 3. Dec - Nexhmedin Bedra (50) killed
  5. 3 Dec?- Hizri Tala killed
  6. 3 Dec?- Afrim Malici killed
  7. 3 Dec?- Iljir Durmisi killed

3 Dec?- Unnamed Woman #5 wounded

  1. 4 Dec?- Unnamed Electrician #6 killed
  2. 4 Dec?- Unnamed Electrician #7 killed
  3. 4 Dec?- Unnamed Guard #8 killed

4 Dec - Semsija Ceri wounded

4 Dec - Dzevat Ceri wounded

4 Dec - Jeton Muljaj wounded

4 Dec - Shuban Beahimaj wounded

  1. 5 Dec- Bekim Miftari (1973) killed
  2. 5 Dec- Cerim Rahmani (1956) killed

17 Dec-Muharem Brahimi (1943) kidnaped (Egyptian)

17 Dec-Naser Brahimi (1964) kidnaped (Egyptian)

17 Dec-Lumni Lumani (1971) kidnaped (Egyptian)

  1. 23 Dec- Ljuljzim Ademi (1978) killed
  2. 23 Dec- Naser Haziri (1974) killed
  3. 29.Dec- Semsi Bajince (1965) killed
  4. 29 Dec- Rahman Nuhiu (1971) killed
  5. 29 Dec- Hisen Bitici (50) killed
  6. 29 Dec- Mehmed Krasnici (32) killed
  7. 29 Dec- Hasan Idrizaj (55) killed
  8. 3 Jan - Enver Gasi (1964) killed
  9. 4 Jan - Dzavit Jusufi killed

4 Jan - Unnamed Albanian #9 wounded

  1. 8. Jan - Blerim Avdi Balaj (1972) 'arrested' then killed
  2. 9. Jan - Rifat Blakaj (20) killed
  3. 10 Jan- Faruk Murseli (20?) killed

10 Jan- Sedat Selimi, (20?) wounded

  1. 10 Jan- Enver Maloku killed
  2. 11 Jan- Rustem Sadrija killed
  3. 12 Jan?- Sabit Sadiku (43) killed
  4. 13 Jan- Ferizaj Sejdi Sahiti (50) killed
  5. 16 Jan- Fatmir Godeni killed
  6. 16 Jan- Bujar Godeni (28) killed
  7. 16 Jan- Edmond Godeni (18) killed
  8. 18 Jan- Sabedin Rexhepi (1944) killed
  9. 18 Jan- Samed Rexhepi (1982) killed
  10. 19 Jan- Muharrem Bytyši (43) killed
  11. 21 Jan- Xhevdet Gashi killed
  12. 22 Jan- Fatmir Sheqiri, (21) killed
  13. 25 Jan -Shaban Keljmendi killed
  14. 25 Jan- Besim Keljmendi (12) killed
  15. 25 Jan- Hadziu Keljmendi (11) killed
  16. 25 Jan- Sanija Kurti killed
  17. 25 Jan- Hisen Kurti killed
  18. 26 Jan- Musa Molicaj (1947) killed
  19. 26 Jan- Skender Molicaj (1974) killed

29 Jan -Alma Beljulji (21) wounded

  1. 30 Jan- Xhevdet Berisha (60) killed
  2. 30 Jan- Zuber Shala killed
  3. 30 Jan- Unnamed Shala killed
  4. 30 Jan- Unnamed Shala killed
  5. 30. Jan Selman Konjusha (50) critically wounded
  6. 31 Jan -Gasper Karaši (1961) killed
  7. 31 Jan- Emin Basha (36) killed
  8. 31 Jan- Shyqri Bela (26) killed

31 Jan - Bin Haljilji (57) wounded

31 Jan- Behrije Duljaku (15) wounded

31 Jan- Bekim Duljaku (12) wounded

  1. 1 Feb - Ali Visoši (62) killed
  2. 2 Feb - Begov Lukaxvac(61) killed
  3. 3 Feb - Imer Redjepi (age 44) killed
  4. 4 Feb - Bozo Kontic (1952) killed (Albanian Serb)
  5. 4 Feb - Ali Pajazitaj (27) killed
  6. 4 Feb - Fazli Sejdi Morina (30) killed
  7. 4 Feb - Albert Sejdiaj (25) killed

5 Feb - Arben Rahmani death threat

  1. 6 Feb - Enver Salja (1947) killed
  2. 6 Feb - Vljora Kumoli (1981) killed
  3. 6 Feb - Osman Gasi (23) killed

6 Feb - Arton Ajeti (1978) killed (likely a UCK fighter not in tally)

  1. 7 Feb - Luigj Mataj (26) killed

7 Feb - Skender Lekaj (23) wounded

  1. 8.Feb - Sabahate Zeka (18) killed
  2. 8 Feb - Xhemajli Smaši (23) killed

8 Feb - Agim Redza grenade attack

9 Feb - female resident of Vucitrn pistol whipped

  1. 9 Feb - Xhavit Avdiu (54) killed
  2. 9 Feb - Salih Salihu (1962) killed

9 Feb - Muhamet Gani Reka (1962) kidnaped

  1. 11 Feb-Qerim MusŰ Sykaj (50) killed

11 Feb-Mehmet Oluri, (28) kidnaped (then released ?)

11 Feb-Redjep Oluri (40) kidnaped (then released ?)

12 Feb-Zecir Hiseni (50) kidnaped

12 Feb-Shefki Behluli (57) wounded

12 Feb-Agron Imishti (28) wounded

12 Feb-Shefqet Sulejmani (47) wounded

12 Feb-Basri Sejdiu (41) wounded

12 Feb-Agron Mustafa (21) wounded

12 Feb-Ramadan Mjaku (37) wounded

12 Feb-Sadik Hasani wounded

12 Feb-Sami Mehmeti (17) wounded (Roma)

12 Feb-Rafiz Asini (17) wounded (Roma)

15 Feb-Blagota Vukovic beaten (Serb)

15 Feb- Zlata Vukovic (70) beaten (Serb)

15 Feb-Agim T. Kelmendi (12) wounded

15 Feb-Valdet L. Kelmendi (12) wounded

15 Feb-Valdrin L. Kelmendi (6) wounded

19 Feb-Marjan Jovic (42) killed (Serb)

19 Feb-Demir Osmanaj (19) kidnaped, then escaped

19 Feb-Zoran Mihajlovic killed (Serb)

19 Feb-Radovan Mihajlovic killed (Serb)

  1. 20 Feb-Petrit Bitici (1970) killed
  2. 20 Feb-Sulejman Rotla killed

20 Feb-Milic Garic (aged 55) wounded (Serb)

20 Feb-Dragica Garic(53) wounded (Serb)

  1. 21 Feb-Arben Saliuka (1974) killed

21 Feb-Selim Topojani kidnaped

  1. 21 Feb-Arben Saliuka (1974) killed

21 Feb-Elez Baljaj unhurt, attacked by RPG's, machine guns

  1. 21 Feb-Hamdi Likaj (1944) killed

22 Feb-Mirko Milosevic (1966). killed (Serb)

22 Feb-Miljan Milosevic (1970) wounded (Serb)

22 Feb-Milos Prodanovic wounded (Serb)

  1. 22 Feb-Gafurr Loku (50) killed
  2. 22 Feb-Driton Loku killed

23 Feb-Srdjan Ilic wounded ( Associated Press photographer)

23 Feb-Sadik Leskoci (25) disappeared

23 Feb-Faton Lipovica attempted kidnaping

23 Feb-Enver Ndrecaj attempted kidnaping

23 Feb-Islam Luma (1957) attempted kidnaping

24 Feb-Milisav Kokeric machine gunned but unharmed

26 Feb-Milorad Milic killed (Serb)

26 Feb-Mikelj Abazi (62) wounded

26 Feb-Marjan Abazi (39) wounded

26 Feb-Mihil Abazi(59) wounded.

Comparison of Different Parties Statistics: (incomplete)


This site has some statistics.

These are from the Serbian Ministry of the Interior (www.mup.sr.gov.yu). They have more on their site, this is my selection/summary: STATS FROM JANUARY 1, 1991 TO FEBRUARY 7, 1999

People Killed in Terrorist Attacks in Kosovo


1991-97 1998 1999 TOTAL

Police 13 115 7 135

Albanian Civilians 17 77 30 124

Other Civilians* 9 96 10 115

TOTAL 39 288 47 374

Civilians Injured in Terrorist Attacks in Kosovo


Entire period


Gravely 101

Lightly 125


Civilians Kidnapped



Serbs/Montenegrins 179

Albanians 104

Gypsies 14

Other Nationalities 6

Foreign Citizens 1


Of these, 125 have escaped or been released. Remaining number are dead or "destiny unknown." The stats I (SN) had as of October 1, 1998 (from Yugoslav government sources, mainly www.mup.sr.gov.yu) were:

1996 - 1997


Ethnic Albanians killed 15

1998 (to 10-1)


Ethnic Albanians 64

Other Kosovo Civilians 105

Policemen 96


10. Feb (KIC) - The Prishtina-based Council for the Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms (CDHRF)[founded and still lead by hard line racist Adam Demaci] said in a report issued today 151 Albanians were killed in Kosova this past January. 25 Albanians were killed in unsolved circumstances, 2 died as a result of war, one was tortured to death, the CDHRF said. January was the month of Serbian massacres in Rešak, Rakovina and Rogova, in which some 80 Albanians were slain in three incidents. The CDHRF said 32 Albanians were shot and wounded in January, 78 were taken hostage or went missing, while 255 Albanians were arbitrarily arrested. Of those killed, wounded or ill-treated 28 were children, 28 women, and 36 elderly people, the major human rights organization in Kosova said. Eleven members of the Serbian community were killed in January, CDHRF said. Some 600 Albanian households were raided by Serbian forces allegedly in connection with arms searches or the tracking down of 'terrorists', the Council reported. Two others buried in Ferizaj today

Articles Detailing Each UCK Attack:

1.Jan 1998 (Serb Info) AP illustrates it with the fact that U.S. and British envoys were shuttling between hotel rooms, explaining conference plans to rival ethnic Albanians who wouldn't even sit together. The American agency quotes that those forces are united in their common goal of independence for Kosovo but are divided by deep personal and philosophical differences, petty rivalries and a desire for power. The animosity is so strong that it sometimes explodes into bloodshed, writes AP. In September, moderate politician Sabri Hamiti was critically wounded in an unsolved ambush after expressing readiness to negotiate only self-rule and not independence of Kosovo. [ Sabri was killed by the UCK prior to the Holbrooke cease fire, therefore he is not in the tally, in addition I don't have any other info on this UCK murder]

29 Oct 1998 19:00 [PMC - Nazmi Oluri (1973) was killed today at about 03:30 PM CET not far from Stimlje. Some, at present, unknown persons shot Oluri in the head. The Stimlje Municipal Authorities suspect, Albanian extremists committed the murder, because Nazmi Oluri was considered as an Albanian loyal to Serbia. The investigation on the crime is underway.[ see report of 11 Feb, Mehmet Oluri and Rexhep Oluri , Nazmi's brothers kidnaped by UCK ]

29. Oct; Albanian terrorists killed last night, somewhat after midnight, their co-national Zef Dreni (66), in the yard of his house in the village of Firza near Djakovica, it has been learnt from Djakovica municipal sources. Members of Dreni's family stated to investigation organs that he was shot by four men in camouflage uniforms with the insignia of the Kosovo Liberation Army, using automatic weapons. Terrorists have severely beaten Zef's son Muja, who ran out of the house to help his father, inflicting him serious injuries.

1. Nov Yugoslavia, (UPI) -- Serb civilian fears of retaliation by ethnic Albanian forces gained new impetus as a Kosovo Liberation Army statement on the fate of two Serb journalists was made public. ``Marina,'' a 19-year-old Serb who wouldn't give her real name, said: ``No one is safe and we are scared. People disappear and there is no real explanation.''

The statement, dated Oct. 30, was received today by Koha Ditore. It said 32-year-old Nebojsa Radosevic and 50-year-old Vladimir Dobricic were convicted by a military court of violating the KLA codes of military and civilian conduct. Radosevic and Dobricic, employees of the official Yugoslav news agency Tanjung, disappeared two weeks ago near Magura, where two Serb policemen died the night before. The statement said the two will be imprisoned for 60 days, but it gave no further details on the circumstances of their conviction were given. [ after significant publicity, these two journalists were released, however, the UCK still refuses to allow any Yugoslav journalists regardless which view their paper represents, into areas they control]

3. Nov PRISTINA, Yugoslavia (AFP) - An ethnic Albanian was killed in a clash with separatist rebels of the Kosovo Liberation Army and four were arrested by the KLA for robbery, the Albanian-language daily Koha Ditore reported Tuesday. Ragib Ibrahimi was killed and the four were arrested when a KLA patrol caught them robbing houses in villages around the northern Kosovo town of Podujevo [ seen of large scale fighting during 26th January 1998]

3.NOV MALO GRACKO, Serbia, Nov 3 (Reuters) - KLA gunmen critically wounded a fellow ethnic Albanian at his home for alleged loyalty to Serbia. FoNet news agency quoted local Serbian authorities as saying Fehmi Sopa was fighting for his life in a Pristina hospital after uniformed members of the KLA shot him at his home on Monday evening. Reporters who went to the Kosovo village of Malo Gracko to interview Sopa's distraught family found a KLA cap on the ground in the front of his house. Relatives said they did not know who the attackers were as they had not seen them. Serbian officials said they believed the reason for the attack was that the Sopa family had "not hidden its loyalty to Serbia," according to FoNet. Sopa's wife, Naime, said they and their six children were at home around 8.30 p.m. on Monday when someone knocked on the front door. Her elder daughter asked who was there and the callers said they were looking for Fehmi Sopa. "My husband then went to the door and opened it. When he saw they were masked and unknown, he tried to close the door but they pulled him through it," Naime Sopa said. "They were not able to pull him out completely, so they shot him. He managed to close the door, then fell down covered in blood in front of his children," she told Reuters. "The children started to scream. The eldest son went out to have a look. Two shots were fired in his direction, but he was not hit. Many bullets were fired towards our house." Copyright 1998 Reuters Limited.

4. Nov PRISTINA, Yugoslavia (AFP) - Two ethnic Albanians [Selmon Binici and Ramiz Hoxha] accused of collaborating with the authorities in Belgrade have been "executed" by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), the ethnic Albanian rebel group said in a statement Wednesday. The statement, published in the Albanian-language daily Koha Ditore, did not state when the "execution" happened.

4. Nov (AFP) - The KLA accused two Albanian political officials from the central Kosovo town of Malisevo, who were arrested by its "police" last week, of cooperating with the two executed "collaborationist,". The underground group confirmed Tuesday that it had arrested the two officials, who were Malisevo representatives of the main Albanian party in the province, the Kosovo Democratic League (LDK) of moderate leader Ibrahim Rugova. Jakup Kastrati, the local LDK chief, and his deputy Cen Desku, were arrested by the KLA "military police" because "they called on people to surrender arms" to the Serbian authorities and "cooperated with collaborationist," the KLA statement said. The rebels often criticize Rugova and his allies for "passivity" in the ethnic Albanian struggle for the independence of Kosovo.

12 November 1998 21:50 (PMC) - All Albanians that were held [by the UCK] in Josanica village, near Leposavic, were released tonight, Media Centar was reported.

12 Nov (PMC) Josanica village inhabitants are revolted due to abduction of their relatives by Albanian extremists Zlatan Ivanovic and Bojan Pavlovic three days ago in Srbica., Albanian extremists also detained certain number of Albanians that were driving cars on the road alongside the village. Zlatan Ivanovic (24) and Bojan Pavlovic (22), both from Josanice, near Leposavic, disappeared yesterday in Srbica these two were engaged in selling firewood in the local market. About 10 a.m. yesterday, they drove by their trucks firewood for the sale to the local market, after which there has been no trace of them. [ these two appear to be Serbs by their names, but were from an Albanian village which was harassed on the same day by the UCK. Their crime was selling firewood and also of not being pure Albanians, therefore they received death via a UCK extrajudicial killing].

14 November 1998 14:15 PRISTINA - Murat Hadjosa, a member of the Prekoluka local security, Decane vicinity, was killed last night. Hadjosa was killed from automatic weapon during attack of Albanian extremists on his house. His son was wounded during the attack. [Hadjosa, killed for refusing to join the UCK]

17 November 1998 19:30 PRISTINA - Today, at 04:30 PM CET, Olivera Simic from Klina was badly wounded in an attack made by Albanian extremists, on the road Pristina ­ Pec, near Iglarevo village. The attackers opened fire from assault rifles against the car that, in addition to the wounded, were also occupied by the driver and three kids. None of them was hurt. [ I recall reading somewhere that Olivera Simic is not a Serb, but cannot substantiate this]

19 November 1998 18:30 PRISTINA - Nuredin Zejnulahu (1949), physician, was badly wounded in front of his house last night at about 9 PM CET in Pec. He was transported to the Pristina Hospital, but, later, he succumbed his wounds.According to his family statement, three masked persons[ UCK sources state 'speaking Serbian'], wearing uniforms, attacked Zejnulahu. They also wounded lightly his daughter Aida Zejnulahu. After receiving first aid in Pec Hospital, the daughter was released home for further home treatment. The Pec municipal authorities claimed Albanian extremists had killed Zejnulahu, because he was loyal to Serbia. [ The UCK cynically made great milage out of Dr. 'Z's murder, making speeches at his funeral and so forth. However, it has been well established that Dr. Z sent his children to Serbian schools, which indicates his loyalty to Yugoslavia. It may also indicate why his daughter was machine gunned, Also, of note the Physicians for Human Rights NGO was duped by the UCK in their citation of Dr. Z's murder]

Late Nov (?) ONE KILLED IN ALBANIAN TRADE UNION RIVALRY- Astrit Balluku, a local leader of the Independent Trade Unions, was killed in Tirana on 26 October when supporters of two rival wings clashed in a dispute over who should occupy the national leadership's offices, "Albanian Daily News" reported. A second union member was wounded, but it remains unclear who fired the shots. Police arrested 20 people including rival national leaders Xhevdet Lubani and Fatmir Musaku. The leadership dispute dates back to 1995, when the late Democratic Party leader Azem Hajdari set up a rebel faction within the trade unions. Hajdari then ceased all work for the trade union after failing to be elected union leader. Musaku, Hajdari's successor as leader of the rebel faction, won a court case earlier this year against Lubani, who refused to vacate the leadership's offices. Former President Sali Berisha told journalists the same day in Tirana that the government and secret service were behind Balluku's killing. ........

December attacks by UCK:

1 Dec (?) Pristina - Hajif Hoti (56) was kidnaped three days ago in his house in the village of Bradas near Podujevo. He was taken by a group of Albanians in "KLA" uniforms.... As we learned unofficially, the office of the IRC Committee contacted Demaci again in regard to the latest kidnapings. Demaci was "busy. [Hoti was guilty of refusing to join the UCK]

2 Dec 14:30 (PMC) PRISTINA - The body of Veton Kelmendi (1969) from Pavljane village was found this morning next to Pec ­ Pristina road near by Glavicica village. According to the investigation, he was shot with a bullet in his head. The investigation team claimed, members of Albanian terrorist groups, that previously head been threatening his family, killed Kelmendi.[please note Veton is likely related to Shaban Keljmendi, his sons Besim (12 years) and Hadziu (11) killed by UCK in well known 'tractor1 incident' on 25.Jan.99 see report below, also see bombing of Keljmendi house on 15. Feb where 3 children were wounded. The Kelmendi clan is Roman Catholic. ]

3. Dec MLECAN, Serbia (Reuters) - A random roadside killing in Kosovo has left another family grieving. Nexhmedin Bedra, a 50-year-old ethnic Albanian, bled to death on Wednesday evening after a masked gunman leapt from the gloom of a deserted road and shot twice at his van, which was carrying material bought for his textiles workshop. [ another middle class Albanian killed, likely for buying goods from Yugoslavs] Bedra's 15-year-old son watched his father die.

[another version of same incident, I think from Tanjung] In another incident Wednesday, an ethnic Albanian was killed when a car he was traveling in came under fire in Kosovo's central Klina district, the information center in Pristina said. It said that according to witnesses, a masked man in the uniform of the rebel KLA opened fire on the car at Lozica on Wednesday after it failed to stop. The victim was identified as Nedzmedin Bedra. [Poor Bedra was also likely sick and tired of paying UCK tolls and perhaps tried to run the UCK checkpoint taken over from the JNA after the Holbrooke cease-fire came into effect. ]

3. Dec [?] Hizri Tala,] and two civilians -- Afrim Malici, a journalist, and student Iljir Durmisi were killed yesterday in Pristina's university district when their car was sprayed by gunfire, police said. Two pistols and two grenades were found inside their bullet-riddled car, and a female passer-by was injured, the Serbian-run information center in Kosovo's capital said. Serb police said they had started an investigation to determine whether the shooting was settling of accounts between Albanians or whether Serbs were involved. [ this parallels the Sabri Hamiti murder in September, all prominent Albanians, who were deemed not loyal enough to the UCK cause]

4. Dec (?) PRISTINA, Yugoslavia (AP) - By KATARINA KRATOVAC Three ethnic Albanians were killed Friday in Kosovo, Serb sources reported, and signs of strain on the fragile truce in the province were growing. The Albanians - all known to be loyal to the Serbian regime - were shot while repairing a power station near the central town of Glogovac [ I guess the UCK considers it a crime to provide electricity to houses in KosMet. This is another clear indication of the UCK's strategy of creating an extremist climate. Radicalize the people by making them suffer and they'll turn to the radical solution offered by the UCK]

4. Dec Semsija Ceri, Dzevat Ceri, Jeton Muljaj, and Shuban Beahimaj [ these three are the people who were machine gunned at the Pristina hospital, when 2 UCK tried to break in, I don't have a wire service story on this, can someone please send me one, One of the two UCK was reportedly shot and killed by her UCK partner. She threw a grenade without pulling the pin, Her UCK comrade killed her while berating her for her incompetence. Although, strictly she was killed by the UCK, she is not included in the tally because she was a UCK fighter. ]

5 December 1999 15:30 PRISTINA - Bekim Miftari (1973) and Cerim Rahmani (1956) were killed last night, around midnight, at "Burimi" gas station, on the Kosovska Vitina-Urosevac road, where they were working as security guards. [ Working in a Yugoslav business means getting killed by the UCK]

6 Dec 19:30 (PMC) - Denic Nebojsa (1964) from Preoce village was fatally wounded in a terrorist attack near Grabovac place, Kosovo Polje municipality, today at 4 PM. He later succumbed his wounds on the way to Pristina hospital.[ I don't think this is an Albanian, so he is not in the tally]

17 Dec 1998 (Tanjug) - Members of the national community of the Egyptians from Kosovo and Metohija, Faik Aliu, Ekrom Hadic and Afrim Limani informed in writing today the Interim Executive Council of Kosovo and Metohija that the Albanian terrorists yesterday have kidnapped three of their compatriots.

"Kidnapped are Muharem Brahimi (b. 1943) from Magura, municipality of Lipljani, his son Naser Brahimi (b. 1964) and Lumni Lumani (b. 1971) from the same village. They were kidnapped on December 16, 1998 at some 19:00 hours while returning from Lipljane to their village, in a white Ford Transit van vehicle", reads the report

23 Dec 1998 10:30 (PMC) - Last night at approximately 7 P.M. in cafe "Melisa" in the town of Kosovska Mitrovica Ljuljzim Ademi (1978) and Naser Haziri (1974) were wounded. According to eyewitnesses, the attacker was shooting from the doorway at Ljuljzim Ademi, who is a member of local security and also wounded Naser Haziri who was sitting at the same table. The wounded men were transported to Pristina Medical Center. This morning at approx. 7 A.M., Naser Haziri succumbed to his wounds, as confirmed by doctors on duty.

29.Dec Semsi Bajince (1965) and Rahman Nuhiu (1971) killed near by Supkovac Gas Station in Kosovska Mitrvica. Hisen Bitici (50) and Mehmed Krasnici (32), from Dusanovo village, were killed around midnight last night in the suburb of Prizren, towards Dusanovo. They were killed in "Landovica komerc" warehouse where Bitici worked as a watchman. [ The UCK continues its strict policy of defining as a capital crime, working for any Yugoslav company. Bitici's crime appears to have been working in a foodstuffs warehouse]

29.Dec (Tanjug) - The body of Hasan Idrizaj, an 55-year-old ethnic Albanian from the village of Gornji Streoc, was found outside the village of Rausic on the Pec-Decani road in Kosovo-Metohija province on Tuesday. According to Decani authorities, initial investigation results show that Idrizaj was killed early this morning with several bullets, probably fired by ethnic Albanian terrorists.

January Attacks by the UCK:

3 Jan 1999 14:45 (PMC) - Enver Gasi (1964) was dead wounded in Stimlje, last night at about 10 PM CET. Unknown attackers shot at Gasi while he was trying to lock his car in front of his house. [ The night belongs to the UCK in the countryside, The Gashi clan is Roman Catholic.]

4. Jan, (KIC), said Monday [the UCK] ambushed Dzavit Jusufi in Smrekovnica, 5 km northwest of the town of Vucitrn, at around 11 p.m. Sunday, wounding another terrorist leader who was not named. Serbian police sources in Pristina told Tanjug that they had no knowledge of the case, adding that there had been no police operation or movement in the area Sunday. [ This appears to be a case of the rival UCK factions attacking each other, The Neue ZŘricher Zeitung described in detail UCK infighting in a Jan. 26th article]

sometime in January 1999 'Cool Cafe' attacked with UCK grenade, 7 Yugoslav teenagers wounded [ these 7 victims, being non-Albanians are not included in the tally]

8. Jan (KIC) - Blerim Avdi Balaj (1972), a student with the Albanian-run Faculty of Economics at the University of Prishtina, was found killed Thursday evening along the main road to Dešan, not far from his native village of Strellc, Sali Cacaj, vice-chairman of the LDK chapter in Dešan reported. The Albanian student was abducted a day earlier, on 6 January, at 18:30 hrs, in front of his house at Balaj family compound by unknown persons dressed in white [ It is common knowledge in KosMet that the UCK uses German winter camouflage gear which is mainly white with grey splotches.]

9. Jan (KIC) - Rifat Blakaj (20), resident of Trubuhovc village of Istog, in northwest Kosova, has been killed in yet unsolved circumstances. The young Albanian's family said Rifat left his home on Tuesday, 7 January, and went to the town of Istog for a bicycle repair. His bicycle has been found on the PrekallŰ upland [note; this a UCK controlled zone] , on the Gjurakovc-Peja road. [My guess is that the Rifat refused to be gang pressed in the UCK and therefore was killed as an example to other young men who refuse to join the UCK. ]

10. Jan (KIC) - One Albanian was shot dead, a second wounded on Saturday evening, around 21:15 hrs, at Bibaj village of Ferizaj ('Urosevac') municipality, local LDK sources said. Unknown assailants opened automatic fire from a 'Zastava 101' car on Faruk Murseli and Sedat Selimi, both around 20 years of age, residents of TŰrpezŰ village of Viti, and a third young Albanian from Pozhoran village who was with them. Faruk died, whereas Sedat was wounded in this criminal attack. Sedat Selimi was taken to the Prishtina hospital, after having been given the first aid and questioned by the Serb police, local sources said. [The UCK 'recruitment drive' among moderate Albanians appears to be in full swing as evidenced by the above KIC press release. In a 'drive-by' attack characteristic of UCK gangs, 3 young moderate Albanians were machine gunned by the UCK, presumably for refusing to serve as UCK fighters]

10 Jan 1999 15:30 (PMC) - Rajko Jeremic, from Istok, was badly wounded last night at about midnight on the Pec ­ Kosovska Mitrovica road. Masked attackers, using automatic weapons, fired at his car. Three of his adolescent kids and his wife, who was lightly wounded, were also in the car. Jeremic was transported to the Pristina Hospital and the surgeons are fighting for his life.[ Rajko is a Serb, so not included in tally of Albanians killed by UCK, this attack is included because it is so typical of UCK terror, machine gunning a car filled with a family who was likely coming home after an evening visiting friends].

10. Jan (KIC) 18:00 CET - Enver Maloku [ Many Albanians in the diaspora agree with the UCK line that all interchange with Yugoslavs are traitorous crimes worthy of the death penalty. The UCK considers LDK moderates such as Enver Maloku traitors/collaborators/spies. The killing of Maloku is the 3rd UCK murder of a moderate Albanian politician in the last 9 months.], head of the Kosova Information Center (KIC) was shot and fatally wounded near his home in capital Prishtina today afternoon, around 16:00 hrs.

Mr. Maloku, in his mid-forties, father of three, was getting out of his car, when he was shot by unknown assailants, three or four people on a black car, according to eye-witness accounts which could not be immediately confirmed. Enver Maloku narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in early July 1998, when an unknown person shot in his direction at the entrance of his apartment in a block of flats in Kodra e Diellit neighborhood in Prishtina. The authorities had not investigated the assassination attempt. Maloku has worked with the KIC since its foundation in 1991, and been head of this singular Kosovar news agency since 1993.Since last year, Maloku was a member of the top executive, the 55-member General Council of the Democratic League of Kosova (LDK), the major political force in Kosova [since Maloku's assassination, the KIC has become pro-UCK in tone, its reports which under Maloku could be relied on not to make outright misstatements, have now become stridently pro-UCK]

11. Jan (Tanjug) - Police found the body of Rustem Sadrija of Klina, near the village of Glavicica, on the Pec-Pristina road, Serbia's southern province of Kosovo and Metohija, at around 8.30 a.m local time on Monday. Pec District Court investigators told Tanjug that Sadrija, 50, was found dead in the driver's seat of his car. He was shot with two bullets in the head and with one bullet in the arm. International monitors visited the scene of crime together with the investigators and the investigation into the incident is in progress. [ Rustem Sadrija was probably killed at one of the temporary roadblocks the UCK throws up, often collecting "tolls" at such places.]

12. Jan (?) The KIC announced through their German language service that Sabit Sadiku (43) was murdered in front of his house door today in Mitrovica by 'unknown assailants' [ which is KIC jargon indicating a UCK assassination.]

13. Jan (KIC) - ......unknown persons shot and fatally wounded with two bullets [Ferizaj] Sejdi Sahiti (50) in the town of Ferizaj ('Urosevac') on Tuesday evening, around 18:50 hrs, the LDK chapter in Ferizaj reported. He was taken to the Prishtina hospital, where he died today of wounds he sustained yesterday.

Sejdiu was shot and wounded while on his way to work, in a construction material depot in Ferizaj. Six spent bullets were found in the scene of the incident, sources said [The KIC confirms in its own circumspect manner that Sejdii was killed by the UCK for the crime of collaboration,. The UCK includes in its definition of collaboration crimes worthy of the death penalty: working in any Yugoslav company. Poor Sejdi was killed by the UCK because he had a job at the Urosevac construction company.]

[The UCK seems to be killing all young men in KosMet who refuse to serve the mafia backed UCK secessionist cause. Last week the UCK killed 3 men in their 20's. This weekend the UCK killed another 2 young Albanian men and their father as reported in the following article]....

16. Jan "Blic" Press Info Service; Chronicle; Saturday - Sunday, January 16-17, 1999, Prizren, Stimlje - Yesterday around 4:30 p.m. in a sporting goods store in the center of Prizren owned by Fatmir Godeni, Bujar Godeni (28) and his nephew Edmond Godeni (1 8) were killed. According to the results of the investigation they were killed by gunshots to the head. The Godeni family of Prizren is considered to be among the wealthier families of Prizren and was loyal to Serbia. [sounds as if the Godeni's refused to pay UCK protection money, as well as didn't allow his young men to join the UCK]

18. Jan (KIC) On Friday evening, unknown assailants shot and fatally wounded Sabedin Rexhepi (1944) and his son, Samed Rexhepi (1982), at Shkabaj ('Orlovic') village, half a dozen km west of Prishtina. Father and son were in their jeep, when they were shot from an ambush. The two died on their way to hospital

19. Jan (KIC) - On Sunday, members of the OSCE verification mission in Peja ('Pec') found the body of Muharrem Bytyši (43), a schoolteacher from the village of Ramun, municipality of Peja. The Serb press said the Albanian had been shot dead from point-blank range in a back village road, some 30 metres away from the Peja-Prishtina highway. [ perhaps Bytci had not been teaching the strict UCK party line]

20. Jan (Tanjung ?) Two children were wounded when ethnic Albanian terrorists shelled a house shortly after midnight on Tuesday. The house belongs to the family of Radosav Peric and is situated in the village of Drvare south of Vucitrn, according to the municipal authorities in Vucitrn. Miljana Peric, aged 14, daughter of the family, was seriously wounded in the shelling, while her brother Marko, aged 15, and their mother Dobrila sustained minor injuries. [ These 2 have Serbian sounding names, so they are not included in the tally]

21. Jan (KIC) - The body of a killed Albanian was found today at PrekallŰ village of Istog on the Mitrovica-Peja highway, LDK sources said, naming him as Dr. Xhevdet Gashi, in his early forties.The Albanian left his home at 17:00 hrs yesterday to go to work in the Peja emergency healthcare center. Dr. Xhevdet Gashi is the fifth Albanian [ I have not tracked who the other 4 are] executed in mysterious circumstances in the Peja area, local sources said. The Albanian doctor was very much respected in the community, they added.[ suspect the UCK killed Dr. Gashu because he dared to work in a Yugoslav hospital, also the Gashi are a Roman Catholic Clan.].

22. Jan (KIC) - A Prishtina taxi driver, Fatmir Sheqiri, 21, was found killed at LivaxhŰ, on the Prishtina - Ferizaj roadway, today morning. The body of the Albanian was found in the trunk of his car. It seems like he was shot with two bullets on the neck, whereas signs of violence were all about his body, the Association of Taxi Drivers said. The circumstances and the motives related to the murder of the Albanian taxi driver remain unknown. [In the last 2 weeks the UCK has been actively killing Albanian men under the age of 30 who have not joined the UCK. In addition, poor Mr. Sheqiri continued to work within the Yugoslav system and therefore is automatically convicted as a 'spy and traitor' by the mafia backed UCK.] The Taxi Drivers' Association of Prishtina will stage a one-day strike tomorrow in protest over the killing of their fellow member while doing his job.[working for the Yugoslavs]

25 January 1999 15:25 PRISTINA - Shaban Keljmendi, his sons Besim (12 years) and Hadziu (11) from village of Kramovik, Sanija and Hisen Kurti from village Crmjana, Djakovica municipality, were found today killed on Rakovina ­ Jablanica local road, southwest of Klina. [please note: Shaban Keljmendi is likely from same family as Veton Kelmendi (1969) killed by UCK on 2 December, and see story of 15. Feb where land mine was planted at Keljmendi home wounding three children. The Keljmendi's are a powerful Roman Catholic clan of longstanding reputation fighting alongside Serbs as least as far back as the 1690 Ottoman campaign ]

The OSCE Verification Mission members reported the case to the Djakovica police around noontime. The police accompanied by the Pec District Court investigation judge Rade Gojkovic and the OSCE Verification Mission members visited the incident spot. Initial investigation results indicated they had been killed from fire weapon while having a ride on a tractor. The territory the bodies were found at is controlled by the separatist so called "KLA".

(KIC)[additional information] The bodies of the killed Albanians were lying in the scene of the crime until 15:20 hrs today (Monday), when police took them to the Gjakova morgue

(SIR-US) [additional information] This week we have more odd events including the death of 5 Albanians who were gathering corn stalks as fodder for their animals. The KLA immediately tried to pin this on "Serb" police, but government sources point out that the area is under KLA control and that shell cases around the scene indicate the people were killed at close range, not from a distant armored car alleged by the creative minds of the Albanian propaganda mill.

[ more information on same incident ] 27. Jan 1999 "An attempt to stage a new massacre", From The Vecernje novosti [ I am unaware of the current reputation of this paper ], by M. Vuksanovic

The Siptar propaganda has tried again to plant the terrorist crime on the Serb police forces, aided by the international verifiers this time.

The Siptar papers "Kosova sot" and "Koha ditore" have considered the massacre worth putting on the front - pages. The massacre happened three nights earlier and five Siptars were killed in it, at the territory of the Rakovina village, on the road between Klina and Rakovina. The papers, without any evidence, blamed the Serb forces for the crime. According to this version Saban Keljmandi accompanied by two underage members of his family and Husein Kurti together with Sani Kuri, were shot on their tractor, allegedly from hard weapons.

The investigative judge from Pec District Court, Rade Gojkovic, has made these statements absolutely incorrect. He and the members of his investigation group were convinced by what they saw at the scene of the crime that the five victims were shot on the head, most probably by a single bullet each. On the other hand, the surrounding area of the crime scene abounded in cartridges and empty frames for automatic weapons of Chinese production. [ which indicates weapons were looted in Albanian chaos of 1997 ] We believe, said Gojkovic, that these people had been killed earlier, but it is beyond my comprehension that the verifiiers informed us about the crime six hours after they had themselves investigated it! They reached the crime scene on Monday at seven o`clock in the morning, and we were informed about the incident at 1 pm. Obviously the verifiers took the role of the investigative judge in this case. When the group of the court investigators arrived at about 2 pm, the verifiers made us to do our job quickly, with the threats that they would not guarantee out security, unless we left the place at once, emphasized Gojkovic.

The verifiers could not provide the reasons for informing the investigative group about the crime with a few hours` delay. They could not account for investigating the crime without the presence of this group. They mentioned an ostensible granating [means shelling in Yugoslav langauage(s)] means , about which they were informed by the villagers. Their far - fetched story goes as following: " the Serb forces used hard weapons when attacking the tractor".

The verifiers turned the blind eye on the fact that the crime scene is under the control of the terrorist "OVK". The police do not have access to the before mentioned territory, and all the victims were hit on the head from a close position. They have launched a new lie into the world, putting the blame on the Serbs again, as many times before. Naturally the Siptar propagandists accepted their version of the story, spicing it with their indigenous anti - Serb hatred. Their prime consumer of this newly "packed truth" is the world public.

26 Jan 99 12:00 (PMC) - Body of Musa Molicaj (1947) was found in a bullet-riddled car, "Mercedes" type, [ Increasingly, reports have been coming out that the Albanian middle class does not support the UCK. Therefore, any non-UCK Albanian driving a Mercedes is a likely target.] last night, at about 9 PM CET, between Gornja and Donja Luka villages, Decane municipality. His son Skender (1974), who also had accompanied him in the car, was badly wounded and later transported to the Pec hospital. The doctors have been fighting to save his life.

He reported the police; a close range automatic weapon fire was made at his car while he was passing the Radonjic Canal Bridge. The Pec District Court investigation authorities, accompanied by the OSCE KVM, visited the incident spot and the investigation of the crime is under way.

[as reported by SIRS-US, Associated Press, and Reuters] On Monday evening, in a separate incident an Albanian was killed and his son wounded by the KLA in Luka, for collaborating with the authorities by turning in a rifle.

29 Jan 21:50 (PMC) - Seven youngsters were wounded following the bomb explosion tonight at 8:45 PM CET, thrown in "Galerija" cafÚ, not far from Pristina downtown. Badly wounded are: Gordana Miladinovic, Milovan Vujosevic, Milenko Stojanovic, his sister Mirjana Stojanovic, Miodrag Markovic and Alma Beljulji, while Nikola Gavrilovic was lightly wounded. Eyewitnesses claimed a hand grenade was thrown from outside through the window and exploded in the cafÚ hall. According to the first investigation findings, the hand grenade was of Chinese make.[UCK uses Chinese equipment looted from Albanians warehouses in 1997 during the 'ponzi-scheme' chaos.] The police blocked the whole quarter and the investigation of the attack is under way.

The OSCE KVM members in Pristina were also informed of the event [ Alma Beljulji made the tragic mistake of socializing with others than pure Albanians. The UCK threw a hand grenade to stop Albanians from mixing with others. As always, the 6 non-Albanians are not listed in my tally of UCK victims, I recall reading she was 21]

Rugova Incident:

[ I doubt anyone will ever uncover what really happened at Rugova, however, here are three detailed articles which may clear the air. They are attempt to fan the flame of blood vengeance against Belgrade. However, there is enough information to piece together a semblance of a more complex reality. Buried deep down in the third article, it turns out that the key figure in this UCK ambush of a police station gone horribly wrong worked as a part time security guard at a nearby Yugoslav factory, Xhevdet Berisha. Night watchmen seem to be a particular target of UCK hatred.

I recommend supreme caution reaching any conclusions about what happened at Rugova. The only lesson from Rugova is that ill trained fanatical guerillas wreck havoc with simple people who wish to remain neutral ]

30. Jan (Daily Telegraph) 'Frightened eyes reveal true horror of Kosovo'; By Philip Smucker in Rogovo:[ Smucker is a suspected peddler of intelligence agency planted misinformation, his account of Rugova is a racially bigoted report, but it has enough detail to warrant close examination. ] The terrified eyes of more than a dozen Kosovo women and children stared down from a bullet-riddled window on the [ 20 positively identified UCK corpses and 4 other corpses laid out below].

Those eyes told you more about the killing than any official assessment. Nazmine Berisha, the wife of the homeowner, said: "They said wait here or we'll kill you. My husband, Xhevdet, went to work in his red van in the morning and the van came back within minutes. The [Kosovo] Liberation Army was inside the van when it came back." [UCK running away from the Gendarmes they just attacked, apparently hijacked Xhevdet's van on highway and forced Xhevdet to drive them to his home which contained a walled courtyard suitable for defense]

British verifiers with the Kosovo Verification Mission watched as police removed 11 bullet-riddled men from the red minibus standing in the centre of the farmyard. Brains and blood spilled out of the vehicle into the muddy courtyard. A British observer with a military background said a grenade had exploded inside the vehicle. [ Did an ill trained UCK try to throw a grenade from the crowded van at the pursuing Gendarmes, and dropped it on the floor amidst 11 people crowded into the tiny delivery van ?]

Mrs Berisha's version of how her husband's van was overtaken by ethnic Albanian rebels and brought back into the walled compound matched, in some respects, the more sanitised police description of the killing .It was not clear, however, if Mr Berisha had willingly surrendered his van. [to the UCK]

Five of the dead men, most of them between 18 and 40, were in uniform. [ French papers reported that all wore 'military gear', Pro-UCK papers in the US reported that 4 out of 24 were dressed in UCK issued boots and uniforms. This description in a transparent attempt define combatant as only someone in dressed 100% complete official battle gear. If you're not wearing military boots and uniform and hat and have military ID and are gripping a machine gun , you must be a civilian, appears to be the pro-UCK logic.]

A spokesman for the British monitors assessed the scene cautiously, avoiding all talk of possible summary killings. [ because it was clear to the British, the UCK were killed in a fair fight] Simon Gerry, the spokesman, said: "Maybe they were just getting ready to leave in the van. We don't want to jump to hasty assessments [a clear rebuff to those parroting the pro-UCK party line] but we may know more in a few days when we find out who all these men are."

He tied the Serbian police sweep through Rogovo to an ethnic Albanian rebel attempt to smuggle rockets and other weapons into the Serbian province from neighbouring Albania a day earlier. The ethnic Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army has an arms smuggling route over the snow-capped Mount Pastrik.

Mrs Berisha, traumatized and still not having seen her dead husband, said gunfire broke out as soon as the van arrived back in the courtyard. [did the UCK enter the courtyard guns ablaze? Did they think they had to storm the Berisha household ?] The survivors asked the British observers to be taken away. [from her village which is in UCK controlled territory. Mrs. Berisha clearly fears reprisals from the UCK]

Two teenage boys from the family were missing. Mr Berisha's blood was splattered on the walls of a latrine in the back of the family compound. [ Mr. Xhevdet Berisha killed by the UCK as his car was hijacked as UCK attempted to escape from a botched attack on Yugoslav Gendarmes. The case of his two teenager boys is less clear, did they run away from the UCK entering the courtyard ?, so they will not included in the tally until more details become available. Note in follow up article there is no mention of teenage boys, even though Smucker extensively interviewed many people, the boys crop up in a third story attached below]

[ This is a follow up report by the same writer, with a markedly different protrayal of the Rugova firefight, I place Smucker's follow up piece here as an example how selective omission by a biased writer distorts a event all out of context] The DT, Friday 5 February 1999; "How the masked killers of Rogovo picked their prey"; Philip Smucker returns to the village that witnessed a massacre........INSIDE the Berisha family courtyard, the pools of blood have frozen solid, a shocking reminder of the trauma that has left the women and children of Rogovo struggling with their memories. Yesterday, a small boy stared at the blood and tissue that was still splattered across the inside of the red van where 11 ethnic Albanian men died last Friday. [when a grenade went off inside the crowded van, , as described in Smucker's earlier story].

The Rogovo killings of about a dozen armed members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and other unarmed local men [ Smucker wishes reader to conclude that 'unarmed local men' were killed by Gendarmes, when it is clear that at least the Berisha men were killed by the UCK] highlight why Western diplomats, familiar with the Kosovo crisis, are pushing for a no-nonsense Nato ground force to follow any peace accord reached in Rambouillet, France. [ In this paragraph, Smucker betrays his bigotry openly]

Western diplomats said there had undoubtedly been summary killings in Rogovo. [ This directly contradicts the OSCE observer quotes Smucker had in his previous story, it is telling that Smucker is unable to use a direct quote instead he just paraphrases 'western diplomats']

Rogovo residents, who had spent the week piecing together the final movements of some of those who died, gave graphic accounts of last Friday's events. They said Xhevdet Berisha, accompanied by his nephew, Visar, 20, left home in his red van at 5.30am for his small village restaurant. Not long after his arrival [to his restaurant], a group of anxious Albanian men [UCK retreating from their early morning ambush of the Gendarmes] asked [hijacked] him to return the van to the family compound, which he did immediately. [It is unclear if Visar was also forced into the van]

There, he was met by a group of strangers, some of them in KLA uniforms, who began loading items into his van. [ Smucker's 'items' are likely to have been weapons, it appears that the UCK were transferring arms from their car(s) which were linked to the early morning police ambush to Xhevdet's van which the UCK may have thought was innocent looking].The commotion awoke Mr Berisha's mother, Shefkije, who challenged the group and demanded to know what they were doing. [ likely to have been in the form of 'what the heck do you think you are doing turning my peaceful house into a ammo dump ?]

But her son left the strangers to their task [what choice did he have ?] and began to make his way back to his restaurant. [ on foot ? He just abandoned his van to the UCK and left the UCK in charge of his sleepy family, while Grandma was yelling at them ? A more reasonable explanation is that he was kicked out of his own house by the angry UCK ] He never reached it. He was quickly confronted by 15 members of the Serbian special police in three cars. The police bound Mr Berisha's hands behind him and forced him back through the front gate of his family compound.

"There were three policemen in front of Xhevdet and three in the rear" said Shefkije Berisha. "The police shouted, so you have the KLA headquarters in your van, you terrorist!"

Then the bloodbath began.[ the retreating UCK loading van with weapons shoot wildly at a Gendarmes entering compound missing Gendarmes but killing Xhevdet, who being elderly may have moved too slowly. Perhaps the UCK assumed Xhevdet led the Gendarmes to them and shot him first as a traitor] Eleven men, some of them with arms and uniforms, were killed instantly inside the van. [when a UCK grenade exploded inside the crowded van] Serbian police officials claim one of their own was killed as well [in a UCK ambush earlier in the morning, why Smucker seeks to leave the impression that the Gendarme's death occurred in the courtyard is not clear]. A few hours later, I was to see Serbian "investigators" toss a Kalashnikov across the corpse of Mr Berisha, 60.[ This significant detail was not included in Smucker's first account, in which the observer's are working side by side with the Yugoslav investigator from the start, no mention in any observer report of AK-47's being 'tossed' on bodies]

What happened at a nearby house belonging to the Shala family is the most damning evidence of all.[ to the UCK] In a meeting house behind the home, there are clear signs of a summary execution, with bullet holes in a wall and human tissue on the floor. British verifiers have locked the room in the hope that it can be examined by international experts.

Rabije Shala watched from a latrine as two family members and one "stranger" [clearly UCK, no mention of Gendarme uniform, no mention of 'speaking Serbian'] were marched into the meeting room. "I heard the sound of a machine gun firing," she said. "Then they came and took Zuber, my husband. After that, I heard the same thing." [These three are added to the tally of Albanians killed by UCK, the UCK appears to have concluded they were betrayed by the Shala family who may have called the police when they heard the commotion next door, what with Grandma yelling and the UCK transferring munitions to Xhevdet's hijacked van]

As those executions were taking place just before 11am, British monitors, who were first tipped off about shooting at 7am [ by the Yugoslav Gendarmes who asked them to come ASAP, but OSCE are not allowed to travel during the dark because the UCK has shot at the OSCE, , so they presumably had to wait until daybreak to leave their barracks], had reached Rogovo. But their cars were held back at the perimeter of the village. [because a battle was in progress, the instant the shooting stopped, the OSCE observers moved into the village, the OSCE have not indicated in any way they were hindered.]

[Smucker also omits any details regarding Xhevdet's 2 teenage boys who are described in the earlier article as 'missing'. This is another telling omission, Smucker knows the 2 boys ran away from the UCK and are in hiding. The UCK likely thinks of the entire family as traitors for what happened in the courtyard, later on in following article we learn that the 2 boys are safe]

[More details in this third article ] THE NATIONAL POST Tuesday, February 9, 1999, Unanswered questions surround killings in Kosovo village, Juliette Terzieff, National Post, with files from The Daily Telegraph [ Juliette Terzieff further fleshes out Philip Smmucker's story with added details confirming the full extent of the tragedy ]

The women beat their hands on their legs and arms in frustration while the smaller children, crying softly, hug older siblings. Surviving members of the Berisha, Shala families are struggling with the loss of nine of their men, killed by Serbian police on Friday, Jan. 29.

Also slain were about a dozen members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, some of them wearing uniforms. [ finally, admitted the truth, the number of UCK involved keeps growing as time goes on] The families in Rogovo are unable to understand how the horrific deaths of their unarmed loved ones can be called anything but a massacre. Albanians claim the police attacked innocent civilians in their searches for KLA. Serbian sources maintain all those killed died in battle. "They weren't KLA fighters," said one of the Shalas, disputing Serb police claims. "And this is not a KLA village." [ Exactly, that is why the UCK killed the Shalas ]

Members of the Kosovo Verification Mission, working under the auspices of the OSCE, are reluctant to make decisive statements about the Rogovo killings. William Walker, the verification mission's head, came under heavy fire after an emotional declaration at the site of the Racak massacre three weeks ago, igniting international fury and renewed threats of North Atlantic Treaty Organization airstrikes against Serbia.

"There were several aspects at Rogovo that did not fit either with the police version or normal investigative procedures," said the official. "It led to some serious discussions on what should or shouldn't be said."

But in the end, KVM officials said little. Spokesmen asked why the bodies were removed from the scene, why gunfire was heard several hours after the battle took place and why access was initially denied to KVM people on the scene -- but they admit the answers will probably never be given.

Four days after Serb police launched the attack on what they claimed to be a KLA hideout, the courtyard remained splattered with blood and body parts.

Local residents, who had spent the week piecing together the final movements of some of those who died, gave graphic accounts of the events of that fatal Friday. Xhevdet Berisha, accompanied by his nephew, Visar, 20, left home in his red van at 5.30 a.m. for his small village restaurant.

"A cousin and two friends came in asking to use the van. It was needed by the KLA so uncle Xhevdet got in and drove away," said 16-year-old Enver Berisha. [ one son is no confirmed alive]

Back home, he was met by a group of strangers, some in KLA uniforms, who began loading items into his van. The commotion woke Mr. Berisha's mother, Shefkije, who challenged the group and demanded to know what they were doing.

But her son left the strangers to their task and began to make his way back to his restaurant. He never reached it. En route, he was confronted by 15 members of the Serbian special police who had arrived in three cars.

"I was out on the steps lacing up my shoes when [my uncle's] van came back in filled with people," said 13-year-old Beshar Berisha,[ second son is also alive] who was preparing to leave home for the restaurant. The red van, now bullet-ridden and bloody, was full of men, some wearing KLA uniforms.

Within seconds, he saw his uncle enter the courtyard, hands bound, followed by the police who opened fire. "One KLA fighter jumped out of the back with his rifle," said Beshar, who dived back into the house as quickly as possible.

Xhevdet Berisha was later discovered dead in the courtyard alongside two neighbours. Serbian sources claimed his home was a safe-house for KLA operatives, but his family and colleagues, who remember him as a kind man, said his involvement that Friday could only have been a matter of bad luck. [ neighbors have not been identified as of yet ]

Pavle Garic, a Serb, worked with Mr. Berisha as a security guard at a nearby factory. He claims their ethnic differences never caused problems. [need we say more ?]"When I heard he was dead, people told me he was a terrorist leader," said the 30-year-old Garic, fingering a cross at his throat [ Berisha works with Orthodox faithful, another betrayal of UCK law]. "He wasn't and never would be a terrorist. You couldn't find a better man."

The whole truth may never be known about Rogovo or Racak, despite autopsies. Forensics experts involved lament the fact the bodies were moved several times in unsanitary conditions.

"We've got cross-contamination and sites trampled over by literally hundreds of people," said one member of a Finnish forensics team.[ this as a result of William ' Amigo des Campensinos Salvadores' Walker grandstanding at the Racak site ] "Like most incidents in Kosovo it is impossible to comprehend why they do what they do," complained the OSCE official. "They change things around and orchestrate access, so all we're left with are dead bodies and propaganda wars between the two sides."

January attacks by the UCK cont'd:

30. Jan (KIC) - Late Friday afternoon, unidentified persons shot and wounded Selman Konjusha (50), a local writer, in the entrance to his flat in downtown Prishtina, capital of Kosova. Konjusha was shot twice - in the chest and his kidneys - and was taken to the Prishtina surgery clinic in a critical condition. When operated upon, he had one of his kidneys removed, a close relative told the KIC. [ I suspect he was shot by the UCK for not toeing a pure UCK party line. As a writer he may have been too thoughtful for the UCK]

31. Jan ( Radio Yu) The body of 36-year-old Emin Basha, killed by a single shot in the head, was found in the village of Glavicica on the Pec-Pristina motorway on Sunday morning. Basha was a loyal citizen of Serbia. He is the sixth Albanian victim of terrorists from the beginning of this year to have been killed in the region of the Pec district in the same manner - with a single bullet to the head. [This death was ignored in all foreign media, which makes it likely that it was a UCK killing, any death in which there is some ambiguity is routinely coupled by foreign media to so-called Serb oppression]

[a second source, also Yugoslav] 31. Jan 1999;Pec, On Sunday, around 7:00 AM in the Village of Glavicica, at the main road between Pec and Prishtina Emin Bassa (36) from Pec was found dead, shot with one bullet in the head. The District Court in Pec Investigation Judge Vladan Bojic informed Tanjug that a caliber 7,65 case, of Chinese manufacturing [ as mentioned before the UCK is armed to a large degree with looted equipment from Albanian Army magazines],was found near the body. Bassa was a citizen loyal to Serbia and the sixth Albanian,who had fallen victim to the terrorists since the beginning of this year. All the six Albanians were killed in the Pec District area in the same way - one bullet through the head.

[ a 3rd source this time from Albanians] Jan 31 (KIC) - Emin F. Basha (36), an Albanian resident of the town of Peja ('Pec'), was found killed today (Sunday) in the village of Ramun, seven km from Peja, western Kosova. LDK sources in Peja said Mr. Basha, who was last seen last evening in a bakery half a kilometre away from his home, had been shot thrice in the head. This past month, seven Albanians have been killed in the Peja municipality in unsolved circumstances, but in a similar manner. [ Mr. Basha shot in the dark while walking home from his baker's job]

31. Jan [ KIC] Shyqri Bela (26), a night watch with the "Jehona" construction material warehouse near Kašanik, southeast of Kosova, was found dead today morning near his work-place. Bela, resident of Bišec village, was on duty last night in his firm, LDK sources said, but failed to offer other details surrounding his death. [ Bela, another night watchman killed by the UCK, Kašanik is I think the Keljmendi clan's home village ]

31. Jan [KIC] The body of Gasper Karaši (1961), resident of Ujz village, was found Sunday in the woods of Bishtazhin village of Gjakova. He had been killed Saturday by Serb police together with two other Albanians, the LDK chapter in Gjakova said. Mr. Karaši, who is to be buried Monday, was a schoolteacher with the grammar school "Gjergj Fishta" in Bishtazhin. [ Since the previous chief editor, Maloku was murdered by the UCK, the KIC has become less reliable in its reporting, see the Times (of London) story below which gives a very different picture, the other two Albanians were UCK fighters who were killed in an unrelated gun battle. Teachers in KosMet have an extremely difficult task, Karaci, a Roman Catholic, seems to have finally run afoul of the strict UCK party line]

[ Karaqi's murder as reported in the Times (of London)], The Times, February 2 1999 EUROPE; Anthony Loyd reports from the village of Ujez on the murder of a schoolteacher in Kosovo's bloody civil war........ THERE is a story of an innocent man who walked out to work one morning and never came home. It is very simple. He was 37 and an elementary schoolteacher. His name was Gasper Karaqi, although the history of the war in Kosovo will never recall it. He was born in the village of Ujez, but once I close my notebook that name too will be forgotten.

Last Friday he kissed his wife goodbye just after daybreak. They had been married for 18 years and they had no children. They were Roman Catholic Albanians [who tend not to support the muslim dominated UCK] and so their childless state could have been a stigma in the remote rural communities of the south.

But everyone in Ujez remarks only that he and his wife were very close. It is unusual for reticent, enclosed people to remark on a couple's relationship to foreigners. So I can imagine only that they must indeed have loved one another.

He left to teach at the school in Bistraznj, another unremarkable hill village near Ujez. I saw him yesterday lying in an open coffin in the room in which he was born. The village women sat around him, his wife at one end, her hands on his forehead. He had the lean, ascetic face of an academic.

Above him was a candle flanked by pictures of Christ wearing the crown of thorns, and Mic Sokoli, a legendary hero. Such is the tradition of death for Catholics here. Unusually, the women did not weep until the coffin was carried out for burial. They had agreed among themselves that, as a demonstration of love and pride for their teacher and relation, they should contain their tears, so the atmosphere in that silent room was charged.

Nobody knows who killed him. When he did not return from work that day his wife became frantic with worry. On Saturday some children on their way to school noticed a trail of blood leading away from the edge of a track.

The villagers followed it up a hillside and found Mr Karaqi there. Someone had shot him in the upper leg. He had crawled away into the snow and bled to death alone in a field below an Orthodox church. [after being shot, he crawled towards a Serbian Church]

Serb police officers were mounting a follow-up operation after a gunbattle with KLA guerrillas in the area at the time, but the teacher could have been shot by either side.

The gravediggers toiled from dawn until midday. It was -15C (5F) yesterday, even before the wind chill, and beneath the snow the ground was like rock. There were no uniforms among the mourners, no volleys, no guns, no glory. There was a column of sobbing children, humility and dignity. [ no UCK speeches for a spy and traitor]

"This person who you see dead," he [teacher's nephew] said slowly, "was a peace-loving man who contributed only to peace and goodness in our village. He was killed. Whatever happens in Paris, he is lost to us and shall not be returned." [ Albanians who preach messages of peace and tolerance get killed by the UCK, this victim of UCK violence is added to the tally]

31 Jan 99 23:00 (PMC) - Tonight at 9:50 PM CET, three masked attackers broke in Dzevdet Zumeri home, Donje Godance village, Stimlje municipality, and wounded Bin Haljilji (57 year-old), Behrije Duljaku (15 year-old) and Bekim Duljaku (12 year-old). The wounded were later transported to the Pristina Clinical Hospital center. Dzevdet Zumeri reported to the police that the masked attackers, after short quarrel, opened fire at the people in the house. [ The quarrel appears to have been the result of the UCK trio's demands which were rebuffed, hence the shooting]

February attacks by the UCK:

1 Feb (KIC) - An Albanian student was killed, and six other young Albanians were wounded at 22:20 CET on Sunday when a bomb was hurled by unknown assailants in the "Beqa" grill bar in Vellusha street in downtown Prishtina, the Council for the Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms (CDHRF) said [ the CDHRF is a long discredited highly politicized organization founded and run by Admen Demaci political head of the UCK. The CDHRF originated the 2,000 killed in KosMet statistic which is ignored by all but the most stridently pro-UCK factions, ]. The killed university student has been named as Osman Ibrahim Gashi (23) [Gashis is a Roman Catholic clan, but Osman is a Muslim name, so it is unclear if Gashi is Catholic], resident of Baran village of Peja ('Pec'), western Kosova. Meanwhile, an eye-witness told the KIC a taxi driver, Fatmir Ramadani, was seriously wounded, whereas another young man received light injuries. The explosion was very powerful, and a hole was created inside the grill bar, while furniture was hugely damaged, the eye-witness, a resident in the area who reached the scene soon, said. Another eye-witness, speaking on condition of anonymity, said a tall man with a black overcoat was seen leaving the scene and being driven away by a waiting car a few meters away.

Meanwhile, a second blast occurred Sunday evening in the courtyard of the "GŰzimi II" cafe in front of the Radio Prishtina in the center of the city. Unidentified people hurled the explosive device at 22:00 CET, Rrahman Ismaili, the proprietor of GŰzimi said, adding that there were no injuries and material damage. [ These two may be tit-for-tat bombings in revenge for the Friday UCK bombing of the Galarjia cafe, in which Alma Beljulji (21) was wounded, along with 6 others. This reprehensible revenge bombing only served to buttress the UCK strategy of silencing all moderate voices in KosMet. ]

[ same story as above reported by the Pristina Media Center1 February 1999 08:45 - One person was killed, and two were wounded in a fast-food restaurant [described as "Beqa" grill in KIC report ] in Veluska Street not far from Pristina downtown last night at 11 PM, when a bomb thrown into the restaurant exploded. Osman Gasi (1976) from Pec was killed, and Fatmir Ramadani from Pristina and Selim Selimi from Presevo were wounded. The wounded ones were later transported to the Pristina Hospital. According to first investigation findings, unknown persons thrown a hand grenade through the window into the restaurant. The police search after the persons who committed the crime.

1 Feb (KIC) - The body of the sixty-two-year old Ali Visoši (62), resident of Llukavc i Begut village, was found Sunday in a garbage dumping site by the Gjurakovc-Klina roadway, western Kosova, LDK sources in Istog said. It was the Serb police who told the family about the whereabouts of the dead man. The family said Ali had been shot dead with two bullets, and bore signs torture about the body. The funeral of Ali Visoši, father of six, will take place today (Monday) in his Llukavc i Begut village at 14:00 CET. [ another elderly moderate Albanian killed by UCK hotheads]

2. Feb Compiled by EUR/SCE (202-647-5624) from daily reports of the U.S. element of the Kosovo Diplomatic Observers Mission and other sources: Police reported finding the body of a 61-year-old male in the village of Djurakovac (near Istok) on the road to Klina. The man, Begov Lukaxvac, had been shot twice in the head by the KLA, according to the police. [ Djurakovac is extremely active with ill -trained UCK fighters who appear to be radicalized, on 16. Feb they fired an anti-tank round ( RPG 7 ?) at a Zastava police car driving through the center of the village, they completely missed the slow moving car. ]

3 Feb (Tanjug) - In the village of lipa, Kosovska Mitrovica municipality, about 150 meters from the road from Raska to Pristina, dead body of Imer Redjepi (age 44) from the village of Svinjare was found, Wedensday morning. Investigative judge from the local court in Kosovska Mitrovica said that Redjepi was killed from the fire weapon pointed from the close range. Most probably, gun was directed to his beard, and the bullet blew his head off. Ekrem Peci from the village of Lipa found the body and notified the Police Station in Kosovska Mitrovica. Investigation was completed in the presence of representatives from the regional center of OSCE Mission in Kosovska Mitrovica. [ ( question does this have a connection with the looting of Devic Monestary during the same night ? ); In conclusion very scanty evidence, a middle aged man gets killed with gun pressed into his chin close to a road, next day Peci finds body and calls Yugo police ]

[as reported by PMC] 4 Feb - The body of Imer Redzepi (1955) was found yesterday near Lipa village, Zvecan municipality, next to Kraljevo ­ Kosovska Mitrovica road. Redzepi was hit twice in head from automatic weapon. His body was transported to Pathology Institute in Pristina.

[as reported by the KIC] sources from Mitrovica said the body of Ymer Rexhepi (43), resident of FrashŰr ('Svinjare') village of Mitrovica, was found Wednesday morning at LipŰ village of Mitrovica, on the Rashka-Prishtina highway. Ymer was killed with fire-arms, at close range. His face was blown away, sources said [another victim of UCK terror]

4 February 1999 13:00 (PMC) - The body of Bozo Kontic (1952) was found this morning near Rastavica village, Decane municipality. He was found in the car hit by anti tank launcher and bullets from automatic weapon. Kontic lived in refugee camp near Junik, as he was refugee from Albania. Police was informed about this crime from his family. The investigation about this crime is underway with the presence of OSCE verifying mission members. Police is searching for the ones who committed this crime.[Clearly a UCK killing using anti-tank weapon (RPG 7 ?) on car, strange, a refugee from Albania with Serbian sounding name, was he a Albanian orthodox ?]

[as reported by AFP] The Serb center also said that a Serb man [refugee from Albania?]was found dead in his car Thursday morning in the western Decani area following an attack involving automatic guns and a rocket

4. Feb (B92); Kosovo Verification Mission spokesman Jorgen Grunnet announced this morning that three unidentified male bodies had been this morning in a car near Decani. Another body had been found lying on the road. [first report, see detailed reports below]

[ as reported by PMC] 4 Feb 99 13:00 (PMC) - The bodies of Ali Pajazit (27) from Istinic, Fazli Sejdi Morine (30) from Grabovac village, Pec municipality and Albert Sejdiu (25) from Ljubisa, Decane municipality were found this morning between Istinic and Gornja Luka villages, Decani municipality. They were found in one car. According to the first findings of the investigation, they were killed with automatic weapons. Further investigation is underway. Police are searching for the attackers, according to the information given by Decane municipality authorities. [ these 3 seem to have been killed at a UCK impromptu roadblock]

[ as reported by AFP via OSCE] Thu, 4 Feb 1999 7:35:37 PST, Yugoslavia, Feb 4 (AFP) - Four men have been found dead in two areas of the violence-torn Serb province of Kosovo, a spokesman for international truce monitors said Thursday. Joergen Grunnet, spokesman for the OSCE Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM), said three men were found dead in a white car near Decani, while another was found dead on the road between Pec and Djakovica. [Bozo Kontic ?] He added that the corpses had not yet been identified, although the latter was almost certainly a Serb. The Serb-run information center in Pristina said the group of three were ethnic Albanians shot by automatic guns, while the Kosovo Albanian Information Center confirmed the report, adding they were killed late Wednesday.

[as reported by the KIC] PRISHTINA - Serbian police took today the bodies of four Albanians to the town morgue in Gjakova. LDK sources said three Albanians were taken from Lluka e EpŰrme village of Dešan, whereas the fourth one from Rastavica village. Three Albanians - Ali Pajazitaj (27), Fazli Morina (30), and Albert Sejdiaj (25) - were killed in their car in yet unsolved circumstances between the villages of LlukŰ e EpŰrme and Isniq on Wednesday evening, LDK sources said. They were fired on with automatic weapons. [ KIC signals this was a UCK assassination by its words' unsolved circumstances', given their ages, these men are likely to have been shot for refusing to serve as UCK fighters, the 4th seems to have been Ymer Rexhepi,]

7 Feb (reuters)Pristina:Three people were killed Saturday evening in an explosion outside a convenience store in Pristina's Ulpijana suburb, the Pristina police department confirmed to Tanjug. [ note: there was a bomb attack on a Serb owned bar at 7:30pm also in Pristina, was this the work of the same group driving around chucking bombs ?] Storeowner Enver Salja (52) and Viljora Kumoli (16) were killed outright, while Arton Ajeti (20) [as reported by Tanjung; Arton was killed in a terrorist attack on a police patrol in Djakovica when policeman Milan Stevanovic from Gorozdan was killed] from the town of Urosevac succumbed to injuries on the way to hospital. A powerful explosive device, planted outside the store, went off at around 7 PM local time, shattering windows of a post office some 100 m away. [ on 10.Feb, Tanjung printed that Osman Gasi (23)was the 3rd person killed in the blast not, Arton Ajeti ]

Kosovo-Metohija Information Secretary Ivica Mihajlovic addressed the press at Pristina's Media Center Saturday evening. Mihajlovic said that the storeowner was loyal to Serbia and that most of his regular customers were Serbs and Montenegrins. Pristina District Court Magistrate Danica Marinkovic is in charge of the investigation. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Verification Mission to the Yugoslav republic of Serbia's Kosovo and Metohija province has been informed about the blast. A team of OSCE Verifiers joined the police at the crime scene. [ as of yet, no OSCE report, but pretty clear cut, middle class older Albanian interacts too much with Yugoslavs and gets killed along with a 16 year old girl, perhaps he also refused to pay UCK protection money (aka 'taxes')]

[ as reported by KIC] Feb 7 (KIC) - Last evening, a powerful bomb ripped through a small grocery store in the center of Prishtina, capital of Kosova, killing three Albanians, including a teenage girl. Several others were injured in the explosion, sources said. The explosion occurred just before 19:00 CET on Saturday in the "Almir" grocery store, owned by Enver Shala, situated alongside the main Prishtina street, near the vegetable produce market in Ulpiana neighborhood. Unidentified persons tossed the powerful explosive device killing Enver Shala (1947), the store's proprietor, and Vlora Humolli (f, 1981) a passer-bye from Prishtina. Artan Ajeti (20) from Ferizaj, died on his way to the Prishtina hospital, one mile away from the scene of the carnage. The scene of the crime was cordoned off by Serbian police today (Sunday) morning, too. The Kosova capital has seen a spade of bombings, hand grenade attacks, targeting eating and drinking establishments. Saturday's blast appeared to have been caused by a more powerful device, those who saw the scene claim. "A leg with the shoe still on and other pieces of mangled bodies were scattered on the city's main road, and a trail of blood ran along the gutter," CNN said in a report from Prishtina.

OSCE verifiers attended the scene Saturday evening. Ambassador Gabriel Keller, the deputy head of the OSCE KVM, informed William Walker, the U.S. ambassador who heads the mission and is currently attending talks in Rambouillet, France, launched Saturday evening at the time the bomb exploded in Prishtina.

The Democratic League of Kosova (LDK), President Ibrahim Rugova's, party, condemned in the strongest terms "the terrorist act" which killed three Albanians and wounded a number of others in Prishtina last night. [interestingly, the UCK did not condemn the attack] The attack coincides with the start of the international conference on Kosova in Rambouillet, France, the party said, adding that "this is further evidence the Serbian regime is adamant on obstructing a political resolution to the Kosova issue". [Rugova;s extremist self-contradictory statement may be meant to play to the UCK negotiators he is forced to work with in Rambouillet, how would bombing a tiny cafe silencing a moderate older shopkeeper be Serb obstructionism ? ]

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Serbian occupation authorities in Kosova added to the already grave and tragic situation by rushing to declare that the shop owner, Enver Shala, "was known to be loyal to the Serbian Republic" and to maintain good relations with local Serbs, "which made him a target for radically-minded terrorists".

This kind of verbal pyrotechnics has been frequently the pattern of Serbian regime's reaction to killings of Albanians in Kosova: routinely putting the blame on Albanians by declaring killed Albanians "decent" citizens, loyal to Serb authorities, which, in the yes [eyes, sic] of Kosovars, means Serb collaborators, who would only be killed by 'Albanian terrorists', the argument goes. There is no end in sight to Serb criminal regime's outrageous propaganda ploys in the height of the Kosovar tragedy. [Note though, the KIC does not state the Shala was a friend of succession, This hysteric reaction to the publicizing of Shala's loyalty may be part of the attempts to reduce the effects of the Yugoslav negotiating team has. The Yugo team has a majority of non-Serbs, including 3 Albanians, the fact that there are Albanians loyal to Belgrade is something which the successionists wish to downplay as much as possible]]

[as reported by the BBC]http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/270000/images/_274101_bomb150.jpg

A bomb attack on Saturday killed three people at a food shop in the regional capital, Pristina. The Serbian authorities said those killed were ethnic Albanians who were loyal to Serbia and had apparently been targeted by separatists. The attack was condemned by the United States. [ the BBC seems to have concluded that it was a UCK attack and therefore reports the Yugoslav version of events.]

8 Feb 1999 10:46:54 PST; (AFP) - Five bodies were found on Sunday and Monday in four different locations in the strife-torn Serbian province of Kosovo, Serbian officials said Monday. Three bodies were found in western Kosovo, one in the south, while another one was found south of Pristina, the Serb Information Center said. Earlier in the day, the Kosovo Verification Mission announced that four unidentified bodies had been discovered on Monday in three different locations.

The body of a man was found north of Djakovica, in a car which was shot through, it said. Another man was found dead on the road south of Pristina, apparently shot in the back with an automatic weapon, according to the center. The KVM was aware of those four bodies, but could not give more details, according to Walter Ebenberger, a spokesman for the diplomatic observer mission.

Yet another man was found dead on Sunday, in a village near Kacanik, in the south, "most likely" shot by an automatic weapon, the center said. The KVM could not confirm this incident. [ None of these are listed in tally, but note the name of village, Kacanik which is frequent site of UCK killings ]

8. Feb (KIC) Two members of the Gypsy (Roma) community, Sabahate Zeka (f, 18) and Xhemajli Smaši (23) were killed Sunday evening at 20:30 CET in yet unsolved circumstances on the outskirts of Gjakova, local LDK sources said. The bodies of the killed Gypsies were taken to the Gjakova morgue by the Serb police today morning. [ Roma are against the UCK sucessionist movement as much as other minorities in KosMet, note the conversion of their names to Albanian names, The Roma say they are forcibly being assimiliated by the nationalist Albanians, The UCK ignores the very presence of Romany voices in KosMet ]

[as reported by the AFP] 8.Feb Sabaheta Zeka, 17, and Dzemailj Smaci, 20, were found dead in Djakovica, in western Kosovo, apparently killed by an automatic weapon, according to the center.

8 Feb 14:10 (PMC) - Bodies of Sabahete Zeka (17) and Dzemailj Smaci (20) were found at the outskirt of Djakovica this morning at 7 AM. Two of them were killed from fire weapons. According to first investigation findings, they were shot with a number of bullets, probably fired from the assault rifle. The investigation of the crime is under way. [ given the times and place, it appears the same UCK group was involved with the murders described below ]

8.Feb (KIC) - One Albanian was killed and another wounded at around 23:00 CET Sunday on the outskirts of Gjakova, in the road leading to the villages of NovosellŰ e EpŰrme and NovosellŰ e UlŰt, local sources said. In still unknown circumstances and by unidentified assailants, Luigj Mataj (26) from Novosella e EpŰrme was killed in his car, and his companion Skender Lekaj (23), resident of Novosella e UlŰt, was seriously wounded. Residents of Gjakova found today the body of Luigj, whereas Skender was taken to the town hospital in a critical condition. [ two draft age Albanians machine gunned by UCK for refusing to serve]

[as reported in AFP] 8. Feb; an Albanian, Skender Lekaj, 25, was wounded in an automatic weapon attack on Sunday night and was taken to the Djakovica hospital, according to the Serb Information Center. [curious that death of Luigj Mataj in same car not noted by AFP]

8 Feb 14:10 (PMC) - Skender Lekaj (1947) from Donje Novo Selo was transported to Djakovica hospital last night, around midnight. Lekaj was wounded in his head and his arm from fire weapon. According to surgeon on duty statement, Lekaj was badly wounded and the doctors are fighting to save his life. The police search after the suspects.

8.Feb (KIC) - Unidentified persons tossed a heavy explosive device on 'Agimi' cafe, owned by brothers Rexha, in the main street in the town of Mitrovica Sunday evening. LDK sources said the powerful explosion caused material damage, but no injuries, although there were people inside the cafe at the time - past 19:00 CET. A car with Belgrade license plates passed along the road just before the explosion occurred, according to eye-witness accounts. The car headed to the town center, whereas a few minutes later bursts of firearms were heard at Ura e Ibrit (Ibri bridge). [ 90,000 Albanians live in Belgrade. This incident is not recorded in the tally]

8 Feb (PMC) Not far from Kriva Reka village, the police also found a body of Salji Saljijaj (1962) from Jerli Talinovac village. His family members claimed, he had been reported missing since February 5 this year at about 9 PM when he started from Urosevac toward his village. The police have been searching for the suspects of the crime.

9. Feb (KIC) - Yesterday, near the town of Kašanik, at a location called "KrivarekŰ", the bodies of two Albanians were found, Xhavit Avdiu (54), resident of Ferizaj, and Salih Salihu (1962), resident of Talinovc i Jerlive village, LDK sources in Ferizaj ('Urosevac') reported. The late Xhavit Avdiu was kidnapped by unidentified persons on 31 January, whereas Salih Salihu had gone missing on 5 February. The bodies of the two killed Albanians have been taken to the Prishtina morgue and were to be buried later in the day today (Tuesday). [ village of Kašanik seems to contain an active UCK assassination squad ]

9 Feb (KIC) Another Ferizaj [ Urosevac ?] citizen has gone missing. Muhamet Gani Reka (1962), father of two, has been unaccounted for since Sunday evening. Reka was visiting with his uncle that day. He left his uncle's place, near his own home, at around 20:00 CET [gang pressed into the UCK ?]


PRISHTINA, Feb 10 (KIC) - The body of Isuf Berisha (63), resident of Polluzha, who went missing from his work-place in the night of February 4th, has been found dead under the bridge of Ura e TerzisŰ in Bishtazhin village of Gjakova. His body has been released today from the Gjakova town morgue, and was to be buried later in the day in his native Polluzha village of Rahovec ('Orahovac') municipality.

Meanwhile, family members identified today in the city morgue in Prishtina the body of Muhamet Gani Reka (1966) from Ferizaj. He went missing on 7 February. He is to be buried tomorrow (Thursday) in Ferizaj.

Two other Albanians from Ferizaj, Xhavit Avdiu and Salih Salihu, who were found killed after having gone missing, were buried today in the town cemetery in Ferizaj.

8 Feb 14:10 (PMC) - A body of a man, some 25 to 30-year-old, was found on the road between Djakovica and Trakanic village in bullet-riddled car "Lada" DJ-243-16 license plates, this morning at 7:30 AM. The police and investigation authorities, accompanied by the OSCE KVM members have done the investigation and the identification process of the victim is under way.

8 Feb 14:10 (PMC) - A body of a man, around 30-year-old, killed from fire weapon, was found by the road Pristina ­ Urosevac, near Livadje village, Lipljan municipality, last night at 10:30 PM. According to first investigation findings, the man was killed with two shots in his back. The identification of the killed and the investigation of the crime are under way.

8 February 1999 14:10 PRISTINA - A body of a man, probably killed from fire weapon, was found yesterday, at about 5 PM, near the river in Kriva Reka village, Kacanik municipality. The investigation of the crime is under way.

8 Feb 18:45 (PMC) - Investigation authorities identified this morning the man killed, whose body had been found last night at about 5 PM, near the river in Kriva Reka village, Kacanik municipality. The killed person was identified as Avdi Dzaviti (1945) from Urosevac.

According to his family members' statement, Avdi Dzaviti had been reported missing since January 31 this year when, he had been last seen in front of his house in Urosevac.

6 Feb 21:30 (PMC)- Three persons were killed in a strong destructive force explosion in front of fruit-shop in Pristina downtown, this evening just before 7 PM. Enver Salja (1947) and Vljora Kumoli (1981), both from Pri{tina, were killed at the spot, while Arton Ajeti (1978), from Urosevac, died on the way to the Pristina hospital, the Pristina Police headquarter confirmed Media Centar. The police came at the spot and the investigation is under way. Investigation magistrate Danica Marinkovic stated at the incident spot that the investigation results will be announced as soon as it is completed. The OSCE KVM was also informed and visited the incident spot already.

8 Feb (Tanjug) - A bomb was hurled into the restaurant Agimi, owned by Agim Redza, in Kosovska Mitrovica at about 7:45 p.m. local time on Sunday, Tanjug learned on Monday from municipal organs in this town in Serbia's Kosovo and Metohija province. No-one was injured in the bomb blast, although the restaurant had been full at the time. The blast cracked the windows of the building and damaged the front door. The inquest by investigative organs of the Kosovska Mitrovica District Court was attended by representatives of the OSCE verification mission regional center in this town. A search is under way for the perpetrators of this terrorist attack. [ appears that the UCK has a particular hatred for people who frequent and own restaurants. In a poor country such as KosMet, restaurant owners tend to be regarded as prosperous, the UCK seems to have targeted middle class moderates]

8. Feb (Tanjung) An explosive device was thrown into a Serb-owned cafÚ in Pristina, at 8:20 PM Friday evening, the Pristina Police Department confirmed to Tanjug. There were no casualties, only shattered glass in the bar and damage to a car parked outside. The investigation is in progress. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Verification Mission to Kosovo and Metohija was informed on the incident.

Pristina, Feb 7 (Tanjug - abridged) - Fourteen people were killed by firing arms, bombs and explosive devices in Kosovo, only in the first six days of February. Three persons died after a blast of an explosion device in front of a shop in Pristina. Another one died in a hamburger shop, one died after terrorist attack on a police car and others were killed with a bullet in a head.


8.Feb (KDOM) Police also report that on February 5 Arben Rahmani of Orahovac was accosted by three men (one uniformed) in a vineyard at Pashki Dol Teca. After checking his identity papers, one of the men used his radio to ask whether the man should be killed or released. Before releasing him, the three questioned Rahmani about his relations with Serbs, how many Serbs were in his village, and what arms the Serbs have. He was warned not to return to the vineyard on penalty of death.

9.Feb KVM personnel attended a police inquiry in which a female resident of Vucitrn reported to police that on February 6 four "terrorists," one sporting a UCK (KLA) badge, broke into her home and beat her with a rifle butt. The "terrorists" allegedly searched the home and took a rifle, saying they would kill her if she reported to police. [ This incident is included ]

10.Feb (OSCE, US section) Many of these IDPs (especially from Malopoljce, Racak, and Petrovo) claim they cannot go home as Serb police snipers continue to fire on villagers who go back to their homes to feed animals and check on their property. Police report they discovered an unidentified body on February 7 at about 10:30 PM in the village of Livadje (Lipljan). The apparently ethnic Albanian man had been killed with a 7.62 MM machine gun. Police also found two other male bodies in Kriva Reka. Investigation showed these were two Albanian men who had been reported missing early in February. [ victims are not listed in tally. Wonder if these are UCK snipers who wish that IDP's remain in forest, to create humanitarian crisis, This was feature of UCK operations during Summer 1998 ]

10 Feb (OSCE, US section ) On February 8, Medi Smaci reported to police in Djakovica that he had found the bodies of his brother and sister-in-law under a bridge. Both had been killed with a 7.62 MM machine gun. [ not listed, pending further information ]

10 February 1999 14:40 (PMC) - Last night around 4:30pm two masked and armed attackers seized a load truck belongs to the "Kosmetput" Zvecan company driven by Ranko Galjak on the Kosovska Mitrovica ­ Vucitrn road. He told the police that attackers drove the loader toward Mali Kicic village. Galjak said he had not been maltreated by the attackers.

Yesterday, about 4.30 p.m., two armed persons stopped the loading vehicle [ tow truck ], whose owner is the Kosmet Put company from Kosovska Mitrovica. The vehicle set off to Vucitrn municipality to pull out a long vehicle from a ditch near the village of Nedakovic. The terrorists threatened the driver with guns and pushed him out of the vehicle, then drove off towards the Crnuse village in Saljske Bajgore region. The vehicle is about 200 thousand D-marks worth. [ not in tally ]

11 Feb (KIC) - Haki R. Hoti (30), resident of Dubrava village of Istog, was found killed in the Zallaš village today (Thursday) morning, local sources said. Haki's body was found in a brook, with his head dipped into the water, LDK sources in Istog said. Mr. Hoti was last seen alive yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, around 17:30 hrs, on the Istog-Rakosh roadway. Family members said Haki probably had died of a gunshot to the face. Other details surrounding his murder have not been made available.

11 Feb (Tanjug) has learnt from sources close to the police that Wednesday evening, around 21:00 hours, the Hoti family from the village of Duskaje, two kilometers north-east of Istok, reported to the police that Haki Hoti (33), owner of coffee-tea shop Hoti in Istok, was missing. The family said that he went missing after 17:30 while on his way home. Investigating bodies of Pec District Court and OSCE Verification Mission members are at the site of events [ included in tally, middle class shop keeper killed by UCK ]

11 Feb (KIC) .......sources from Peja reported that another Albanian, Qerim MusŰ Sykaj (50), resident of Novosella e Radavcit village of Peja, was found killed Wednesday evening half a km away from his home. He is reported to have died of a gunshot to the head, LDK sources said. Mr. Sykaj had left for work yesterday - he was an employee of the Beer Factory in Peja - but was killed on the way, in still unknown circumstances, LDK sources reported. [ work for a Yugoslav business and you are considered a collaborator by the UCK]

12. Feb Yugoslavia (AFP) - An ethnic Albanian was abducted by "terrorists" during Thursday's funeral at Racak in southern Kosovo, the Serbian-run media center said Friday.

Zecir Hiseni, 50, was abducted "during the funerals in Racak," the center said, citing his family. Hiseni formerly worked at the Pristina municipal prison, it said. Two other Kosovo Albanians were reported missing after the funeral. [ these appear to be the Oluri brothers, see below]

The OSCE Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM) said on Friday it heard reports that an unspecified number of ethnic Albanians had been abducted after the Racak funerals, but could not confirm the incidents. It said it sent a team of verifiers to the area.

11 February 1999 19:15 (PMC ?) - Two men, Mehmet Oluri, aged 28, and Redjep Oluri, aged 40, from the village of Petrovic, near Stimlje, were reported missing this afternoon.

Their family members reported their disappearance. According to their testimonies, the two attended today the funeral in the village of Racak, after which unknown assailants abducted them in an unknown direction. This disappearance has been reported to the OSCE verification mission.

12 Feb (AP) [more detail from AP ] Meanwhile, the rebel Kosovo Liberation Army released eight ethnic Albanians reportedly suspected of working for Serb police. The eight, detained Thursday,were freed late Friday night, said OSCE spokesman Jorgen Grunnet. [interestingly the US sectionl KVM daily report said 10 Albanians were briefly detained for questioning and released ]

The detentions reflected the continuing friction between the rebels and other Kosovo Albanians thought to be loyal to Serb authorities in Kosovo or opposed to the goal of independence.

Serbian state television aired an interview with a man identified as a brother of two of those detained. Hisen Oluri said his brothers, Mehmet and Rexhep, were arrested because they recognize Kosovo as part of Serbia. He said the KLA killed his youngest brother four months ago for a similar reason. [ Nazmi Oluri (1973) killed 29 Oct, see report above ]

He and his brothers, he maintained, have tried to stay neutral. ``Everything I do I do honestly, and I accept this state where I was born,'' he said. ``Mehmet only looked after his family, which he could barely keep fed.''

A local KLA official "admitted that the KLA had arrested people," but he did not specify how many or give the reasons behind their arrests, said Walter Ebenberger, a KVM press officer

12 Feb 12 (KIC) - Two Albanians went missing in the Peja area in the past couple of days, local LDK sources said. Ibish Sadri Mujaj (47), resident of NabŰrgjan village of Peja, has been unaccounted for since Wednesday. Mujaj was last seen alive when he got off the bus at Pavlan village, around 17:30 CET that day. Meanwhile, Adem Rexhep Muškurtaj (43), resident of NakŰll village, a TV mechanic, went missing on Thursday afternoon. Muškurtaj, father of four, was last seen near the train station, local LDK sources said. In the past couple of months, some 20 Albanians from Peja region went missing before being found killed in unsolved circumstances.

12 Feb (KIC) - The body of a killed man, in his forties, was found Thursday morning near NovosellŰ village, on the Peja-KullŰ-RozhajŰ roadway, the Serb press reported. He had apparently died of two gunshots to the head, it added. The body has been taken to the Prishtina morgue. [ not in tally, pending further information ]

12 Feb (KIC) - A bearded Serb civilian threw open the window of an Albanian's apartment in Prishtina and attempted to toss a hand grenade inside last night, at around 01:10 CET. Shefki Rafuna, resident of Dardania negihbourhood, told the KIC he and his wife and two daughters gauged the Serb's intention. He backed off, but tried to toss the hand grenade inside another Albanian's apartment in the block of flats, Rafuna said. Shefki Rafuna told the KIC he managed to drag the Serb civilian, in whose pocket was the bomb, while he had a pistol strapped to his hip. Rafuna and the Serb civilian scuffled, before the latter managed to run away, according to Rafuna's account. The Albanian said he had seen that very Serb being in the company of two Serb policemen, named Ivo and Zarko, respectively, who live in the adjacent bloc of flats in Dardania. The two Serb policemen had provoked his children a few days ago, routinely accusing them of their brother Dritan Rafuna being a member of the UăK (Kosova Liberation Army), Shefki said. They have provoked other Dardania residents also, he concluded. [ The UCK strategy of creating a extremist climate is working ]

11Feb Istok, (Tanjug) - This morning, around 08:00 hours, on the road between the villages of Zac and Zablace, near the stone bridge on Istok river in the municipality of Istok, an unidentified body was found. [ not in tally ] .

Urosevac Bombing Incident:

12 Feb UROSEVAC, Yugoslavia (AP) -- A rare daytime bombing injured at least nine people Saturday outside a government-owned bank in Kosovo, where violence persisted despite week-old peace talks in France.

As many as 20 shops were damaged in the afternoon blast just outside the Jugobanka bank in Urosevac, 25 miles south of the provincial capital, Pristina. The bank entrance was charred and windows on nearby shops were shattered.

The bomb was ``huge,'' with an explosive power perhaps equivalent to that of an anti-tank mine, said Jorgen Grunnet, spokesman for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. OSCE bomb experts said it caused damage for 100 yards around.

The OSCE said nine were injured, and the ethnic Albanians' Kosovo Information Center said at least seven of the victims were ethnic Albanians. [see full KIC report below]

The bank was closed [ but people were working inside as per KIC report below] and empty at the time, according to the Serb Media Center, which is close to government authorities. [ the City Hall ]

In the absence of any claim of responsibility, each side in warring Kosovo blamed each other for the blast.

The ethnicity of the victims was proof enough that the bombing was the act of Serb security forces, claimed Xemail Mustafa, spokesman for Kosovo Albanian political leader Ibrahim Rugova. [ Pretty weak explanation , the bomb was planted at the local Jugobanka branch , a potent symbol of Belgrade's government ]

The province's ranking Serb official, Zoran Andjelkovic, blamed Kosovo Albanians, saying the bomb ``synchronized with the behavior of the Albanian delegation in Rambouillet.'' He put the number of injured at 13. [ 13 not verified as of yet, the PMC indicated 9 injured, however the OSCE indicates that 4 of injured were kidnaped ]

Bombings have become increasingly frequent during the winter truce in Kosovo, with Serb or ethnic Albanian cafes often the targets. Three ethnic Albanians were killed in an explosion in Pristina Feb. 6, the day peace talks opened in France. But the Urosevac explosion was the first in recent memory in Kosovo to occur in daylight hours.

(Same incidence as reported by the KIC) 13 Feb (KIC) - A powerful explosion in the center of the town of Ferizaj ('Urosevac') early afternoon today (Saturday) resulted in at least seven Albanians being wounded, local LDK sources said. [ note, the racist undertone of the article, the two Roma wounded are mentioned only as an afterthought at the end of the article ]

The explosion - whose nature has not been described - occurred at 12:50 CET in the main square of the town, between the Town Hall and the Jugobanka bank, they added. [ the KIC implies that the bomb was not intended for the Jugobanka branch however, the AP report is clear that the target was the Jugobanka branch ]

Ferizaj is 38 km south of the Kosova capital, Prishtina. In the immediate aftermath of the explosion, the site was sealed off by heavy Serb police and military troops. A heavy presence of Serb forces has been reported in other parts of the town of Ferizaj.

Initial reports said the following Albanians were wounded: Shefki Behluli (57), resident of Bibaj village, received wounds in the head and arm; Agron Imishti (28), resident of Ferizaj; Shefqet Sulejmani (47), resident of Rahovica village; Basri Sejdiu (41), resident of GaškŰ village; Agron Mustafa (21), resident of PleshinŰ village; Ramadan Mjaku (37), resident of Sllatina village of Viti municipality, received wounds in the head; Sadik Hasani, resident of Sazli village, wounded in his workplace, in the Jugobanka bank.[ Sadik Hasani is automatically defined as traitor by the UCK for working in a Yugoslav entity ]

Shefqet Sulejmani and Basri Sejdiu were taken to the Prishtina hospital, whereas the rest to health centers in Ferizaj. Friday is a weekly market day, so there was a huge crowd of people in the center of Ferizaj today.

Meanwhile, local sources said two members of the Roma community, Sami Mehmeti (17) and Rafiz Asini (17), both residents of Ferizaj, were also wounded in the explosion today. [ The underlying racism of Albanian successionists is reveled in their exclusion of the 2 Roma except as an mere appendage to the episode]

[ same incident with interview from hospital];

Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 07:18:14 +0100

Dear friend,

Two people out of thirteen are seriously injured, and there are great material damages, as the result of the powerful bomb explosion in the centre of Urosevac.

A powerful bomb blast occurred Saturday at around 1:00 PM in Urosevac, in front of the "Jugobanka" bank building in Cara Urosa Street, at that time crowded with people. Seriously injured were Sulejmani Sefcet (1952, Albanian), from Rahovica village, and Behljulji Sefki (1944, Albanian), from Biba village, the municipality of Urosevac.

Eleven lightly injured people were sent home after receiving the medical care. Sulejmani and Behljulji were taken to the Pristina Medical centre. Their lives are not in danger.

Badly injured Sefki Behljuji, after treatment in hospital said :

"I was passing by "Jugobanka"building ,when something exploded and trashed [tossed ?]me on the road. There was Saturday, market day, when the most people are on the street. Terrorists picked the most frequently street in Urosevac, full with Serb stores, Court, post office.

But, they didn't care that on the street were lot's of us, Albanians, who were mostly injured in this

terrorist action. I strongly condemn this act and it's time to someone stop that terrorists gang."

The explosion damaged 25 buildings: the Jugobanka building, the National Library, the Town Council, about 20 shops and six cars among others. The investigation was conducted by the Investigative Judge of the District Court from Pristina, by the police and explosives experts from the Belgrade.

Security Institute in the presence of OSCE Verification Mission members who were shocked by this brutal act. This shows how much is worth an eventual terrorist signature in Rambouillet and that their only solution is filled with blood, terror and death.

Sincerely Yours,

Academic Information Center of Serbia



[ more on same incident ]16. Feb (OSCE) The town of Urosevac was rocked Saturday by a bomb which injured nine (two seriously). There are unconfirmed reports from ethnic Albanian political leaders in the area that four additional injured persons were kidnapped following the blast. [ this explains the difference between the 9 who were taken to hospital number from KIC and the 13 figure given by Tanjung, odd that KIC didn't mention 13 if OSCE was told by "ethnic Albanian political leaders"aka. LDK, this tells you that since murder of Maloku, KIC has become decidely anti-LDK] The party responsible for the explosion, as with the similar bombing on February 6 in Pristina, remains unknown. OSCE/KVM is investigating both explosions. [ the four are not added to the tally until further information]

[ more on Urosevac ] 17 FEB PRISTINA, Yugoslavia (AP) --.........In Urosevac, a vendor found a bomb made of about 4.4 pounds of plastic explosives in a sack of potatoes on Wednesday. The stall keeper had found the sack abandoned at a market 10 days ago, but discovered the explosives only after he took the sack home and removed some of the potatoes, Blyth said. The detonator on the explosives appeared to have gone off, but malfunctioned.

Urosevac was the scene of a bombing Saturday that injured at least nine people outside a state-owned bank. Copyright 1999& The Associated Press. [ Appears that UCK wished to bomb Urosevac earlier, but failed. Still Need to research if Urosevac is place where UCK is disliked, or if Serb owned shops were targeted. Perhaps, UCK also didn't want Serb owned shops patronized by Albanians. ]

February attacks by the UCK con'td:

16.Feb (OSCE) On February 12 at around 6:30 p.m., the KVM received word of the shooting death of a civilian man and wounding of two policemen near the village of Donji (3 km. south of Glogovac). No further details are yet available. [ I have not been able to connect this with any other death on same day, this is not in tally]

15. Feb (KIC) heavy explosion that occurred yesterday (Sunday) around 11:00 CET in Kramovik village of Rahovec municipality, the local chapter of the Council for the Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms (CDHRF) said. [ CDHRF is run by Adam Demaci political head of the UCK, and its statistics have long since been discredited]

Agim T. Kelmendi (12), Valdet L. Kelmendi (12) and Valdrin L. Kelmendi (6) were seriously wounded in the blast that is presumed to have been caused by a mine planted by Serbian forces in the village, namely on the doorstep of an Albanian house.[ This planting of a mine at someone's front door is a UCK crime especially when one finds out that Keljmendi family has been target of UCK before] Agim and Valdet were taken to the Gjakova hospital. [ on the 25th of January the UCK killed Shaban Keljmendi, his sons Besim (12 years) and Hadziu (11) also from village of Kramovik, who appear to be from same clan as the 3 children attacked today]

[I don't know if this is report of same incidence, but says 2 instead of 3 children, therefore I consider a different incident ] 16. Feb, American section, OSCE Report: Two ethnic Albanian children were injured on February 14 by a grenade which exploded in an abandoned house where they played. The explosive was apparently buried in a ruined wall and was dislodged by the children.

15. Feb (KIC) - Unidentified persons with a car without license plates kidnapped Halil Hashanin (30), resident of Greme village and his companion, whose name has not yet been made known in the town of Ferizaj on Saturday evening, around 19:00 CET, local LDK sources in Ferizaj reported. The unknown persons speedily got out of their car and forced the two Albanians into it before driving away, the LDK chapter said. [ not in tally ]

15 Feb. Srbica, Serbia, (Tanjug) - Ethnic Albanian terrorists broke Sunday night into the home of post office employee Blagota Vukovic, beat him and took his pistol and hunting rifle and ransacked his house in Srbica, Serbia's Kosovo-Metohija province. The four attackers were wearing camouflage uniforms with insignia of the separatist self-styled "Kosovo Liberation Army". They also slapped Vukovic's mother Zlata, aged 70. [ included in list, but as Serbs not in tally ]

19 Feb (KIC) - Two still unidentified persons in black clothes intruded Wednesday into the "Avni Rrtustemi" local elementary school in Zallš village of Istog and attempted to abduct the school's caretaker Demir Osmanaj (19). He managed to narrow escape from the hands of the assailants who run away in a "Lada" made car. [ black clothes are uniform of UCK MP's, appears that young Demir refused to serve as UCK fighter, so this may be attempt at gang pressing]

18 Feb (KIC) - At around 14:00 hrs on Wednesday, six heavily armed Serb policemen stopped a bus at a location called Belopoja on the place Peja-Mitrovica road, harassing and robbing of money Albanian passengers on board. The LDK chapter in Mitrovica named several Albanians who were robbed of and maltreated, including Beqir Sogojeva, Brahim Haliti, Asllan Ahmetiand Milazim Ahmeti. They were held there for about two hours and subjected to severe ill-treatment. One of the passengers was robed of 750 kg of beans worth 2500 DM. [ how does one carry 1500 lbs of beans on a public bus ? Is it possible that these beans were supplies for the UCK ?]

19 Feb (KIC) - Unidentified gunmen opened fire Thursday in the direction of an Albanian farmhouse in Shkabaj ("Orlovic') west of Prishtina wounding a female member of the family. Kasdime Shkodra (1935) was hit with one bullet and her life condition is not threatening, the LDK chapter in Obiliq sad. The incident occurred ar around 13:00 hrs yesterday. [ Not in tally until further information is discovered ]

21 Feb 99 11:50 (PMC) - Last night, at about 9:30 PM, Selim Topojani, president of Kosovo Democratic Initiative of Kacanik municipality, was kidnapped in front of his house in Doganovic village, Kacanik municipality. Some twenty members of the terrorist "KLA" kidnapped him his family claimed. The OSCE KVM was informed of the kidnapping. The police take over measures for the release of kidnapped Topojani. [ The KDI is a pro-Yugoslav political party ]

21 Feb 99 11:50 (PMC) - Arben Saliuka (1974) was killed in Djakovica downtown last night at 9:50 PM. He was shot from an ambush, not far from his house. The investigation determined he was shot with ten bullets. The OSCE KVM joined the investigation. The investigation of the crime and the search after the attackers is under way.

[ as reported by AP 21 Feb ] Media Center reported that an ethnic Albanian, 25-year-old Arben Saliuka, was shot dead with 10 bullets late Saturday near his home in the southwestern town of Djakovica.

21 Feb 11:50 (PMC) - Elez Baljaj home in Istinic village, Decane municipality came under fire from anti-tank grenade launchers and automatic weapons last night, immediately after midnight.

Baljaj, the member of local security established in cooperation with the municipality authorities, resisted the attackers that tried to violently break into his house. After the clash, the attackers, the members of the separatist "KLA", withdrew. Baljaj's house was damaged from anti-tank grenades. The OSCE KVM joined the investigation of the attack.

[As reported by AP 21 Feb] The Serb sources also said the home of an ethnic Albanian loyal to Serb authorities came under gunfire early Sunday in western Kosovo. Elez Baljaj, in the village of Istinic, reportedly managed to repel the attack by Kosovo Liberation Army fighters who tried to break into his home.

Radio YU 21.Feb: The bodies of three Kosmet Albanians, killed from fire arms, were found on Sunday morning. The OSCE Verification Mission has been informed about these crimes, the investigation into which is under way. [ not in tally pending more info ]

Pec, Serbia, Feb 20 (Tanjug) - A husband and wife were seriously injured in the Yugoslav republic of Serbia's troubled province of Kosovo-Metohija when their tractor hit a land mine on Saturday. Milic (aged 55) and his wife Dragica (53) Garic had been returning from the market at around 1:40 p.m. when the tractor was blasted from under them at the village of Djurici, populated solely by Serbs and Montenegrins, in the Klina municipality. They have been rushed to hospital in the province's chief city of Pristina. Pec District Court Examining Magistrate Vladan Bojic, speaking for Tanjug, said the mine was unusual in that it created a crater 2 metres in diameter and 70 cm deep, and one tractor wheel was found 70 meters from the place of the accident. [ listed, but not part of tally for they are Serbs ]

19. Feb (Tanjung) Ethnic Albanian terrorists killed Serb Marjan Jovic, 42, at about 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, Tanjug learned on Friday from municipal authorities in Vucitrn. It was established by a medical examination on the spot, on the village road to Pestovo, of which Jovic was a resident, that he had been killed with three shots. Jovic's body was found at about 7 a.m. today by his Serb neighbours, who alerted the police. Verifiers of theOSCE also attended the investigation, in addition to police. [ listed in tally, but as a Serb not counted as Albanian victim of UCK]

19. Feb (Tanjung ?) Bodies of two brothers Zoran and Radovan Mihajlovic were found in the village of Nusutiste. They were shot with firing arms. The investigation assumes they were abducted last night, and then shot. [ listed in tally, but as a Serb not counted as Albanian victim of UCK]

[ assume this is same incident 21 Feb (KIC) - The LDK chapter in Suhareka described the situation in the Mushtisht village as highly volatile in the wake of the un[s]loved killing of two Serbs in the village. Bodies of two local Serbs were found Saturday morning in the Mushtisht village.

21 Feb (KIC) - The massacred body of Hamdi Likaj, 52, resident Krajk village of Prizren, was found Saturday afternoon in the premises of "Betonjerka" firm near the Drini River banks. The LDK chapter in Prizren said the late Albanian left his house on 18 February and never returned back home. The family members went Saturday to look for him at Betonjerka plant were he had worked as a caretaker, finding his mutilated body. The family informed the verifiers of the OSCE Kosova. [ another night employee at Yugoslav company murdered by UCK as a collaborator ]

[as reported by PMC 21 Feb] - A body of Hamdi Likaj (1944), killed from fire weapons, was found this morning at the "Prizren" Civil-Work Enterprise Gravel Pit in Krajak village, near Prizren. Likaj, who used to work as the gravel pit guard, was sot with two bullets in his head, the investigation determined.

[as reported by Serb-Info 21.Feb] This morning in the village Krajak, near Prizren, at the "Prizren" Construction enterprise separation, body of Kosmet Albanian Hamdi Likaj , 45, was found. Likaj, who was the guard at this separation, was shot with two bullets in the head.

[ as reported by AP 21.Feb] The body of another ethnic Albanian, Hamdi Likaj, 52, was found ``massacred'' near the southern town of Prizren, said the Albanian-run Kosovo Information Center. Another two bodies, still unidentified, were found along a road in the village of Gjinovce, about 30 miles south of Pristina.

21. Feb (KIC) - A 25-year-old Albanian, Arben Saliuka, was killed Saturday evening in Gjakova by unidentified gunmen. The LDK chapter in Gjakova said Arben Saliuka was gunned down with automatic fire in his courtyard in Gjakova, at around 22:00 CET last evening.

21 Feb 9 11:50 (PMC) - Arben Saliuka (1974) was killed in Djakovica downtown last night at 9:50 PM. He was shot from an ambush, not far from his house. The investigation determined he was shot with ten bullets. The OSCE KVM joined the investigation.[the night belongs to the UCK in Gjakova]

21 Feb99 14:55 (PMC) - Bodies of Petrit Bitici (1970) from Ljubizda village and of Sulejman Rotla from Prizren were found this morning near the "Boci Komerc" gas station in Djinovce village, Suva Reka municipality. The investigation determined they were killed from various caliber fire weapons. [ indicating UCK which does not have standard issue weapons ] The OSCE Verification mission was notified about this crime, and investigation is under way.

(Radio Yugo 22.Jan evening) According to Tanjug, Gafur Lioku and his son Driton were killed from fire arms near their house in the village of Palivodnica not far from Kacanik. The investigation into this crime, which is presumed to be the act of Albanian terrorists, is under way.

[ as reported by KIC 22 Feb ] - Unidentified assailants killed Sunday evening two Albanians, father and son, at Polivodenica village of Hani i Elezit ('General Jankovic'], southernmost Kosova municipality. Sources in the town said unidentified gunmen in two cars without plate number stopped in front of the Loku family, called the family head to come out, and opened fire on Gafurr Loku (50) and his son Driton Loku once they walked out of the house. [ two more Albanians from the Keljmendi's family village are killed by UCK]

22 Feb (KIC) - The Prishtina-based Kosova Sot daily caried in its today's issue the names of two Albanians whose bodies were found Sunday morning near the village of Gjinoc, Suhareka municipality. The newspaper named them as Petrit Muhamet Bytyšit (29) and Sylejman Nazim Rrotlla (25), both resident of Prizren. [ Not included in tally pending more info]

23 Feb (KIC) - A Serb police patrol opened fire Monday in the direction of three Albanian civilians on the Mitrovica-Leposaviq road. The LDK chapter in Mitrovica said Enver Gashi (31), his 7-year-old daughter Liridona, and Nysret Peci were fired on from a police vehicle driving from the opposite direction. The three Albanians were quoted as saying that did not provoke the police but were fired on unexpectedly. Luckily, none of them was hurt. [ This is odd, must wait for more information, this would not be the first time since Maloku's death that KIC has automatically ascribed UCK attack to "Serb Police". Of note, Gashi is Roman Catholic clan ]

23 Feb (KIC) - Sadik Leskoci (25), resident of Ferizaj ('Urosevac') disappeared Monday evening while on his way home, the LDK chapter in the town said. Mr. Leskoci was seen last at around 20:00 CET near the Prishtina-Kašanik intersection. It is believed that he was abducted there. [ Appears to be UCK kidnaping, Urosevac is home of particularly strict UCK gang ]

The same source said on Sunday afternoon at around 16:00 hrs, armed and unidentified civilians got off a car in the "A. Jakovljeviq" street in Ferizaj and attempted to kidnap two Albanian youngsters, Faton Lipovica and Enver Ndrecaj. The boys managed to make a narrow escape.

Unidentified civilians attempted to abduct on Monday Islam Luma (1957), resident of Ferizaj.

23 Feb 99 11:50 (PMC) - Associated Press photographer Srdjan Ilic was slightly wounded in his leg, during the Albanian terrorist attack, today, at around 9 AM in Bukos village, Vucitrn municipality. He received first aid at the spot. Ilic was hit by the mortar grenade fragment in his leg. Albanian terrorists fired at the investigation team that was doing the investigation of the last night attack at Serbian houses in Bukos village, in which, Mirko Milosevic was killed in front of his house, while Miljan Milosevic and Milos Prodanovic were wounded. Albanian terrorists fired from mortars and automatic weapons at the Milosevic family house in Bukos. Five policemen, guarding the court investigation team, were also wounded in the attack.[ this story was in all North American media ]

[ same story reported day before] 22 Feb 99 20:20 (PMC) - Heavily armed large group of Albanian terrorists attacked Serbian houses in Bukos village, west of Vucitrn tonight at 6:45 PM. During the attack, the Albanian terrorists killed Mirko Milosevic (1966). Miljan Milosevic (1970) was badly wounded. He was transported to the Kosovska Mitrovica Hospital and, according to surgeon statement, he was badly wounded in his head. Milos Prodanovic was also badly wounded. Soon after the attack, the police forces had arrived the village and crashed the attackers. The chase after the terrorists, who attacked the village, is under way. [ Serbs listed, but not included in tally]

24 Feb (KIC) - Sadik Leskovci (26), resident of Ferizaj [ Uresovac ? ] has been murdered in un[s]loved circumstances after having been abducted by unidentified persons, the LDK chapter in Freizaj said. The Leskoci family has been informed by the Serb police that the body of Sadik has been taken to the Prishtina hospital morgue. The late Albanian was abducted by unidentified persons on Monday evening at around 20:00 hrs. Unconfirmed reports said his dead body was found somewhere between the villages of Prelez and Babush. [ not in tally]

24 Feb (KIC) - Gani Qerim Hajda (49), resident of Rahovec was reported abducted in front of his house on Tuesday afternoon at around 14:00 hrs. Unidentified persons in Serb police uniforms, got off a "BMW" black car, asked Gani to show them his ID, then forced him in the cars and drive in an unknown direction, the LDK chapter in Rahovec said. His whereabouts remain unknown, it said. [ not in tally pending further information, uniforms are sadly an indication of nothing, UCK routinely uses disguises ]

At around 18:30, at the same place at a location caked "Te Rrasat", the same kidnappers in the same car abducted Qerim Izet Rexha (19) an Ilir Abaz Dina (21), both residents of Rahoveci. They were on their way back from a shop, the LDK said, adding that their whereabouts are still unknown. [ not in tally pending further information ]

A fourth Albanian from Rahovec, Ibrahim Abaz Dina was forced yesterday into the car of the came assailants but he managed to jump out before being driven away. He was beaten up brutally while in the car of assailants unfamiliar to him. [ not in tally pending further information ]

24. Feb (Radio Yu) In the village of Tamnik in Kosovska Mitrovica on Tuesday evening, Albanian terrorists attacked the family of Milisav Kokeric, one of the rare Serbian families in the village.

The terrorists opened fire on the Kokerics' house from infantry weapons but fortunately no casualties have been reported. On Wednesday morning, investigative officials of the District Court in Kosovska Mitrovica inquired into the incident in the presence of OSCE verifiers. It is obvious that the goal of the terrorists is to expel the remainder of Serbian families from this part of town. [ listed, but as Serbs not in tally ]

25 Feb (KIC) - The body of a murdered man has been found today morning near the village bridge at Gjonaj i Hasit, municipality of Prizren. The man was said to be around 50 years of age, and was presumably hurled down from the bridge and killed, local LDK sources said, failing to offer other details surrounding this tragic and violent death. [ not in tally pending further information ]

Meanwhile, LDK sources in Suhareka reported that Muharrem Ahmet Hysenaj (39), resident of Rešan village, has gone missing since Tuesday, February 23rd. He was last seen in the village road. [ not in tally ]

26 Feb (Radio-Yu) On Thursday night, Albanian terrorists wounded with sniper fire Serb Milorad Milic from Priluzje, the biggest Serbian village in the Vucitrn municipality, north of Pristina, Tanjug reports. Milic was slightly wounded and his life is not in danger. The bullets were fired from the foot of Mount Cicavica where the largest number of Albanian terrorists is concentrated. In the course of last year, Albanian terrorists attacked several times this village inhabited by over 2,600 Serbs.[ listed, but as a Serb, not in tally ]

26 Feb ( Radio-Yu) On Friday in the village of Ramoc, the Djakovica municipality, west of Pristina, terrorists in Kosovo-Metohija wounded three workers, Kosmet Albanians loyal to the Republic of Serbia, members of the Abazi family - 62 year-old Mikelj, 39 year-old Marjan and 59 year-old Mihil.

The village of Ramoc is inhabited by Roman Catholic Albanians who, half a year ago, were among the first to surrender to the authorities the weapons they were given, contrary to their will, by the terrorist so-called Kosovo Liberation Army. According to Tanjug, in this attack, two workers sustained serious wounds, and they were offered treatment at Pristina hospital. The initial investigation was also attended by OSCE verifiers and it continues [ The PMC reported that the three were aprt of local security, no report from UCK or KIC sources]

still missing from list,

3 Roma killed (last wk of December )

ID on fellow in burnt car stuffed with ammo (3rd week Jan)

ID on 2 decomposed bodies found 2nd wk Jan

Dr. whose right hand was cut off (mentioned in PHR report)

Roma who body was found 12 Feb

Names, etc. in KosMet

Gani Koci, spokesman for Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commander Shaban Shala in the Decani region [is it possible that Shaban is related to Enver Shala Pristina shopkeepr murdered by UCK on 7. Feb or the 3 Shala men executed by UCK for betraying their positions at Rugova ?]

The Times (London), February 17 1999 EUROPE,

Nothing short of independence will do, a defiant Kosovo guerrilla

commander tells Anthony Loyd in Lapastica , Serbs must go or we fight on, says rebel chief

"............"Zone commanders such as myself are members of the General Staff," said the fighter, known as Commander Remi, one of the most senior KLA officers remaining in Kosovo. "We obey our orders, but the General Staff is fighting for the freedom of Kosovo, so we don't expect orders to disarm or disband. We'll put our weapons in warehouses only when we have liberated Kosovo."

Commander Remi is in charge of the most vital of the seven KLA operational zones which divide Kosovo. Included in his area of responsibility is the municipality of the provincial capital, Pristina, as

well as the vital highway running north which connects Kosovo to Serbia. Though only 27, the former law student, who interrupted his studies to fight, has previous combat experience gained in the Yugoslav Special Forces during the Croatian war in 1991. [ Commander Remi appears to be responsible for the UCK bombing campaign against Albanian restaurants in Pristina ]

22 .Feb (Reuters) On a high plateau west of Stitarica, the KLA regrouped from their clashes under the auspices of their zone commander, Rahman Rama. [ is this Remi's real name ?]

22 Feb (Reuters) Pristina: Suleiman Selimi, 29, has been named overall KLA

commander, an Albanian-language newspaper reported. However, the structure

of the KLA is still shrouded in mystery. [ sounds like the young UCK radicals won out and FARK professionals lost leadership struggle]

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