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Double standard?

  NEWS-Radio Yugoslavia
  August 29, 1998

On the occasion of the brutal murder of 22 kidnapped citizens of Serbian nationality, the statement from the Federal Foreign Ministry points out that the Federative Republic of Yugoslavia has been drawing the international community`s attention to the necessity of an energetic condemnation of terrorist groups in Kosovo-Metohija, abandoning the policy of double standards, and cutting all channels and forms of help from abroad.

The tolerant attitude of some countries, which make possible in their territory the work of branches, leaders and recruit centres of terrorist organizations from Kosovo-Metohija, their financing and training, represent an encouragement to terrorism and terrorist brutality, as well as the most serious obstacle in the efforts aimed at continuing dialogue and at a peaceful political solution. That is why the Federal government this time again calls on the international community and all countries individually, most sharply and unequivocally to condemn this terrorist act, and in line with this, to support the legitimate fight against terrorism, according to the same criteria and standards applied in other cases. Yugoslavia also calls for the energetic cutting of all sources of financing, recruiting, training, arming and infiltration of terrorists in the territory of Yugoslavia, and requests the so-called KLA be put on the list of terrorist organizations.


In the region of the village of Klecka some ten kilometers north of Dulja in Kosovo-Metohija, members of the Serbian Interior Ministry (SIM) found a crematorium in which Serbs were burned.

The SIM's statement stresses that an investigation confirmed that the terrorists shot the kidnapped Serbian citizens, and then burned them in a crematorium in order to destroy traces of this heinous crime, which the found remains of the unburned parts of human bodies attest to.

Police forces in the village of Klecka also found a location of the so-called KLA terrorists' headquarters. Extensive documentation was found about the members and plans of the terrorist organization on the occasion. According to police sources, the remains of at least another ten killed civilians were found in Klecka, among whom there were three children and women whom the KLA terrorists killed a month ago. Also found was a larger quantity of arms and food supplies mostly received from humanitarian organizations.


It is incredible that Islamic fundamentalists are terrorists only when they kill Americans, and that they are noble warriors for justice, when innocent citizens of Yugoslavia are killed by their bullets, Yugoslav Information Secretary Goran Matic concluded in a commentary for the Medjunarodna Politika [Foreign Policy] magazine.

In the article, he points out to the need of energetically reacting and revealing the falsehoods being spread about Yugoslavia in due time. Matic stressed that it is the government's obligation to explain to its citizens and inform them about the goals of the media war waged against Yugoslavia. With a right information policy, presenting truth to the media, both in the domestic and foreign public, we will lift the first defence level, Yugoslav Information Secretary Goran Matic assessed.

Minister's statement:

Federal Minister of Information Goran Matic:
Energetically against double standards
applied on the FRY (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia)

August 29, 1998

It is quite incredible that Islam fundamentalists are terrorists only when they kill the Americans, and that they are noble champions of justice when they shoot innocent citizens of Yugoslavia, Federal Minister of Information Goran Matic estimates in the "Medjunarodna politika" magazine.

In the introductory "Left thought and globalisation of media communication," published in the latest issue of this monthly, Matic underscores that "the manufacturers of the world fabrications in the media, as the front intelligence points of Western leading countries, found themselves last few months in the situation to react defensively because of the fact that their mean long-year part in the dismemberment of Yugoslavia was exposed."

"The ready-made schemes that, shifting from one to another world hot spot, these dogs of the media war, solidly assisted by the local fifth column, charge dearly to their editorial offices, this time were definitively exposed. Because, it is quite incredible that Islam fundamentalists are terrorists only when they kill the Americans, as in some places in the Near East, and that they are noble champions of justice when innocent citizens of Yugoslavia are killed," Matic says.

In this article Federal Minister of Information points to the need to energetically react and timely expose launched untruths about us, because "just when they began to hope that in Kosovo as well they would successfully employ their frequently reiterated lies about the Serbs and citizens of Yugoslavia, those from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, they (fabricators) were unpleasantly taken aback by the disclosure of their co-operation with Albanian terrorists on the one, and with the diplomacy of their countries, on the other hand."

"By proper informing policy, the media presentation of our truth both to home and foreign public, we shall build up the first-degree defence," Matic estimates.


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