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This astonishing crime left BBC almost speechless. They managed to utter only six (6) sentences. They are much more verbose when they need to bash the Serbs.

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Serbs condemn Nazi-style massacre of civilians

  "BBC: World: Europe"
  Saturday, August 29, 1998

The text of the report is presented here in its entirety.

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The Serbian authorities in Kosovo have condemned the alleged killing of Serb civilians by ethnic Albanian separatists, describing them as Nazi-style crimes.

Police say twenty-two PEOPLE were shot in the village of Klecka, south-west of the capital Pristina, and their bodies burnt in a kiln.

Two ethnic Albanians CONFESSED TO FOREIGN JOURNALISTS to having taken part in the killings last month.

It's the latest in a number of allegations by both sides of atrocities.

In another development, the International Red Cross have treated over fifty ethnic Albanian civilians for injuries after Serbian tanks shelled the village in which they had taken shelter.

Thirteen women and children were taken to the capital Pristina for treatment.

From the newsroom of the BBC World Service

You noticed that BBC also utilizes "allegations" terminology. They DO mention though that foreign journalists WERE PRESENT during KLA terrorist's confession.

Notice that when talking about victims BBS simply labels them "PEOPLE." This is one of the frequent implement of the anti-Serb propaganda. Whenever the Serbs are victims - they are additionally abused by denying them their ethnicity. The word "Serb" is always (and easily so) used in the Western press only when Serbs are to be painted as perpetrators, not victims of a crime.

Now, as you take a look at the text again you will notice that only four (4) sentences are Klecka related. The remaining two sentences are to remedy the first four. They talk about event where the Serbs are clearly perpetrators and Albanians (women and children) are the victims. Serbian shelling of Albanian village was presented as a mindless act and not as a military move with intention to uproot the terrorists who hid among their own women and children.

One more thing for your information: The International Red Cross was always present, throughout the Yugoslav civil wars, always ready to help Serbian opponents. Never (ever) the Serbs.


 [ Associated Press ]
  - more blunt in presenting Klecka atrocities as a Serbian allegation.


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