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Associated Press is more blunt in presenting the event as simple Serb allegation.

Notice the use of phrases:

  • "Serbian police said..."
  • "The police statement said..."
  • "The statement, carried by the official [Yugoslav] news agency..."
  • "The alleged crematory was found..."
  • "CLAIMS of brutality... could not be independently confirmed"

What!? Were they not right there to see those burned skulls, the bones and the furnace themselves?

For fair use only:

Police: Albanians Burned 22 Serbs

  By Misha Savic
  Associated Press writer
  Saturday, August 29, 1998

The text of the report is presented here in its entirety.

For fair use only
Published under the provision of
U.S. Code, Title 17, section 107.


BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) -- Serbian police said Saturday they had discovered a crematory in southern Kosovo where ethnic Albanians allegedly had burned the bodies of at least 22 Serb civilians.

The police statement said the furnace, allegedly used to destroy the bodies of civilians killed by the rebels, was found in the village of Klecka, recently retaken by government forces.

The statement, carried by the official Tanjug news agency, was the latest in a series of claims of brutality and atrocities by both sides. It could not be independently confirmed.

Meanwhile, the Red Cross evacuated 13 women and children, who were wounded Thursday by fierce shelling, from a crowded refugee village to the Kosovo capital of Pristina Saturday.

The victims were among an estimated 50,000 ethnic Albanians near Senik village in southwestern Kosovo, where they fled after their own communities were shelled by Yugoslav army tanks.

Fighting was reported Saturday in several locations. The Serb-run Media Center in Pristina said seven "terrorists" were killed in a shootout with police in Klina, western Kosovo.

Serbian police and the Yugoslav army have waged a months-long offensive to crush the Kosovo Liberation Army, which is spearheading the independence fight of Kosovo's Albanian majority. Kosovo is a province of Serbia, the dominant Yugoslav republic.

On Friday, Serb forensic workers retrieved from the crematory the bones of 10 Serb civilians, two of them children, who officials said were executed by the KLA.

The workers found skulls and other charred human bones, including a pelvis and part of a backbone with bits of singed clothing on it. Associated Press Television captured footage of the human remains.

The alleged crematory was found based on testimony from two captured rebel fighters, Ljup and Bekim Mazreku, who told police that in July alone, 22 Serbs as well as some Albanians loyal to Serbian authorities were killed. It was not clear if the Albanians also were cremated.

A statement issued swiftly Saturday by the Yugoslav Foreign Ministry urged foreign countries "to cut all sources of financing, recruitment, training, arming" to the rebels in light of the allegations.

In Pristina, some of the evacuees from around Senik said the attack Thursday targeted only civilians.

"The shelling began at seven in the morning," said one of the victims, Xhemile Zulfaj, as she lay shivering on the floor of the Red Cross truck, her 2-year-old boy beside her. "Thirteen of us were in our house. A shell exploded, and we ran outside, screaming. One of us died."

The woman said the region remained extremely dangerous.

"Snipers shoot at women and children all the time, and shelling continues," she said. She, her son and the others on the truck all were hit by shrapnel.

Maggie Bryson of the International Red Cross, who helped evacuate the 13, said conditions around Senik were deplorable.

With the onset of cold weather, the estimated 50,000 refugees camped out in the open in isolated areas were facing an "absolutely dreadful" situation, she said.

"Without shelter, people cannot survive," she said.

In Belgrade, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Julia Taft on Friday warned that with winter on the way, there is a strong risk of a refugee disaster. She said she would ask President Clinton for emergency aid to stem such a crisis.

Serbian police and Yugoslav army troops have purged KLA fighters from much of the at least 30 percent of Kosovo territory the rebels once controlled.

After a string of defeats, the KLA is appealing to ethnic Albanians to unite and join rebel ranks. "Like never before, it is high time that we all become KLA soldiers," said a statement published Saturday in an Albanian-language paper in Pristina.

U.S. diplomats have been trying to set up face-to-face talks between the Albanians and the Serbian government to discuss the future of the province. The Americans and Europeans want Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to restore the autonomy he withdrew in 1989.

Well, this was not only six sentences long. The facts were diluted. The presence of foreign reporters was not mentioned. That allowed the author to bluntly lie that the event "could not be independently confirmed." After diluted facts presented as allegations and Serbian claims the report continues with "Yugoslav army tanks" shelling "Albanian communities". Just like that.

The rest of the article is some kind of counter- offensive to the presentation of KLA atrocities. Most of the article is an open podium for poor Albanian civilians to spread their unsubstantiated stories and propaganda. Western anti-Serbs dressed as "humanitarians" and "diplomats" pitched in with their slogans.

Of course their deep worry for the Albanian civilians and of the impending disaster of the approaching winter was completely false. There was no disaster next winter (other than NATO carpet bombing of Kosovo in the coming spring of 1999).

The article is also a place where even KLA terrorists could put their pitch and invitation for more thugs to join. When talking about them AP puts the word "terrorists" in quotation marks! This is how Serbs call this "Liberation Army, which is spearheading the independence fight" you know.

By the way, Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic did not withdrew autonomy himself. The status of province was decided in a most democratic way possible. In a referendum! The referendum was result of long, persistent pressure of Kosovo Serbs who demanded that their treatment as second rate citizens in Kosovo (at hands of Albanian separatists) should stop. It is the West that jumped in, uninvited, to save Albanian apartheid against the Serbs of Kosovo.


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