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"I saw for myself..."

  NEWS-Radio Yugoslavia
  Tuesday September 01, 1998
  prepared by Slobodan Zivanovic

The vice-chairman of the Council of Europe's Assembly, reputable Ukrainian writer and politician, Boris Oleynik, has said that he was shocked last weekend when, during his visit to Kosovo-Metohija, he learned about the Albanian terrorists' monstrous crime against the abducted Serbs in the village of Klecka, POLITIKA writes. "This atrocious criminal act is reason more for all countries, especially those which looked benevolently upon, and in certain cases also assisted the terrorists's activities in Kosovo, finally to realize what is actually at issue", said Oleynik.

He added that, last week, apart from Pristina, he visited a number of other places in Kosovo-Metohija as well, including the former terrorist base of the Kosovo separatists in Malisevo. "I saw for myself on the spot that the allegations about an alleged destructive campaign by Serbian forces are FALSE", Oleynik stressed. He says that Kosovo Albanian terrorist groups have forced their fellow nationals to leave their homes and go into the forests or some distant places, with the intention of ascribing this perfidious act to the Serbs, POLITIKA writes.

Over two hundred women of Serb nationality protested in Pristina on Monday over the crime in Klecka and the abduction of Serb civilians. According to the GLAS JAVNOSTI [Public Voice], after a minute of silence for all the abducted and killed, a protest letter was read calling on the international community to condemn the crimes in Klecka. The letter also calls on Albanian women to condemn this barbarism of their fellow nationals who carbonate innocent children and people, GLAS JAVNOSTI writes.

While the Yugoslav public is still shocked by what it has seen, the Serbian victims in Klecka are practically no news for the international community, the Novi Sad DNEVNIK writes. After the monstrous crime by Albanian terrorists in Kosovo-Metohija, the world media did not cry out even by far as much as they did at the beginning of the month, causing unnecessary alarm over a NON-EXISTENT mass grave with Albanian victims in the vicinity of Orahovac. Although the Serbian side immediately allowed western journalists access to Klecka, footages of the crimes committed there were not seen in the programs of major [Western] television stations. The silence of... television stations and news agencies about what has happened in Klecka is nothing other than a continuation of the double standard policy of these media and their patrons, writes DNEVNIK.

"As regards the former Yugoslavia, we are directing our efforts not only towards the government's activities, but also towards the work of organizations such as the United Nations, the OSCE and other international organizations present in the field", said for the Podgorica POBJEDA [Victory] the executive director of the International Helsinki Human Rights Federation for Europe and Central Asia, Hally Carnter. Even though all these organizations claim that their priority is the protection of human rights, Mrs. Carnter said, they often have other priorities, such as economic, political and other, while human rights are a little lower on their priority list, POBJEDA writes.

No mention in the Western press about the vice-chairman's condemnation.


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