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A crime equal to those of the Nazis

  Inmates of Nazi camps request to stamp out terrorism
  August 31, 1998

Yugoslav inmates of WWII Nazi and fascist concentration camps learned with embitterment and amazement that Shiptar (Albanian) terrorists have perpetrated in the village of Klecka one more horrible crime upon abducted Serbs.

By its bestiality, this crime irresistibly reminds of the time when the New World Order symbols were Nazi swastika, concentration camps, crematories, and crimes of genocide.

In order to destroy evidence of this inhumane act, they burnt down the bodies of twenty two executed Serbs in a crematory improvised in former lime-burning factory. In their criminal insanity they applied the Nazi recipe from Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau, Mauthausen, Bergen-Belsen, Majdanek, Treblinke, Jasenovac, Jajince, and thousands other camps throughout the Third Reich and enslaved Europe.

The communication estimates that this monstrous crime is an unambiguous consequence of the unreasonably benevolent policy of the world's new power-wielders towards irrational requests of Shiptar (Albanian) separatists.

Referring to this, inmates of Nazi concentration camps put up a question: "Will this outrageous crime be a sufficient warning for the West to realise that acts of Shiptar bands are actually just one ring in the endless chain of terrorists' crimes world-wide? Will the USA and "democratic" Europe condemn this criminal act against humanity and replace their two-faced policy of double standards in Kosovo and Metohija by sincere efforts to reach solution to all open issues in Serbian southern province by peaceful way and the dialogue?"

Expressing deepest condolences to the families of tragic victims of Klecka, witnesses of Nazi crime of genocide request the international community to place the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army "immediately and without any hesitation on the list of terrorist organisations and that all political and humanitarian factors adopt towards Shiptar terrorists the same stand as towards any other world's terrorist organisation or group."

Terrorism is always and everywhere just one thing: violence and crime against men who want to live in freedom and peace, they recall and add that therefore in Kosmet as well, as anywhere else in the world, terrorism should be cut through the roots.

This is in the interest of peace and safety in the Balkans and in Europe, the communication says.

No mention in the Western press about the inmates' statement.


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