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Using the slaughter of Serbs to impose Western "independent," "humnitarian" observers on Serbia:

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UN human rights body pushes for Kosovo investigation

  Agence France-Presse
  Wednesday, 2 September 1998

The text of the report is presented here in its entirety.

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GENEVA, Sept 2 (AFP) - Independent teams of investigators, including forensic specialists, should be sent to Kosovo to probe alleged human rights violations, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson urged Wednesday.

"The tragic developments of this past weekend further underscore the need for such investigations," Robinson said in a statement released here.

She was referring to a mass grave Serbian police showed to journalists Saturday which contained charred human remains, including skulls, jawbones, vertebrae and ribs.

The Serbian interior ministry said the remains belonged to 22 Serbs who had been shot by ethnic Albanian rebels fighting for Kosovo's independence.

"I am haunted and horrified by this weekend's images of charred remains in a makeshift crematorium," she said.

"All parties, in different ways, have publicly expressed concern over violations of human rights," Robinson said.

She said both sides in the conflict, as well as UN human rights officials, supported independent investigations by experts, "including international forensic experts, into the violent deaths resulting from armed actions.

"No such investigation has occurred."

She said promoting such an enquiry was in the interests of all persons committed to human rights in Kosovo.

One of Robinson's officials, Special Rapporteur Jiri Dienstbier, was said to be in favour of such a probe.

It is estimated that the six-month conflict between Serbian forces and ethnic Albanian rebels has left 700 people dead, 600 of them ethnic Albanian. Some 250,000 people -- a quarter of the province's population -- have been displaced by the fighting.

Copyright 1998 by Agence France-Presse

My comment at the time (September 1998) at TWATCH discussion group:

UN human rights...? That is a joke. Since UN occupied Yugoslavia only to make room for NATO-Nazi occupying troops, the abbreviation UN, in Serbian, means: United Nazis. "UN human rights" - that is contradiction in terms.

Yes, independent investigators are needed but Serbs certainly saw none among Western "non-governmental" organizations. Those organizations are just long hand of the same governments that destroyed Yugoslavia in the first place. In a choice between Bin Laden's "freedom fighters" and Western "humanitarians" - former could be more fair.

Could experts be found in non-Muslim nations of Africa, Asia...? I would not believe even declared neutral, non-NATO countries of Europe. (Most of them are now applying to join NATO.) To ask for Eastern Orthodox experts would not be fair to KLA...


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