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No-one can call the international mediator David Owen a Serbian friend. In his own book "Balkan Odyssey", this war criminal was openly admitting that the prime purpose of his infamous "Bosnian peace plan" that he proposed (together with Cyrus Vance) was TO DENY THE RIGHT FOR SELF-DETERMINATION TO THE BOSNIAN SERBS.

This is why one can believe even more when the same Davin Owen says in his book that Kosovo Albanians wanted secession and secession only - long ago. Who is to believe now the propaganda that Kosovo Albanians got "radicalized" as result of Milosevic's actions?

This was almost SIX YEARS AGO:


David Owen
"Balkan Odyssey"
Page 76 (QUOTE):

Over Kosovo the world wanted the Kosovar Albanians to talk to Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) government about autonomy, but that as yet has never been undertaken because THEY WERE ONLY READY TO CONSIDER SECESSION. In the Balkans, intransigence is believed to be the only stance to pay off. A special Kosovo Working Group, chaired with considerable dedication by Ambassador Ahrens, with my deputy Peter Hall and Cy Vance's deputy Herb Okun also participating, met on SIX occasions between 30 September and early December 1992 during a time when [Yugoslav] Prime Minister Panic and some others in FRY government WERE READY TO CONSIDER SOME SERIOUS ARRANGEMENTS FOR AUTONOMY. Even so, the Albanian delegation found immense difficulty in forgoing their claim for IMMEDIATE INDEPENDENCE, FOR THERE ARE FEW GRADUALISTS IN THE ALBANIAN LEADERSHIP. Their leader, Rugova, was himself softly spoken and apparently reasonable but AT NO TIME DID HE *EVER* GIVE ME THE IMPRESSION THAT HE WOULD SETTLE FOR AUTONOMY. Prime Minister Panic was desperate for the Albanians to put up candidates for the election at the end of December (1992), for otherwise the Kosovo seats would go by default to the Serb nationalists like Seselj. Yet despite having this political leverage the Kosovo Albanians continued to boycott all... elections on principle, even though they were bound to win... The reason is that they are NO LONGER EVEN INTERESTED IN A MOVE FROM BELGRADE to return Kosovo to something like the autonomy enjoyed under Tito. THEY ARE READY TO *WAIT* UNTIL THEY CAN JOIN UP WITH ALBANIA...
(End quote)

They waited - for six years - for America to do the job for them: to disarm and - through sanctions starve Serbian people, while, at the same time supplying Albanian terrorists.

Mr. Owen adds (the same page - quote):
(T)he Kosovar Albanians' SELF-IDENTIFICATION AS A SECESSIONIST MOVEMENT fed Serbian fears. While we could never interest the Albanians in ANY solution based on autonomy we had NO defence or comeback when the Serbs said all they (Albanians) wanted was independence.
(End quote)

How in the world could Kosovo Albanians negotiate from a position of force? Who, so powerful, was protecting them and giving them promises that everything will go their way? We know the answer. Don't we?

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Last revised: June 24, 1998