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After WWII - Communist Yugoslavia

"Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia"
Often repeated lie in the Western press.

At the end of the war - Serbs get punished
American Bombers bomb Belgrade in April 1944, during Serbian Easter holiday, in a fashion more savage than Hitler did it three years before them.

Thanks to American and British intelligence services Vatican (using Croatian priests) smuggles tens of thousands of Nazi war criminals. Entire Ustashi leadership escapes justice.

"Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia" was rulled by Croat and Slovene Communists
Tito, The Communist Tyrant of Yugoslavia was himself half-Croat and half-Slovene. His right-hand man Mr. Kardelj, was a Slovene. The two rulled the country for 35 (thirty-five) years.

Tito butchers Yugoslavia into six administrative units
In a divide and rule strategy, Tito divides the largest ethnic group of Yugoslavia - the Serbian people - into four "Socialist Federative Republics" and two Autonomous Regions. By this design some 42% of Serbs of Yugoslavia got to be outside Serbia Proper. This is the crux of today's problems. Serbs demand equal right for self-determination; equal to the one recognized in case of Slovenes, Croats, "Macedonians" and Bosnian Muslims.

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