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The continued story about the medieval Christian churches that survived years of Mussolini and Hitler but could not survive a few MONTHS of Bill Clinton and his "humanitarians"!


The HUGE project of the eradication of the Serbian heritage in Kosovo is an important element in the overall planned destruction and GENOCIDE the NATO/KLA forces are perpetrating on the Kosovo Serbs. Burning, looting and dynamiting of the medieval Serb churches and monasteries started IMMEDIATELY as NATO occupation force and their KLA narco-trafficker proxies entered the sacred Christian lands of Kosovo.

Knowing full well what savages the "humanitarians" are - the Yugoslav government demanded that at least token Yugoslav forces should be allowed to guard the sacred places. The demand was respected and it was included in the U.N. document signed by all the parties involved.

But, NATO did not respect ANY part of the document anyhow - including the part about letting Yugoslav forces protect the monuments.

Here we are presenting a couple of Western news articles that dared even mention the wanton destruction of the Serbian heritage. Such articles are rare in countries that engineered the Kosovo tragedy.

The first article describes the events only two weeks after NATO "humanitarians in military boots" arrived in Kosovo.

We have deleted the blunt, often repeated NATO propaganda labeling the planned destruction as a simple "revenge".

We left only the facts the articles mustered to mention.

[Our comments are in square brackets.]

Chicago Tribune, June 21, 1999

Vandals take revenge on Serb shrines

By Paul Salopek

Tribune Foreign Correspondent

VUCITERN, Yugoslavia -- The 13th Century Orthodox
monastery in this small Kosovar town must have been
beautiful once.

An open, tree-shaded courtyard with fountains leads
to a tiny chapel decorated with spectacular medieval
frescoes. The paintings, done in the Byzantine style,
depict a stunning parade of Orthodox saints and
angels--almond-eyed figures in flowing robes who
stare out serenely from a bygone age.

The six-century-old patina of candle soot can't dim
their glory--nor, unfortunately, does it protect them
from the bullets that have gouged knuckle-size holes
in their surfaces.

Today, the interior of the monastery is a gutted ruin,
the victim of a mob of enraged ethnic Albanians who
sought to wreak revenge on a cultural symbol of their
hated Yugoslav oppressors. The saints gaze down on a
scab of shattered glass, stomped crosses, censers and
soiled vestments littering the chapel floor.

[Here the author gives a fee room to an Albanian to
spill the usual propaganda about Albanian "revenge".
The Albanian says that the Serbs "deserve it. They're
all war criminals, even the priests." ]

Friday's assault on the monastery at Vucitern was one
of several attacks against Serbian Orthodox religious
sites in Kosovo in recent days, as ethnic Albanians
-- who are nominally Muslim -- react [sic!] with growing
outrage to the devastation unleashed on their homeland
by Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's soldiers.
[Non-stop bombing by 1,400 NATO planes for 78 days
was exclusively - humanitarian - and brought no

Vandalism attacks were reported at 13th Century
Samadraxha monastery, the oldest in Kosovo. At
Vucitern, an Orthodox priest who struggled to stop the
frenzied crowd was roughed up and had to be rescued by
French NATO forces. At Devic, an Orthodox nunnery,
NUNS WERE THREATENED WITH RAPE and expelled by armed
men who may have been guerrillas with the separatist
Kosovo Liberation Army [KLA].

NATO peacekeeping [sic!] troops intervened there as
well, stationing troops around the building to ensure
the nuns' safety.

This grubby spasm of violence in the final phase of
the Yugoslav army pullout from Kosovo was long
expected, according to experts in the region...

[The article continues with an idiotic and astonishing
propaganda excuse that some guy, Milosevic has somehow
"used the Serbian monasteries" for a "crackdown" on

DOZENS of Orthodox monasteries in Kosovo, many of them
PRICELESS ARCHITECTURAL GEMS built at the peak of the
Serb kingdom's power in the 14th Century
[... but in
continuation of this sentence - another senseless
attack - not on vandals - but on Milosevic.]

[I]n a nod to Serb sensibilities, the recent peace deal
that brought an end to NATO's [savage] bombing campaign
against Yugoslavia PERMITS a token number of Yugoslav
police to return to Kosovo and guard the Serbs' sacred

[It was not "a nod to Serb sensibilities" - as said
above the Yugoslav government *DEMANDED* that some,
at least token troops should be let in to protect the
monasteries. NATO troops were NOT let in until
they signed that this condition would be fulfilled.]

That move may prove a hard sell to Kosovo's Albanians,
who see more than mere symbolism in the Serbian
Orthodox monasteries here.

"This was not senseless revenge," [it is a well
planned one] said Nyseret Lapashtica, 49, who said he
watched but did not participate in the sacking of the
Vucitern monastery. "We wouldn't have touched the
monastery if the priests had stayed neutral. They
were hoarding food -- flour, cooking oil, sugar --
while we were starving. They let Serb snipers take
up positions on their roof. [To snipe whom!? NATO!?]

[We have left the above lie as an ilustration of the
level of propaganda practiced in the West.]

[T]he abbot of the Serbs' most famous shrine in Kosovo,
the beautiful Visoki Decani monastery [said]... "Both
the surrounding Serbs and Albanians have protected
this monastery for 650 years. We pray they continue to
do so."...
(End quote)

We are let to believe that 40,000 troops of the most equipped and most vicious force on Earth could not deal with street gang that wants to rape nuns and burn churches. But they are the same force that INSISTED; that have bombed for 78 days DEMANDING that they bring law and order to Kosovo.

During the summer of the last year the Yugoslav government under threat of bombing had to reduce its 40,000 troop contingent in Kosovo. With NATO bombers "monitoring" the place from above Yugoslavs were able to keep some calm. They were able to keep all the monuments intact. Even during 11 weeks of vicious NATO bombing - the religious shrines (other than ones that were destroyed by NATO) were preserved.

Are NATO troops, in larger numbers, under better conditions not able to repeat the same? Or is it all done purposely?

Two months later - The Los Angeles Times
(round September 22, 1999): "The DOZENS of Orthodox
Christian monasteries destroyed" from the above article -
turned into 60 (+20)!!!

Christian Sites Being Decimated in Kosovo

Balkans: Serbs accuse ethnic Albanian rebels of systematically destroying places sacred to Orthodox.

Times Staff Writer

ZOCISTE, Yugoslavia--The church was built of stones
quarried six centuries ago from the rock of Kosovo,
and before last week's blast it had the power to make
people believe in miracles.

For generations, through endless cycles of war and
foreign occupation, people came to the small Serbian
Orthodox shrine behind monastery walls and asked the
spirits of saints to heal them.

Pilgrims reached out to touch caskets said to contain
relics of St. Cosma and St. Damian, or lay down
beside them and whispered a prayer before closing
their eyes and waiting to be healed. Even ethnic
Albanian Muslims were known to come.

But the saints' power was as nothing against the
explosion Sept. 13 that collapsed the 14th century

The charges that destroyed it were placed at just the
right spot to bring the whole medieval building down
and make certain there was NOTHING left to rebuild.

The Church of Saints Cosma and Damian was built in
1327. It is now a ruin of broken stone, yellowed by
the centuries that the sanctuary endured.

Four other, newer buildings where the monks lived and
worked were not blown up. They were gutted by fire
instead, and scorched pieces of religious icons lie
among the ruins.

A Painted Acronym Suggests Complicity

The letters UCK, the Albanian acronym for the
guerrilla Kosovo Liberation Army [KLA], were painted
neatly in white on the wooden doors at the monastery's
front gate.

samodreza-2.jpg (46936 bytes)

The Zociste monastery is one of at least 60 [SIXTY!!!]
Serbian Orthodox churches and other religious sites
that have been looted, burned or, in at least 21 cases,
blown up since the NATO-led peacekeeping force, known
as KFOR, began to take control of Kosovo--a province
of Serbia, the dominant of Yugoslavia's two republics
-- from retreating Serbian forces in mid-June. The
Serbs say they were promised that several hundred of
their soldiers and police would be permitted to return
to guard Orthodox churches and sites in the province
as well as to secure border posts, but so far that
hasn't happened.

[Did you notice "The Serbs say they were promised..."?
It is not what the Serbs SAY - it is simply - the fact.]

The list of sites destroyed by explosives includes
several dating back to the Middle Ages, such as the
Dormition of Mother of God parish church, built near
Suva Reka in 1315.

virgin-before.jpg (69153 bytes)

Orthodox leaders have received reports that 20 MORE
churches and monasteries have been destroyed, but it
is too dangerous for Serbs to check their condition,
Father Sava Janjic, an Orthodox cleric, said in an
interview. Orthodox churches, religious offices and
schools have also been targeted with grenades and
rockets but not seriously damaged, KFOR reports

The skilled execution of the attacks leaves Janjic
and most other Serbs convinced that well-trained KLA
guerrilla units are secretly trying to wipe out
historical Serbian links to the territory.

virgin-1.jpg (46059 bytes)
virgin-2.jpg (72093 bytes)

"It is more than obvious that these churches were
destroyed by people with military training, people
who still have not just ordinary weapons but hundreds
of kilos of the best explosives," Janjic said.

"We are completely sure that the perpetrators of
these crimes are from the ranks of the KLA," he said.
"It is now only a question whether these groups are
under the control of the highest KLA officials or not."

Dutch troops are posted just over a mile from Zociste,
guarding Velika Hoca, a Serbian village of vineyards
and churches dating back to the Middle Ages.

The village is outside the city of Orahovac...

...Agim Hesku... leads a protest blockade that has
been keeping Russian peacekeepers out of Orahovac
since Aug. 23... [Just another prove that KLA and
KFOR work together].

Hazards Hamper Search for Evidence

Peacekeeping troops have not found any suspects in
the attack on the monastery in Zociste, and two Dutch
army officers said troops hadn't gone in to examine
the ruins for fear of land mines.

The officers, who would not speak on the record,
said Dutch troops were ordered after the blast to
block the wooden gate of the walled monastery with
coils of razor wire.

"I'm afraid KFOR is not prepared to get in serious
conflict with the KLA because KFOR countries don't
want the coffins of their soldiers coming home,"
Janjic said...

The KLA signed itself out of existence as of midnight
Tuesday, but mounting evidence of systematic,
clandestine attacks and the discovery of arms caches
suggest that Kosovo's ethnic violence might not end
so quickly...

The peacekeepers also have accused Serbs of trying to
destabilize Kosovo. They say paramilitary units appear
to be infiltrating from Serbia proper. [A blunt lie -
never repeated again.]

At the height of Kosovo's civil war, KLA guerrillas
attacked the Zociste monastery with grenades and
light artillery on July 21, 1998, as the rebels seized
nearby Orahovac.

After taking control of the monastery, the guerrillas
took seven monks, an elderly nun and 30 elderly
Serbian refugees prisoner. They were later released

But the KLA also captured an estimated 85 Serbs in
Orahovac, according to New York-based Human Rights
Watch. By August 1998, 40 Serbs were still unaccounted
for, the rights group said. Serbian officials reported
the missing Serbs to the Red Cross, but none of them
have been found. Serbs continue to disappear in Kosovo
despite... repeated calls for an end to ethnic

[The Albanian hearsay about supposed Serbian
destruction of Albanian mosques - deleted here.
The author equates the true destruction of the
Serbian sacred places with empty accusations
from KLA terrorists.]

While the NATO-led peacekeeping force tries to stop
the attacks on Serbs [sic!], it calls them acts of

Janjic, who has repeatedly condemned Yugoslav
President Slobodan Milosevic and his Serbian
security forces [said] " [T]here has been a
systematic attempt [by KLA/KFOR] to push the Serbs
out of Kosovo in order to create a fait accompli"...

More than three months after NATO's bombing campaign
drove Serbian security forces out of Kosovo, a
NATO-led peacekeeping force of at least 40,000 troops
has failed to stop the ethnic violence.

While the victims have come from different ethnic
groups, the heaviest attacks since the peacekeepers
arrived have been against Serbian targets. They have
included at least three separate attacks that killed
four Serbs and wounded 12 in recent weeks in the
U.S.-patrolled zone in the southeast...
(End quote)

The "peacekeeping" force did NOTHING to keep peace. Quite the opposite.

The same place: Orahovac - mentioned above - where (Dutch and German) KFOR did nothing to stop Albanians from burning and destroying the Serbian heritage is the place where KFOR (with help of KLA) have created a true WWII-like ghetto for the Serbian civilians: young and old. You see the town of Orahovac is the "war criminals" factory. The women and children will be let go only if men "admit" a fabricated war crime.

To learn more take a look at interviews we organized with witnesses of the ghetto:

And again, be sure to look at the list of destroyed Christian shrines at:

Spread the news about the destruction of the Christian shrines to all your friends. Do not let NATO fascists continue their savage work.

Do not let NATO-fascism win!

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The truth belongs to us all.

Feel free to download, copy and redistribute.

Last revised: November 6, 1999