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To H.E. Boutros-Boutros-Ghali, Secretary-General, U.N.

8th February 1994

Your Excellency,

You are of course aware of the tragic event that took place in the Sarajevo market place on Saturday. Ever since, there has been a torrent of world-wide accusations against the Serbs. The campaign has been unprecedented in its ferocity, the level of emotion involved, but most important, in its blindness, both to the wider circumstances of the incident in Sarajevo and to the circumstances of the incident itself.

As you know, UNPROFOR concluded that `the round could have been fired from either B&H or BSA positions'. Our own indications, from sources in Muslim-held Sarajevo, are that a shell reinforced with plastic explosive was hurled at the market place from a neighbouring building. In any event, although the culprit has not been identified, the world media and many politicians have declared the Serbs to be the perpetrators of the atrocity.

We have been here before. A sense of deja vu is overwhelming for those who are familiar with Muslim tactics in Sarajevo. In an effort to generate world sympathy for its aims, the Muslim leadership is not above sacrificing innocent civilians to attain those aims. The fundamental truth is that the Muslims are not interested in a peace settlement based on compromise. They want the whole of Sarajevo and the whole of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Nothing else will do for them. Hence, Your Excellency, there has been no significant progress in the peace talks.

The day before yesterday we met the co-chairmen of the ICFY and agreed with them to start exploring the possibility of pacifying the Sarajevo district in advance of an overall peace settlement. But we absolutely insist that the matter of the market place massacre be cleared up first. We demand a thorough and impartial investigation, to be carried out by UNPROFOR, with experts from the Serbian amd Muslim sides taking part. Particular attention should be paid to ballistics and to pathological findings with regard to the victims. At stake here is the fate of a whole people as well as the fate of an entire region of Europe. I urge Your Excellency to exert your influence in order to allow the truth to emerge.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Radovan Karadzic
President, Republic of Srpska