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8th February 1994

Dear President Clinton,
Dear President Yeltsin,

I maintain with full responsibility that the Sarajevo market place incident constitutes a gross deception and not a very skillful one at that.

What took place was an explosion that killed and injured several people. Everything else was stage-managed. There was NO mortar attack. Here are the facts:

1. There were very few goods on offer in the market place and only a few stalls. Witnesses did not see three hundred people at the market immediately before the incident. They saw only a few. It would be quite illogical that in a small market place where few goods were being sold, there were as many as three hundred people. The Muslim side has refused an investigation which should be carried out by UN experts with the participation of Serbian and Muslim experts.

2. The whole deception would be demonstrated if conversations with the survivors and pathological findings regarding the cause and time of deaths were allowed. Namely, all the witnesses, including Muslim witnesses, declared in the Muslim media that this was `a strange shell, for the characteristic whistle of the shell could not be heard before the explosion'.

3. There is a trace of only one shell on the spot where it exploded, but it could not have landed from the suggested angle and it could not have been fired because there was no whistle before the explosion. The explosive device was in fact hurled down from a neighbouring building, a device reinforced with plastic explosive.

4. It is quite clear from TV material that corpses several hours old were being manipulated on the market place and these `corpses' even included plastic and textile human-size dummies.

Mr. President Clinton and Mr. President Yeltsin,

This kind of incident should be the subject of a thorough ballistic and pathological investigation, but this has been rejected by the Muslim side. What is at stake here is the fate of an entire people as well as the fate of peace in a region of Europe. We must not allow the international community, including the United States and Russia as the leading powers, to be deceived by one side in the conflict. That would be a great shame. We ask you to use all means at your disposal in order to arrive at the truth. This is too serious a matter for the decisions and policies of the great powers to be based on Muslim claims alone.

In the name of the Serbian people, which longs for a just peace, I extend to you the considerations of my highest regard.

Dr. Radovan Karadzic
President, Republic of Srpska