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Kosovo - What is the problem?

Current problems in Kosovo
The prime reason for tensions in Kosovo is the explosive growth of the Albanian population. Even though the Yugoslav Federation tried its best to develop the region - no investment and no industrial growth rate could match Albanian population growth. Despite the efforts, the region remained the poorest region of Yugoslavia.
Extensive autonomy given to Kosovo Albanians was abused by them as they tried to cleanse the region of non-Albanians. This was to be their first step toward secession and Greater Albania.

How Albanians try to "solve" the problem
By applying Macheavellian rule that - ends justify means. En masse they sell drugs and do other illegal activities in the West. Money thus earned is used to buy weapons - and spread terror.

How the Serbs try to solve the problem
Serbian proposals for a peaceful solution are falling on deaf ears.

The role of the West
Using ancient method "divide et impera" the West tries to pry yet another region off the multiethnic body of Yugoslavia. The West knows full well the value of the mineral resources the region possesses. Albanian terrorists have full American support. They are American proxies.

Trying to turn NATO into World Policeman - Western governments are urging their media to continue the propaganda war against Yugoslavia and the Serbian people. The first step is - always - to put Truth (any truth) on its head. Once again, Serbian intellectuals are put at HUGE task to set the facts straight.

What is Kosova?
(Note "A" instead of "O" in the word "Kosova")

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