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The following photograph was referenced in:

Professor Edmond Paris: "Genocide in Satellite Croatia 1941 - 1945" on page 232.
The caption under the photograph reads (quote):

Serbian women and children, labeled as enemies of the State of Croatia, being taken to concentration camps, where they died of starvation, or were killed.
End quote.

Avro Manhattan: "The Vatican's Holocaust", under similar photograph, on page 91 says (quote):

The Ustashi after raiding some Orthodox village, as rule deported the women and children, either to concentration camps or to the nearest convent, where the little "heretics" were rebaptized. This task was carried by "Caritas," a Catholic organization run by the Hierarchy.

Very often, however, women and children were massacred with the rest.

End quote.

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First posted: March 31, 1997
Last revised: December 15, 2003