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Commander, 16th Air Force,
United States Air Forces, Europe
Commander, Allied Forces, Southern Europe

Dear General Short:

On 21 October, Reuters reported: "His voice breaking
with emotion at a Senate hearing, the U.S. Air Force
general who headed NATO's spring bombing of Serbia
lashed out at France on Thursday for repeatedly vetoing
proposed targets in Belgrade." You were also quoted
as saying, "This is a personal thing with me." You
explained that your son flew 40 missions in the A-10
in Kosovo and that he was hit by an SA-13, and that,
"He called me that night on a secure phone and the
first words were 'Don't tell mom'."

As the wife of a retired Air Force fighter pilot and
the mother of two sons, I share your concern for the
safety of those whom we love; however, General, just
as my husband was a legitimate target when he flew
his missions over Vietnam, your son was a legitimate
target, unlike the civilians he bombed.

Lest what I have to say be misconstrued as being
anti-military or anti-American, let me make it clear
that I love our country and I have always supported
our military. However, I deplore the fact that young
Americans such as your son were ordered to attack a
sovereign nation, in violation of international law
and the basic tenants of NATO. When the initial
attacks against the military and political structure
of Yugoslavia failed, those young men were ordered
by you and your superiors to wage a war of terror
against the civilian population. Our warriors go
into battle trusting in the honesty, honor and ethics
of their superiors. "Theirs is not to reason why.
Theirs is but to do or die." You and the other
lackeys of the Clinton administration failed them.

I now ask you, General:

- Was it your son whose bombs hit a bridge in central
Serbia crowded with traffic and pedestrians on a Sunday
afternoon, where 17 people were wounded and nine people
died, including "a priest with his head blasted away?"
(Reuters, 30 May).

Or was it your son who, four minutes after the initial
attack, hit the bridge again just as help arrived for
the surviving victims?

- Was it your son whose bombs decapitated a Serbian
child? "We found the head of a child in a garden and
many limbs in the mud. But you don't want to report that.
CNN filmed the bodies, but they don't show them on
(The Independent, 29 April).

- Was it your son whose bombs dismembered Serbian
children making it almost impossible to match the
children's torsos with their arms and legs, although
several were recognized by their sneakers?
(The Guardian, 18 May).

- Was it your son whose bombs buried people alive
under tons of rubble from destroyed apartment buildings?

- Was it your son whose bombs hit the convoy of ethnic
Albanians reducing the victims to ashes, and then have
your NATO pimp spokesperson, Jamie Shea, have the gall
to deny that NATO pilots, possibly your son, were
responsible for this atrocity by blaming it on the Serbs?

- Was it your son who bombed hospitals, schools,
orphanages, cemeteries, churches, 14th century monasteries
on the World Heritage list, in a barbaric act to destroy
Serbian culture, society and religion?

- Was it your son whose bombs hit oil supplies polluting
the air so that civilians couldn't breath, as well as
water supplies, civilian apartments, civilian factories
so as to destroy the quality of life and terrorize those
who were not killed?

And let us not forget the pollution of the Danube caused
by NATO bombs which has affected all the surrounding
nations' international trade costing them millions of

- Was it the depleted uranium from the shells of the
Gatling Gun on your son's A-10 that poisoned the soil
and the air of the Serbian people so that their children
will be born deformed, and rendered the soil unfit to
produce food for the people to eat?

- Or perhaps it was your son who bombed the Chinese
Embassy in another "mistake."

Besides hitting the Chinese Embassy, your not-so-smart
bombs damaged the embassies of Italy, Switzerland,
Pakistan, India, Libya, and Iraq.

Not only could your smart bombs not find the right target,
they couldn't even find the right country as they hit
Macedonia once and Bulgaria five times.

NATO pilots bombed Yugoslavia more in 78 days than
Hitler did in all of World War II. Can you understand
what that means to a people who were our allies in two
world wars? It was the Serbian nationalist leader,
General Draza Mihailovich, who rescued over 500 downed
American pilots while Croatian and Bosnian/Kosovar/Albanian
Muslims at the same time were turning them over to the
Germans for execution.

Prior to the impending bombing of Serbs in Bosnia, which
turned out to be a rehearsal for Kosovo, retired Air Force
Major Richard Felman, President of the National Committee of
American Airmen Rescued by General Mihailovich, Inc., placed
an ad in The Washington Times on 9 June 1994. In his
emotional appeal, Major Felman said, "It would be the
cruelest of ironies and break our hearts to see our fellow
Americans go charging into Bosnia with their guns blazing
to kill the very Serbian people who saved our lives while
at the same time helping some of the people who were
shooting at us and turning us over to the Germans."

The ad went on to say, "Mr. President, where is America's
sense of honor, decency and gratitude to those on foreign
soil who save American lives? Do we return their sacrifice
and kindness by killing them?"

Apparently, the answer is, Yes, for in August of 1995, NATO,
in violation of its mission as a defensive force, assumed
the mantra of an offensive force by dropping over 6,000 tons
of bombs within a two-week period on Bosnian Serbs hitting
hospitals, churches, schools and homes.

This act of US-led NATO aggression was based on the Markale
marketplace massacre. The disgraceful irony is that a UN
report confirmed that Bosnian Muslim forces had committed
the atrocity. The UN report was also confirmed in European
newspapers, such as The [London] Sunday Times which headlined,
"Serbs 'not guilty' of massacre, Experts warned US that
mortar was Bosnia." (1 Oct 95). Further substantiating
the claim that Muslims forces had committed the massacre,
a British think tank, The Islamic Affairs Analyst, wrote,
"US Framed Serbs for Market Bombing." (18 Oct 95).

Just as we betrayed the Serbian people in World War II and
delivered them into the hands of the communist dictator,
Marshall Josef Tito, himself a Croat, we betrayed the
Serbian people for a second time in this century when we
took sides against them in this latest Balkan tragedy.

And the horror we have wrought on innocent civilians
doesn't stop there. NATO cluster bombs continue to kill

And just what has our illegal and immoral air campaign
against a sovereign nation accomplished?

Since KFOR entered Kosovo, General, this great victory of
which you are so proud, these "peacekeepers" have stood
by while the 200,000 Serbian men, women and children who
remained in Kosovo have been reduced to fewer than 12,000,
with the number steadily approching zero. While the
eradication of Serbs is taking place, NATO and the media
remain silent.

Serbian nuns are being gang raped or forced to stand naked
before their KLA tormentors, Serbian priests are being
beaten and murdered, "Grannies" have been targeted for
special horrors, such as decapitation, drowning (in bathtubs),
stabbing or raped and the atrocities continue.

The demonization of the Serbian people is complete.
Christian humanitarian organizations are collecting
millions of dollars to help ethnic Albanians but not one
penny goes to a hungry or suffering Serbian child. The
1999 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, France's Medecins
Sans Frontieres (MSF) or Doctors without Borders, (DWB)
recently expelled the Greek arm of DWB because the Greeks
showed compassion by treating those injured in Yugoslavia
during NATO's bombing campaign, just as they showed
compassion when Greece was the first country to go to
Turkey's aid following the tragic earthquake. However,
administering to a dying Serbian child is in violation
of the inhumane US-led sanctions which prevent any
medical assistance to the Serbian people. It appears
that the Hippocratic Oath by France's Medecins Sans
Frontieres stops at the Serbian border.

But cruelty towards the Serbian people does not stop there.
President "I Feel Your Pain" Clinton has decreed that
there will be no fuel for Serbs facing a harsh winter
until Serbian President Milosevic is thrown out of office
in spite of the fact that tens of thousand of Serbs have
demonstrated against Slobo at great risk to themselves.

What the president is offering the Serbs is, "You can
either die by freezing or by starving to death through
my sanctions." Some choice!

The American people are finally beginning to realize that
they have been lied to in order for this President to justify
NATO's war on innocent civilians and to send our sons and
daughters into harm's way. "War Reports: The Lies Are
Unraveling," writes Agence France-Press, March 31. "The
NATO bombing of Yugoslavia must stop, the moderate Kosovo
Albanian political leader Ibrahim Rugova told journalists
in Pristina Wednesday." The American people were told that
Rugova, along with his entire family had been executed by
Serbs. However, while that was being reported by the
American media, they were alive and well and had taken
refuge in Belgrade from the Kosovo Liberation Army, but
the lie was more believable.

Considering the following. There were:

- No mass graves containing the bodies of ethnic Albanians.
Thus far several hundred bodies have been found, not an
astounding number in a land where ethnic stife and war have
been going on since 1992. This number is a far cry from
the lie of 100,000 that President Clinton used in his
successful effort to demonize the Serbian people.

- No 600,000 ethnic Albanians trapped in Kosovo either lying
in mass graves, starving, or too afraid to go home as claimed
by President Clinton when he lied to the American people
(USA Today, 1 July)

- No "genocide" as the American people were led to believe.
A tragedy, yes. A genocide, no. I know of no genocide that
provided modern buses and trains (referred to as "boxcars"
by the media so that the insinuation would not be lost) to
take refugees to the borders of Macedonia and Albania and not
to the gas chambers. Hardly any mention was made that many
ethnic Albanians fled to Serbia proper and Montenegro to
escape NATO's bombs.

- No great numbers of ethnic Albanians fleeing Kosovo until
NATO began its bombing campaign of terror which prompted one
refugee to say to Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma when he was
visiting the refugees, "We wouldn't be here if it weren't
for YOU (the United States). "Mirvei, a tall Albanian
woman clutching her four-month-old baby, looked bewildered
when asked if Serbian troops had driven her out. 'There were
no Serbs,' she said. 'We were frightened of the bombs.' -
Red Cross officials say many of the most recent arrivals
[in Macedonia] intend to return to Kosovo as soon as the NATO
bombardment stops." [London Sunday Times, March 27].

- "The number of civilians killed during the war in Kosovo
may be no more than 2,500, according to a British Sunday
Newspaper. The figure was estimated by a Spanish pathologist
sent to the southern Serbian province immediately after the
end of hostilities last summer to look for the bodies of
ethnic Albanians killed by Serb forces. It contrasted sharply
with a claim by U.S. Defence Secretary William Cohen at the
height of the NATO bombing in May that up to 100,000 ethnic
Albanian men were missing and might have been murdered."
(Reuters, 31 Oct). In other words, General, we dismembered
a sovereign nation, a founding member of the United Nations
based on lies of mass murder and atrocities when there were
no more than 2,500 civilian deaths, on all sides. Why?
Because the tiny nation of Yugoslavia had to be destroyed
as an example to other nations which might defy of the
New World Order. Hitler said in 1939, "The great masses
of people will more easily fall victims to a Big Lie than
to a small one." President Clinton threw out the hook,
and the American people took the bait.

And with whom have we jumped into bed? We have jumped into
bed with a bunch of narco-terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army
(KLA) cutthroats who were trained in Osama bin Laden's camps
in Afghanistan and who have now established their own
mini-Afghanistan in Kosovo.

The most disgusting picture that sticks in my craw is the
one of Hashim Thaci, leader of the KLA, kissing Secretary
of State, Madeleine Albright, on both cheeks after he had
just executed six of his top officers. And just what have
we succeeded in doing? We have succeeded in turning over
Serbia's Jerusalem to these cutthroats.

And finally, I return to the Reuter's dispatch where you
said, "this is a personal thing with me." Just what did
you think, General, was happening to Americans of Serbian
descent, many of whom still have fathers, mothers, sisters
and brothers living in the Mother country, watching your
son destroy a nation and a people? Was that not "a personal
thing" for them?

The Serbian people survived 500 years of suffering under
the Ottoman Empire. They survived the atrocities committed
under the Nazis by their fascist Croatian and Muslim enemies.
They survived under Tito's brutal communist system. Now
through our ignorance, our gullibility and a deliberate,
concerted campaign of lies and disinformation to destroy
these heroic people, they are facing annihilation by a
hostile world.

And finally, General, welcome to the New World Order you
have helped to create. Maybe the job you did in Kosovo
and your performance at the Senate hearing will get you
another star on your shoulder. Wear it in shame.

Stella L. Jatras

Where am I? PATH:

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- Big powers and civil wars in Yugoslavia
  (How was Yugoslavia dismantled and why.)

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  (Muslims, Croats, Albanians were only proxies of the big powers)

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