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By February 1994, for anyone involved it was clear that Muslims keep staging massacres in order to gain simpathy of the Western media and to push the West to enter the conflict on their side.

The Guardian, 7 February 1994,
"You can't bomb people to the negotiating table"
by Ian Black, diplomatic editor

(Quote:) ...Belgium's General Francis Briquemont, the last UN commander of UN forces in Bosnia, summarized the position as he saw it in January (1994) in a pessimistic report to the civilian head of the UN in the former Yugoslavia, Yasushi Akashi.

The presence of the UN forces (UNPROFOR) in the "safe areas" established by the UN was being compromised and undermined, he wrote. "In Sarajevo the Bosnian Army provokes the Serbs on the daily basis. Since the middle of December, the Bosnian Army jumped another step by launching heavy infantry attacks from Sarajevo to the Serb-held suburbs of the city.

The Bosnian Army attacks the Serbs from a Safe Area, the Serbs retaliate, mainly on the confrontation line, and the Bosnian Presidency accuses UNPROFOR of not protecting them against Serb aggression and appeals for air strikes against the Serb gun positions."
(End quote).

The history repeated
Whatever UN commander general Briquemont had to say to his civilian commander is almost to the word repetition of what UN commander general Lewis MacKenzie reported to his superior, Indian general Satish Nambiar in July 1992.

According to the Muslim sources, which the Western media immediately conveyed without a question asked, a single shell have killed 68 people and wounded 200 more. This is definitely material for Guinness book of records... But no good lie is as good as a Big Lie... Still, the Truth had to peek in here or there.

New York Times journalist, Mr. David Binder, gives a thorough analysis in 'Foreign Policy' #97, Winter 1994-95, pp.77-78. He could not have published it in his own newspaper.

Too little, too late
Even the civilian head of the UN in the former Yugoslavia, Yasushi Akashi, had to leak the truth about the Muslim staged attrocity...

Once again the Truth is scarce commodity in the Western press
But a few reputable people managed to convey their opinion...

The cover-up
"Neutral" negotiator (who, in his own words admits that he have worked hard to deny the Serbian people right for self-determination) Sir Lord David Owen, in his book "Balkan Odyssey", slips an important truth... How they knew and how they worked on covering up the Muslim crime.

The truth belongs to us all.
Feel free to download, copy and redistribute.