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Distribution: GENERAL
18 December 1992

Depositions of Serbian women given to the State Commission for War Crimes

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No. 810/92
Date: 5 October 1992
Processed by: A 15


Pursuant to a suggestion from the National Security Service, a deposition was taken from Nada Jovovic which gravely incriminates Hamdo Sasic and three members of Juka's army for the rape and possible murder of Sanja Ikic in her flat at No. 1, Oteska Street.

Nada Jovovic has also given a statement for television Belgrade and Novi Sad to their correspondent from Ilidza. That story, as well as a story on the rescue of Croats from Oteska, has been shelved until the rescue action is finished. This job was done in cooperation with military security bodies and the military police of the Ilidza brigade and a report thereon will be submitted on its completion.

Note: Nada Jovovic's deposition is attached herewith.

(Signed) Srdjan SEHOVAC 


Citizen NADA JOVOVICH, born on 7 June 1969, father Novica and mother Dragica, nee Todorovic, agricultural technologist, single, permanent residence at No. 34 Darovalaca krvi Street, Sarajevo, commune of Novo Sarajevo, C.Reg. No. 0706969177668, has made the following statement.

On 30 September 1992, around 9 p.m., Hamdo Sasic, [Muslim] MP commander for the city of Sarajevo, accompanied by two members of "Juka's army", came to the apartment of Sanja Ikic at No. 1, Oteska Street, block 1. They asked me and Sanja Ikic what we had done at Joze Oroz's place, how had Stjepan Kalem, nicknamed Pepo, gone and why he had not taken us with him. They cursed our Chetnik mothers and verbally abused us. Hamdo Sasic asked me where my brother and brother-in-law were. We did not respond to any of his provocations. At a certain point a third member of the so-called "Juka's army" arrived and addressed Hamdo Sasic with the words: "That is not how things are done, my brother, but like this". Having said that, this member of "Juka's army" took Sanja Ikic by the hand and took her to the adjoining room. The other two members of "Juka's army" joined them. After that I only heard screams and sounds of Sanja Ikic struggling to wrest herself free. I stayed in the room with Hamdo Sasic and, tearful and scared, asked him: "Why are you doing this to me when I am guilty of nothing". I begged him to go into the room and to make them let her go. He replied: "No, Nada, we must make Moslem children". At that moment one Juka's soldier entered the room buttoning up his black coveralls and said to Hamdo Sasic: "Our business is done". Three Juka's soldiers went towards the front door and I ran to the room in which my friend was. I found Sanja on the floor, naked, her body was red, especially her neck. Her face was white as a sheet and she was frothing at the mouth. I went to her and took her by the shoulders, I called her name, but she did not respond. I could not ascertain whether she was dead or alive. I ran towards the front door seeking to escape, but Hamdo Sasic caught up with me, grabbed my shoulder and turned me to face him.

Through tears I begged him to let me go but he would not let go of me. I started screaming and Hamdo hit me with his head, drawing blood from my nose and mouth. He lightly pushed me towards the floor. I fell on the floor and Hamdo Sasic said to me: "Tomorrow night you will be raped by me and you will bear a Moslem".

After that Hamdo took the key and locked the door from the outside, taking the key with him. Through the window of the flat, which was on the first floor above the "Hollywood" pizzeria, I climbed down to the street across some sandbags, then I ran to the other side of the street and went into building L near the railway track. There I spent the night and the next morning at 9 a.m. crossed the river Zeljeznica and into Vreoce.

Statement given by: (Signed)JOVOVIC, Nada

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