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18 December 1992

Depositions of Serbian women given to the State Commission for War Crimes

Page #19 and 20 of the above document...

A testimony of a Serbian woman who was a slave in the brothel for Alija [Izetbegovic]'s warriors for more than five months

G.T., a 28-year-old housewife from the Serbian village of Blagaj near Kupres [Bosnia - Herzegovina], spent more than five months in a brothel at Livno and the "Ciglane" area in Sarajevo.

She is five months pregnant and wishes to abort the unwanted foetus at any expense. She is the mother of two girls: one is 11 and the other is 7 years old. Fortunately, she sent both daughters to her brother's in Belgrade. She was reluctant to leave without her husband, who was among the first in their village to join the JNA [Yugoslav Federal Army] units.

At the beginning of April, early in the morning, her school friend from Kupres, Mensur Zujkic [a Muslim], appeared at the door followed by a group of armed men.

That April morning, Mensur Zujkic grabbed her like a wild beast, abused her, pulled her out of the house and without any explanation took her to Livno. From that morning she was in hell.

In a large, luxuriously equipped house at Livno, every morning G. had to serve as a source of pleasure to her schoolmate, thus paying the price of her seemingly happy youth.

There were other women in that house too, said G. Younger and older ones. Ranging from 18 to 40. All of them were Serbian women, except one who was Ruthenian. When they brought me there, it seemed that they were already used to their misfortune and despair. None of them would even scream or cry. They accepted the soldiers bluntly, as if it were happening to someone else. I saw them rarely, but once, when I got permission to go outside to feel the sun, one of the women seriously scorned me: "Why are you complaining, necessity is a must when the devil drives. Your screams disturb us and those beasts as well, and then they abuse us longer. It then takes them longer. Persevere, be silent. God help us, they'll let us go." I feel like dying, when the doorknob turns. Lying on that bed I pray for death. It seemed to me that the attic was falling on top of us, as if it were cracking with my children and my husband peeping through and watching those shameful and obscene acts.

G. had to belong only to Mensur Zujkic. When he left Livno and went to Sarajevo in late June, he took her along. As the front moved, Zujkic dragged her as well all over Sarajevo, and finally put her to a brothel in the "Ciglane" area, where again she was only his property.

"Ciglane" is a dreadful place, G. remembers. Very young girls are there too. I could drop dead immediately from what I saw. Young girls stretched out with 7 to 8 Muslims taking their returns on them. I thought of my younger daughter. These girls were not older than 10 or 12... "Ciglane" had good security, so no one was allowed to made a sound.

The days which G. spent in the "Ciglane" area, where Alija's main military headquarters for the defence of Sarajevo are situated, seemed to have lasted forever. Drunk Croat and Muslim warriors and some "mercenaries" were coming in and out, firing on and off. They shouted: "We are making Serbian women bastards!" Like the one I now want to get rid of. I have to, G. said nervously.

God forgive me, this must have about five months, as if she were talking about cancer. If only someone would remove it... If not, I'll get rid of it myself. I'm not even sure that "it" would be normal. considering everything I went through. I'm no longer normal either. Let only my and my husband's children be living and healthy, whatever may happen to me.


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