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The following photograph was referenced in:

Professor Edmond Paris: "Genocide in Satellite Croatia 1941 - 1945" on page 233.
The caption under the photograph reads (quote):
Serbian children saved from an Ustashi camp.
(End quote).

Please, read the comment underneath the photograph.

Just look at these children! Obviously it was 1945 when they were saved from Ustashi Nazis. They were among the few who survived. Who knows what they went through...

But 45 years later (and isn't it obvious) they became THUGS! Yes that's how major Western media labelled them. They were also called rebels (as they did not want to live "freely" once again under Ustashi government and their symbols). They were called conquerors and land grabbers because they came back to the houses from which their parents were taken out to be slaughtered in 1941-1945.

And, in August 1995, Croatian storm troopers in the operation code named Storm(!) "reconquered" Krajina and expelled them all. Those who were too weak to run, for the second time from the Ustashi knife, were simply slaughtered!

Serbs should NEVER forget (or forgive!) the worst Nazis of all times - the American cowboys - their role in arming, equipping, training and guiding 1990's Ustashi in their ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Krajina Serbs.

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First posted: March 31, 1997
Last revised: December 15, 2003