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Kosovo "Liberation" Army = American Proxies

Old CIA methods at work again
There is nothing new in CIA's approach into how to dismantle a country. As a reminder we will present a case, aired at PBS (TV), showing how it was done in case of Guatemala. Ex-CIA officials brag, for the camera, about yet another success. The same model is used in destruction of country after country... And the same "Human Rights" pretext.

Albanian Army is made from foreign mercenaries
Like Nicaraguan Contra Army - Albanian KLA is CIA-organized mercenary army. An article published in Workers World.

Clinton's Administration - as Albanian Agitprop
Benjamin C. Works, Director Strategic Issues Research Institute, explains Clinton's Kosovo play. He reminds us that facts are stubborn things and that if Human Rights were violated in Kosovo - it was Serbian Human Rights. Clinton's Administration serves as Albanian propaganda machine.

Britain/USA openly threat bombing of a sovereign state
But this would be once again - a humanitarian bombing. In disregard of the United Nations Charter, self-proclaimed Global Protectors of Human Rights play a role of Orwellian "Ministry of Peace". Their rhetoric is full of Orwellian double-speak.
If they could only legalize their actions, somehow - then NATO would have RIGHT to bomb ANYONE - ANYWHERE!

But why is Washington again taking side of the Muslims?
Because three quarters of World OIL is in Muslim hands. Thus the formula is a simple one: Your (Hindu, Russian, Serbian, Jewish,..) land will be given to feed Muslim demographic explosion and their quest for Lebensraum. In return Western super-rich will get cheap oil. It is blood for land, for oil, for profit - once again. Read what mastermind of this plan had to say himself.

Much more (obviously) - to come.

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Last revised: June 30, 1998