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Comment by our UK friend:

	ITN continues to step up the pressure. What are the implications 
	of banning press releases? Where does that end?
	Interesting that Trnopolje is a "detention camp" in this article. 
	Maybe it is the Press Gazette being careful.

ITN issues writ against Two-Ten over Bosnia allegations in Living Marxism

Press Gazette, 28 February 1997

By Nicola Methven

ITN has issued a writ against PR company Two-Ten Communications for distributing a Living Marxism magazine press release last month containing allegations about ITN's Bosnia reporting which the TV company claims are defamatory.

In letters preceding the writ, ITN suggested that Two-Ten, which is wholly owned by the Press Association, should pay the two ITN reporters concerned 5,000 each and ITN 7,000.

LM is accusing ITN of gagging the media by threatening libel action against it and other journalists wanting to cover the story. The action comes after February's issue of LM ran an article by German journalist Thomas Diechmann about ITN footage shot at Bosnian detention camp Trnopolje in 1992.

In the March edition, out this week, LM has run a strapline under its masthead which says: 'The mag ITN tried to gag'.

ITN has vehemently denied the allegations involving its reporters Penny Marshall and lan Williams and has already issued a writ for libel against LM.

The magazine said it would defend the action in court and has called for help from subscribers to raise 100,000 to cover legal costs.

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Placed on this site on: Feb. 28, 1997

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