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Evil Empire Bulletin
(The news from hell):

The Dayton Ghost!

Written on: Spring, 1996

A huge crisis engulfed the U.S... But do not worry, God willing, it have happened exactly in Dayton, Ohio, the place of (in)famous Balkan peace negotiations.

This time the trouble was started by few hundred of General Motors workers in Dayton. They decided to strike. The plant was producing breaks for different GM vehicles. Soon, the whole of GM was affected. Some 100,000 workers are out of job and estimated half a million immediate members of family are living on hard earned savings. The whole economy of the country is in shock by the events.

Something has to be done!

Luckily, as said above, nothing new has to be invented. As it is already happening in Dayton - (in)famous Dayton Spirit can be invoked. The model is just to be repeated.

As in case of Bosnia, the troublemakers should be locked in nearby army base. They should stay there until a solution is reached. Good services of neutral superpowers can be utilized. Quite probably Russia, Germany, Great Britain and France already sent their "contact group" experts.

I can already see the calm and wise face of Mr. Christopher. And resolute Mr Holbrooke. They have, quite probably, already devised a plan (somewhere in London, Paris or Moscow) of just how to fairly divide GM assets and territories. And how to relief the workers of unnecessary burden of having a job. (I guess, 51% of GM can be given to the Nation of Islam. That would keep this entity satisfied for a short while. At the same time oil from the Middle East would be cheaper and Jihad warriors would promise not to bomb any large public object in the U.S. for a week).

All neutral international institutions of good will should get involved (U.N., E.C., WEU, NATO,...). New world order can not tolerate disorder.

GM can be nicely demilitarized, cut into (at least four) zones and patrolled by peacemakers... Of course, there would be some hardliners who would not understand why they should be left without jobs and why (in the interest of peace and security) they should be cleansed from their houses and property. Probably, as in case of Bosnia, these stubborn ones can be bombed to the negotiation table. They can be softened by NATO precision attacks. They can be persuaded that international community means business and loves peace. (The bombing in Bosnia was very precise with very little collateral damage. Only children of party labeled as guilty were targeted. And mostly those targets were neutralized. In addition, destroying of all bridges, major roads and targeting of water purification plants by tomahawk missiles underlined the resoluteness that disorder and senseless destruction will not be tolerated).

If you are still puzzled of just why should the Serbs who founded the city of Sarajevo (some thousand years ago) be put under Muslim fundamentalist rule or expelled from their property, if you still do not understand why the US post office issued a stamp (three years ago) labelled "Cherokee Strip land Run 1893" (thus celebrating the largest ethnic cleansing in the history of the Planet) - just watch carefully Big Brother tonight... And sleep calmly: The New World Order will come for you too.

Petar Makara (Makarov)

PS: The history has a nasty habit to repeat itself.
Quote (from Encyclopedia Britannica, Edition 1943, Vol. 23 page 923, Yugoslavia and World War II):

"Ustashi (Croatian fascists) under the leadership of Dr. Ante Pavelic had seized power in Croatia and proclaimed it an INDEPENDENT state. Sladko Kvaternik became prime minister. The new state was QUICKLY organized according to strictly fascist pattern... The new flag of Croatia consists of three broad stripes, red white and blue, and superimposed upon them a shield of checkered red and white squares.
End quote.

And this (ustashi) monsters committed some of the most gruesome atrocities known to mankind as reported in countless quotes from different encyclopediae and old books. The atrocities were committed under philosophy which Mr. Hitler called: "New World Order".

The New World Order (thanks to "democrats" of Clinton's type) is live and well. The above mentioned ustashi (Nazi) flag is flying for anyone to see in front of the United Nations. While Big Brother was urging you to watch "Serbian atrocities" the Serbian nation was COMPLETELY cleansed from their historical lands (for example region called Krajina). Today's Independent State of Croatia is a complete replica of its Nazi predecessor. It has the same name, flag, emblem, anthem, currency, uniforms,.. And committed the same kind of atrocities on Serbs that survived the genocide of WWII.

Thanks to Mr. Clinton and his advisers fascism is fine and well and Croatia is the most ethnically cleansed state in Europe. Almost all Serbs that could move - left. The very old ones stayed only to get their throats slit by the offsprings of those whose knives they avoided 50 years ago.

PPS: I was only exercising my right for "free speech". Please, there is no need to bomb my employer or my family for it. Thanks!

Petar Makara (Makarov):

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