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Evil Empire Bulletin
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Murdered for the camera

Written: April, 1996

Little Jessica Dubroff was murdered by ABC TV show "Good Morning America".

Only a week before her tragic death the TV show about her was one of those idiotic "newsbreaking stories". The show was talking, at length, about brave little girl who was to break a new record - trip across America in a tiny airplane pilotted by this child of age seven. The show organizers even provided Dubroff family with a camera. "Good Morning America" was to be, again, "the place where things happen!". The viewers were invited to enjoy the event as it was to unfold in front of their very eyes in the days to follow.

Of course, TV is there to brainwash you. So if you notice that something idiotic or dangerous is going on - you can do nothing about it. No-one was able to complain about the "project".

Suddenly, morning after the tragic airplane crash in which Jessica, her father and a flying instructor lost their lives - all radio and TV airwaves were flooded with astonishment: "How is it possible that someone should allow 7 years old to fly? You have to be at least 17 to get driving licence - for a car." "What kind of glory seeking parents would push their small child to fly? What kind of sick minds are they?" "Yes, yes, but Jessica was not the one who decided that the flight should go on. Not from a mountain airfield - and in bad weather. It was the flying instructor and the father (the adults) who decided... And the small plane has double commands: two steering wheels, two brakes etc. In case of a trouble, an adult (the instructor) takes over the commands." "Yes, yes but what kind of record was Jessica after - if it was actually the instructor who was flying the plane?"

And on, and on...

The first morning after the crash the murder show ("Good Morning America") joined the crowd as just another interested bystander. They did not waste time. And, this time, they knew quite well who to call in connection to the failed "project": They called a "Director of an Institute for Abuse of Children" - no less! It is really not important what that person said. Her title in itself was the clear answer.

The rage should now travel through America instead of Jessica. Media is instructing us so. REVENGE is America's middle name. Isn't it? Someone always has to be guilty and someone has to suffer consequences... All the media immediately jumped at the surviving parent. She must be guilty. She must be the lunatic that caused the tragedy... (Oh, certainly media can NOT be a culprit itself. Never!) Every sentence of the mother, now crushed by the tragedy would be scrutinized.

In many cases when media vultures flood a family in grief - the family delegates a person -- usually distant and cool headed relative -- to be family's "media representative". Jessica's mother decided not to do even that.

Murder for the camera. So what's new? I remember seeing original clips made by some of the very first cameras ever made. Film cameras were invented exactly round the time the first airplanes were. There were so many different, failing models of airplanes. Their dangerous and destructive tries to fly were often recorded by the other invention - the camera.

And there was this first death recorded not only by a camera but also caused by the camera: In a pub, night before, a drunken French was bragging how he invented special wings that would surely fly. Others bet that it would not. The morning after, now sober and scared to death, the inventor came to Eiffel tower with the wings. If the camera was not there he would have, quite certainly, change his mind. With camera present - he could not. The fear in the poor guy's eyes is radiant as he hesitates to jump of the tower... But the camera is there and cannot wait... One life perished needlessly just for the sake of camera. The first one.

How many things are average, idiotic Americans ready to do for the camera today? Many things. The brainwashing that Big TV Brother is constantly applying is - that NO life was worth living if at least a small glimpse of it was not presented to the masses at some major TV channel. Were Dubroffs different than the others? Not at all.

Just look at all those miserable souls crowded in front of TV cameras. The occasion does not matter. You can even see a smile - no matter the circumstance. Even in situations when the interviewed should be grief stricken you frequently see the person smiling for the camera. (You should always look nice and smiling for the camera, you know).

Yes, TV camera. How else would you prove to anyone that you existed at all? You have to have footage from some major TV studio - to prove you lived.

Use any occasion. See how brother rushed to TV cameras to announce that he believes - his own brother is unibomber. How else would we know his face?

Hurry up America - rush to the cameras. Make idiots of yourselves for "America's funniest home videos". Fall flat on your face, let the whole world see what fool you are - it does not matter. And it even pays.

Americans are simply mesmorised by and glued to the boob tube. They suck all the knowledge of the world that way. They watch CNN, ABC, CBS and other Big Brother trumpeters. I guess, one should give PhD diploma to anyone who watches CNN (for example) twenty hours a week. That person must be very knowledgeable about world affairs. I meet such CNN crash course Balkan "experts" every day. They are convinced they know it all. Seeing is believing - isn't it? Who cares that I was actually born in Yugoslavia and lived there first 33 years of my life? They know better.

If Goebbels said that hundred times repeated lie becomes truth - what if a lie is SEEN for hundreds of times? You simply cannot defend yourself from it. Seeing is believing - it is HARDWIRED biological function of the brain.

Oh, Goebbels would certainly envy today's liars technology! Just watch "Star Wars" movie, once again(*). How real does it look and feel!!! With current technology - everything is possible. Even dogs sing.

Stick to the tube America! I do not see why you should waste time talking to another human. That person's opinion may confuse your firm opinions obtained (i.e. copied from) mass media.

Did you catch yourselves recently in repeating politically correct phrases? Do not worry. You are on a good way to becoming a good, obedient citizen. Maybe even a complete robot. Go on.

You see, I do not watch TV that much. I believe: more you watch - less there is functioning material between your ears. Your brain is producing (politically correct) FLAT lines. My brain is crooked. It produces some crooked ideas. I see that ABC "Good Morning America" murdered little Jessica Dubroff.

About how Muslims of Bosnia staged(!) atrocities for the Western cameras - next time. (There is a wealth of documentation about it). I guess I would title it: MASS MURDER FOR THE CAMERAS.

* When I wrote this in April 1996 I had no idea that they were working on restoring "Star Wars". The old magic is still working!

..."Long ago, in the galaxy far away, there was an Evil Empire. Just like here everything was black and white. Good guys vs. bad guys... And a father fought a son"... Great stuff, huh?


Petar Makara (Makarov):

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