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Evil Empire Bulletin

"...to trace out the history...
to say who was fighting whom...,
would have been utterly impossible,
since... no spoken word,
ever made mention
of any other alignment
then the existing one...

The enemy of the moment
always represented absolute evil,
and it followed that any
past or future agreement
with him was impossible."

George Orwell: "1984", p.34, 35


For Immediate Release by the National Committee of American Airmen Rescued by General Draza Mihailovich, Inc. PO Box 17478, Tucson Arizona 85731

World War II MIA's make emotional appeal
to President Clinton
to reconsider Bombing Bosnia

During World War II over 500 American Airmen were shot down in German-occupied Yugoslavia and saved by the Yugoslav people. They are calling upon President Clinton to reconsider bombing Bosnia because of their deep concern for the safety of the very people who saved their lives.

Although their air evacuation was THE LARGEST RESCUE OF AMERICAN LIVES from behind enemy lines in our nation's history, it has bee kept secret all these years because it was not politically correct to offend the post war communist government of Yugoslavia or certain ethnic groups in this country and in Yugoslavia.

The 72 year old president of this group, Major Richard L. Felman USAF (ret), in his appeal to President Clinton stated: "It would be the cruelest of ironies and breaking of our hearts to see our fellow Americans go charging into Bosnia with their guns blazing to kill the very S E R B I A N people who saved our lives while at the same time helping some of the people who were shooting at us and turning us over to the Germans."

"Over the years our deep desire to express our gratitude has been supported by the 8 million membership of the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Air Force Association, but denied because of State Department opposition. We respectfully ask, Mr. President, WHERE IS AMERICA'S SENCE OF HONOR, DECENCY AND GRATITUDE to those on foreign soil who save American lives?...Do we return their sacrifice and kindness by killing them?..."

"We believe that the American People and the 535 members of Congress should have all the facts before any action is taken."


Major USAF(Ret) President National Committee of American Airmen Rescued by General Mihailovich

Tuscon, Arizona

(And good bye Mr. Boorda)

Written: May 17, 1996

In 1578 Habsburgs invited Serbs to settle in an area depopulated by constant Turkish attacks. A military frontier (in local dialect: Krajina) was formed. There, the Serbs served as defense of the European Christendom for many centuries(1).

Half a century later, in 1620, Mayflower set sail from Southampton with the first emigrants (Pilgrims). The Pilgrims survived thanks to good heart of local American Indians... Some estimate the number of the Indians at the time of the settlement as high as 40 million.

Under genocidal formula: "Only dead Indian is a good Indian", the Pilgrims and their offsprings embark to the largest (BY FAR) genocide in the history of the Planet Earth. Today, in the USA, "indigenous people" (which include all Eskimos and Hawaiian people) number only round two million...

The Serbs of Krajina were majority population of the region since 1578. In other words, they have more rights than American whites to the land they settled. Those Serbs endured, per capita, the most brutal (at hands of ustasha - Croatian Nazi) genocide of World War II... Still, very much depopulated area which by Croatian Communist dictator Tito was assigned to Croatia in 1945, was overwhelmingly Serbian till August 1995, when Croatian Nazis, trained, armed and helped by their American friends expelled remaining 250,000 Serbs...

The last Ambassador to Yugoslavia says: "The Serbs are a naturally talented and ebullient people with an instinctive LIKING FOR AMERICANS that is based partly on a shared garrulity and partly on a MILITARY ALLIANCE SPANNING BOTH WORLD WARS".(2)

America wasted countless friends. Serbs should not feel bad for loosing the "friend". Someone said: There is only one thing worse than being an American enemy - being an American friend". (Just remember personal friends like Marcos family, Shah of Iran, Noriega, etc. etc. etc.)

Once Mr. Clinton (just like Mr. Hitler) proudly announced that the (Serbian) "problem" (in Croatia) is "SOLVED" - he turned to solving a "problem" of Serbs of Bosnia. (Serbs settled in Bosnia in SEVENTH century and were plurality population there till recently (3)).

Enters brave Admiral Jeremy M. Boorda. Mr Boorda wanted to continue the American tradition of expressing gratitude through genocide. He designed the doctrine under which, as New York Times says: "NATO forces dropped food to starving Bosnians"... (Just what kind of "food" was dropped is clearly visible from other New York Times article - July 21, 1995, page A8, which shows Muslim fundamentalist fighters from Srebrenica ARMED WITH AMERICAN MACHINEGUNS. Yugoslavia NEVER before had that kind of weaponry... Save havens - my foot).

Also, Mr. Boorda was the first NATO commander to order bombing of Bosnian Serbs. The first to direct an air strikes against Bosnian Serb aircraft... Monstrous NATO force (representing some 600+ million people) was for the first time in a combat role. NATO was bombing Christian children (the Serbs) - some 1.3 million into submission. The actual intention of the whole "project" was to force the Christian majority of Bosnia to accept the rule of the minority. (Muslims are only 44% of the total population of Bosnia). As result - you get gasoline 10 cents cheaper at the gas pump.

If one is to trust Western media anything at all - Mr. Boorda committed suicide over a controversy of some decorations he put on his chest. (The decorations would say that Mr. Boorda was proud of murdering some Vietnamese people - but he was off shore - too far to actually have been able to do it).

A prominent naval historian, Mr. Norman Polmar, who had known the admiral for years says that the medals alone would not explain his suicide.

I would like to believe that, in a glitch of conscience, the admiral realized that by weeks long relentless bombing of Serbian Christians, which murdered at least 3,000 Serbs, he contributed to spread of Islam fundamentalism into the heart of Europe... But then I can not believe even into that glitch.

There must be a God. And He knows the best...

Since the time the Serbs were bombed one of the NATO SUPREME commanders (Willy Klas - spell?) have died of cancer, another one was relieved of duty - for thievery... Ron Brown and sixty bandits (the press admitted to 30 only) die while trying to make Croatians and Muslims pay Americans for NATO "services"...

More to come? ...

God vs. NATO - who will win? What do you think?

(1) - Extensive documentation about the fact that Serbs of Krajina settled there as result of an invitation (and were majority population ever since) was provided, from different encyclopediae, on this medium in the post titled: "Croatian Serbs (Krajina Serbs)".

(2) - Quote from: Foreign Affairs - March/April 1995., page 3. Mr. Zimmermann, a proven Serb-hater, had to admit to the fact...

(3) - Extensive documentation about Serbian settlement in Bosnia in seventh century and about deep roots of Islam fundamentalism in Bosnian Muslims was provided (again through quotes from different encyclopediae and other reputable documentation) in a post titled: "The West is committing genocide on the Serbs. Why!?"

Petar Makara (Makarov):

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