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Cowboy Justice

Written on: January 28, 1994

There is some XXX miles between my home and my office. (Not so unusual for the "American way of life"). At winter time, I have to travel by train... Yesterday I missed the train. (A conductor, standing on platform, simply said: "You don't have a ticket. We are about to leave. Take the next train - in one hour")...

The next one was one hour late (thus I waited two whole hours), and it came crowded with passengers...

A dark-skinned man had many things in his lap and a few on the seat next to him. When I asked, he reluctantly moved the things and let me sit next to him. It seemed - he was not in a good mood that day (or ever).

I noticed a huge book on the tray in front of him: "The rights of American Indians" (or something like that). I like to socialize and I did not waist time: "If the book is so huge - it is obvious that Indians actually - have no rights... You look like an Indian. Are you?" I asked.

YES - he was a LIVING (still) Indian - the second one I met in almost 10 years I live here, in America.

I asked to see the book and he reluctantly agreed. The book was a typical lawyer book (a kind of a manual) teaming with law cases. There are not many laws in America. Most of the time the law is - what some judge, somewhere, in a similar case - decided to do...

This book at many places was mentioning, obviously an important trial (Worchester vs. Georgia). Instead of getting into details I skipped to the page where Chief Justice Marshall wrote his judgement. (Rotten, isn't it? I wanted to see - the end - first).

And - THERE IT WAS. There was, an ever lasting question: WHO HAS RIGHT TO A LAND. The Chief Justice Marshall was asking himself who should have right: Indians who were there for ever or wondering European criminals that landed on it. And then he gave the answer... (My new, Indian friend underlined all in red.)

Here it is. I will retype, word by word, this important part of the verdict. For anyone who does not believe these words - there is a reference, and, by it, every lawyer would be able to find the copy of the original. The reference is: 31 US (6 Pet.) 515 (1832).

Let the Chief justice speak...

"Did these adventurers (Europeans), by sailing along the coast and occasionally landing on it, acquire commissioned, a rightful property in the soil from the Atlantic to the Pacific - of rightful dominion over the numerous people who occupied it? Or has nature, or the great Creator of things, conferred these rights over hunters and fishermen - on agriculturists and manufacturers? BUT POWER, WAR, CONQUEST GIVES RIGHTS, which after possession, are conceded by the world - and which can NEVER BE CONTROVERTED by those on whom they descend."

That is it. That's what the Chief justice Marshall said in 1832, and this determines how Indians "live" - now.

If the (beautiful, but still lawyer like) wording was too much for you - let me translate: Hunters and fishermen (Indians) had tough luck. The great Creator decided (and by a little help from European criminals) took their land away.

Even simpler: I have a gun pointed at your forehead - but of course - I have all rights I want for myself! (If you still do not think that way - let me pull the trigger - and you will, instantly, change your mind).

That is the famous Western justice. I just adore the way it was said. There is nothing one can add. The Western justice, the Western "moral values", the Western "democracy" - all is condensed in those words...

I have more to say about my conversation with the Indian. I will leave it for some other time. (I have another train to catch). And - one of these days - when weather is nice enough so I can travel back to my office - I'll add the second half of the story... The most important part is here.

I do not regret I missed that train...

I'll refer back to a recent speech Serbian general Mladic gave (published in periodical: "Duga"). Mladic says: "Our (Serbian) unity will be like our struggle. When I talked about that to Cedric Torbery and when I was explaining to him how something is not just and fair - he stopped me. He said that I am completely right and that Serbs from Bosnia and Krajina (i.e. Croatia) do not have a "country in reserve" - but that he is astonished at person that taught me - that justice always wins."

That is it. I was mad that Western media was telling, over and over, that Croats were Western-oriented - and Serbs are not. (Like I did not dance to the same rock and roll music to which the Croats did). But they were right: Croats are part of the Western world and the Western "moral" values. Serbs had this teacher - Saint Sava - more than six centuries ago, that told them that justice may not always win but that we always have to strive for it. (Believe in God's words and justice will be with you).


Petar Makara

Petar Makara (Makarov):

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