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NATO in the Balkans
Voices of Opposition

NATO in the Balkans

This book is produced with the confidence that it will help to arm a new generation of anti-war militants who will surely emerge as the full implications of this pernicious policy sink in. All the king's horses and all the king's men can't control every aspect of life in Bosnia—even though these outside forces take charge of the parliamentary elections and physically seize radio and TV stations.

The occupation of Bosnia by U.S.-led NATO forces takes its toll not only on the peoples who are subjugated militarily. It also exacts a silent price here in the U.S. The Pentagon is soaking up every available dollar that could feed or heal or educate or provide employment. And with every dollar it absorbs, this military monstrosity grows ever more powerful, arrogant, and aggressive.

This is the danger inherent in the military-industrial complex. Its goal is to control the destiny of the planet—militarily, politically, and economically. It is driven by a ravenous appetite for profits.

From the Introduction to Nato in the Balkans

The Table of Contents is provided below. Some of the articles and lectures are found in their entirety on this website. Others are excerpted.

Table of Contents



Part One: What is NATO planning?

1 Ramsey Clark:
U.S. and NATO plans to divide Yugoslavia (excerpt)

2 Sean Gervasi:
Why is NATO in Yugoslavia? (excerpt)

3 Sara Flounders:
Bosnia tragedy: The unknown role of the Pentagon (full text also available as a pamphlet)

Part Two: The Background to Yugoslavia's Breakup

4 Michel Chossudovsky:
Dismantling Yugoslavia, colonizing Bosnia (excerpt)

5 Sam Marcy:
The breakup of the Yugoslav Socialist Federation (excerpt)

6 Richard Becker:
Sanctions in the destruction of Yugoslavia (excerpt)

7 Gregory Elich:
The invasion of Serbian Krajina (excerpt)

8 Gary Wilson:
The Dayton Accords reshape Europe (excerpt)

Part Three: The war and the media

9 Thomas Deichmann:
The picture that fooled the world (excerpt)

10 Lenora Foerstel:
A scripted Balkan tragedy (excerpt)

11 Nadja Tesich:
New and old disorder (excerpt)

12 Barry Lituchy:
Media deception and the Yugoslav civil war (excerpt)

13 Heather Cottin and Alvin Dorfman:
War propaganda aimed at Jewish opinion (excerpt)

Appendix: Public Law 101-513

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