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The following photograph appears in the book "Croatian Domobranhood in World War II" by Ivan Kosutic, on page 229.

The book is published in Zagreb (capital of Croatia) in 1992, by "Skolska Knjiga" (School book) and by Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia.

The photograph shows uncle of the last President of "Yugoslavia as we used to know it". European Community insisted that Mr. Stipe Mesic be accepted at this position despite his Nazi heritage and despite the fact that he openly declared that his role in the Federal Presidency of Yugoslavia would be to help Croatia (that delegated him) to succede.

So here is Mr. Marko Mesic, Stipe's uncle in the uniform of Ustashi SS volunteers. Notice the Ustashi emblem on the sleeve. Croatian Army today - uses the same patch on their sleeves. The caption says (quote):
Commander of artillery unit, officer Mesic gives orders at battlefield before an attack.
(End quote).


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