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Added in 2006:

November, 2006 - The chapter containing NATO's "liberation" of Kosovo - Mafia style was posted for the first time:
bulletNOTE: This is only the first pass. Much more to come.

November, 2006 - The chapter containing Western support of Kosovo Mafia was expanded to include the following study:
bulletClinton's Kosovo Islamic terrorist allies

October, 2006 - The chapter containing Ethnic MAPS of ex-Yugoslavia was expanded to include following studies:
bulletWestern diplomatic aggression on Yugoslavia
bulletWestern disrespect of international agreements

October, 2006 - The chapter containing analysis of NATO's aggression on Yugoslavia in 1999 was expanded to include following studies:
bulletNATO's bombing intentionally terrorized Yugoslav civilians
bulletNATO openly supports Islamic terrorists of Kosovo


Added in 2004:

September, 2004 - The chapter on Bosnian Muslims and short history of Bosnia was expanded to include following studies:
bulletHistorically - Bosnia is Serbian Land
bulletFor centuries Muslims oppressed Christians in Bosnia
bulletEASTERN QUESTION and Serbian uprising in Bosnia
bulletWWII Bosnian Muslim role in Europe's second worst genocide

May/June, 2004 - The chapter on today's resurrected Nazi Croatia got a few new files that help explain how was this astonishing thing possible.
The new files include:
bulletCroat Nazis were worse than any other Nazis
bullet1945: The West saves gruesome Croat Nazis - for futire use.
bulletWestern media pretends not to see...
bulletPICTURE PERFECT! The new Nazi Croatia is the same as the old!

May/June, 2004 - The chapter on New World Order and Yugoslavia got a few new files:
bulletYugoslavia - one of CIA's greatest hits
bulletAmerica rebuilds Ottoman Empire
bulletThe third German humantitarian conquest of the Balkans
bulletWho rules this world and how?

May/June, 2004 - The Serbs suffered holocaust not only in the Second World War. In the First World War Serbia lost 23% of its population!!! Dr. Rodolphe Archibald Reiss, Professor of Criminology (i.e. forensic science) at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland was present in Serbia right after first Austro-Hungarian onslaught on this tiny but brave country. He investigates the atrocities and tries to find out how was it all possible. (Please note that we are talking here about World War ONE when people were shocked to see these atrocities that will be so common in the next war when Nazi Croats and Bosnian Muslims were only to repeat them - that time under Hitler's protection.

The new pages include:
bulletOur introduction to Dr. Reiss' book
bulletMassacres of the Serbian civilians
bulletHow was it possible

May, 2004 - The entire site was reorganized. Over the years too many files piled in "library/facts" section. Over 500 files. This made opening that server folder almost impossible. We were thus forced to reorganize the files into a more branching structure. In the process of reorganization we moved (and relinked!) over 1,000 files. In the process, which made us put more than 200 hours of work into it, we upgraded the way the site looks and also we added new texts. The conversion process spilled into the next month so we will list most of the new files under the work done in June.

To access the new version of our web site please follow THIS LINK.

NOTE: Your old bookmarks pointed at our web site will work for a while (for a year or so) and then we plan to delete all of the old, duplicate files.

April, 2004 - CHAPTER: The Serbs say...
More than seven years passed since we opened this web site. Our main intention was always to present you with facts you can easily check. This is why almost entire documentation presented on this site comes from Western sources. This time we wanted to show you that Serbian people -- near and far -- are fully aware of their history as well as of the scope and nature of the evil force (NATO/NWO) that attacked the multi-ethnic Yugoslavia.
bulletThe Serbs, too, have vowed: "NEVER AGAIN!"
bulletWestern cover-up of Vatican crimes
bulletThe Nazis America saved
bulletUnnatural borders of Yugoslavia - drawn by Communists
bulletThe truth behind Pentagon's war in Bosnia
bulletWhy does the West hate Milosevic?
bulletNATO "protection" - Mafia style
bulletAnd much more...

March, 2004 - CHAPTER: Clinton opens MONUMENT TO AL QAEDA ... and bows to it.

January, 2004 - CHAPTER: The tale of Bosnia towns
bulletOdzak - UN document: Croats commit atrocities on the Serbs in this Bosnian town - at the very beginning of the Bosnian war
bulletGorazde - an old Bosnian Muslim trick: use UN safe zone as a base for an attack and then complain if Serbs defend themselves
bulletMrkonjic Grad - a place of true massacre - but the victims are Serbs so the West does not care. Mrkonjic Grad vs. Srebrenica
bulletBratunac - hundreds of Sarajevo Serbs die horrible death in NATO-perpetrated nuclear holocaust.


Added in 2003:

December, 2003 - CHAPTER: The World Must Know! - The GENOCIDE the Serbs suffered during WWII
bulletGlina Church Massacre Documentary: The sole survivor speaks
bulletPrebilovci the whole Serb village slaughtered
bulletIt was a genocide! - there is no other way to call it

December, 2003 - Articles by Professor Nikolaos A. Stavrou

October, 2003 - CHAPTER: DEVIL'S TRIANGLE Mujahedin fanatics - Clinton Administration - Bosnian Islam fundamentalists connection. (Analysis by Petar Makara)
bullet"How we trained al-Qaeda" by (British) Spectator
bullet" Allies and lies" - BBC documentary
bullet"Clinton-Approved Iranian Arms Transfers Help Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base" U.S. Republican Policy Committee

October, 2003 - CHAPTER: KLecka - KLA crematorium for the Serbs Two Kosovo events compared: Racak vs. Klecka (Analysis by Petar Makara)

October, 2003 - CHAPTER: Post-Dayton Bosnia - arming mujahedeen, disarming Christian Serbs Analysis by Petar Makara

September, 2003 - Croat Nazis - new and old by Stephen Kinzer. (Analysis by Petar Makara)

August, 2003 - BETRAYAL OF THE SERBS by Charley Reese


August, 2003 - ETHNIC CLEANSING - the origin of the term by Robert Fisk

July, 2003 - NATO's crimes The Spectator editorial. NATO bombing of Yugoslavia was a purposeful terror campaign.

July, 2003 - NATO's failed attempt to justify aggression By their own definition: NATO's attack on Yugoslavia was a terrorist act.

July, 2003 - "The New Rome & The New Religious Wars" by Gregory R. Copley

July, 2003 - "The New World Order and Yugoslavia" by Gerard Baudson

April, 2003 - Mirror to collection of SIRIUS articles.
A thorough study into Kosovo Albanian drug trafficking connections, Al Qaeda, network of crime activities, Washington supporters, etc.

February - March, 2003 - Addition to Serbs and Jews page:
bullet"Set your record straight!" by Jasa Almuli
bullet"The Serbs had for ever won a place in the hearts of the Jews" by Dr. Aleksandar Mosic, Former Deputy President, Federation of Jewish Communities in Yugoslavia
bullet"Serbs are our brothers in soul " by Professor Enriko Josif


Added before year 2003:

March 21, 2000 - A move to a new provider. (ddc)

Jan 29, 1999 - Racak "Massacre": Truths and Manipulation section added by ddj.

July 10, 1998 - Kosovo Heritage section added by D. Mladenovic.

April 23, 1997 - Petar added a section on Serbs and Jews to the library files.

April 22, 1997 - Added a number of new files to our library section:

bulletWHAT IS GOOD FOR AMERICA ... by Sir Alfred Sherman
bullet'BENEVOLENT GLOBAL HEGEMONY': Congress, the American People, and the Unsuitability of the United States as the World's Policeman by James George JATRAS
bulletCONSTRUCTING AGGRESSION: The Demonization Of The Serbs In The Bosnian Conflict by Dr. Philip JENKINS
bulletTHE CRIME OF THE SERBS: U.S. Foreign Policy In The Balkan War by Dr. Thomas Fleming

April 15, 1997 - Bosnian Muslim Nazi connection - during WWII ...and revived - today! Check the associated photographs also.

April 11, 1997 - The Kangaroo Court of Hague A few extremely interesting articles added to the single one of Mr. Binder.

April 9, 1997 - Croats resurrect their Nazi state A path added at end of some files for easier browsing.

April 8, 1997 - Take one more look at Croat bragging about their Nazi past. New links to photographs were added..

March 31, 1997 - Photo gallery of Ustashi WWII bestialities. A picture is worth thousand words. Also: decapitation, the old Muslim tradition.

March 26, 1997 - Who were Chetniks, Partisans?

March 26, 1997 - Passionate, excellent articles by Mr. Steve Tesich, Oscar winning movie director and his sister Nadja Tesich, professor, writer, filmmaker.

March 25, 1997 - A world wonder! Croats openly brag about their Nazi past!

March 24, 1997 - Hitler's most catastrophic mistake The new addition to the book of facts. Serbian contribution to the defeat of WWII Nazism was a pivotal one!

March 20, 1997 - P.M. sets the basic skeleton showing total cleansing of the Serbs of Krajina . .This is the largest ethnic cleansing since the end of World War II. The culprits sit in the White House.

March 17, 1997 - Makara added facts about mass media Rape campaign. This is a part of the chapter "Mass media and morality", subtopic "Mechanisms of lying".

March 06, 1997 - Petar Makara's own view of the ex-Yugo conflict

March 05, 1997 - Petar Makara has updated his Western mass media and morality. Please, take a look at all the entries of the chapter.

Feb. 26, 1997 - Petar Makara has updated his Mass Murder For The Camera
Some of the new files in this section are:

bulletMassacre In The Line For Bread
bulletMuslim TV Cameras Were Ready For The Staged Massacre

The truth belongs to us all.
Last revised: October 23, 2006


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